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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between October, 2006 and January, 2007

401 Veronica Styles, CO, USAOctober, 2006

I love you guys.  I just got the free information and even that was so nice and helpful.  You guys have an awesome product and you are truly good and helpful people.  I hope your product helps millions and gives you success and satisfaction.

402 Patricia Adams, Webster, NY, USAOctober, 2006

Thank you to [the reviewing doctor] and your site. The analysis you provided for in February 2006 probably saved my life. I acted on your advice and saw my OB/GYN, was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, and had a hysterectomy in March. The cancer was found to be stage one and I am am fine now.If I hadn't pursued the minor symptoms I was experiencing -- and if my GYN had not been so diligent in following through inspite of my apparent low-risk status --, I might not be alive and well today. I have made the life style changes of losing 30 pounds, working out 4 times a week, and making my health a priority. You analysis was the best money I have ever spent on the internet.

403 Laura Wideman, Orlando, FL, USANovember, 2006

Using Diagnose-me.com saved my son's life.  In the fall of 2004, doctors misdiagnosed my son's condition. After contracted what is believed to be an unidentified viral infection, my 15 year old son, Christopher developed tertiary adrenal insufficiency, which untreated is fatal.  Using this website, results indicated that looking into the condition of his adrenal system was warranted.  Taking those results to a new doctor, he found reasons to refer Chris to an endocrinologist.  Prior to seeing the specialist, four days of intensive testing at a local hospital left us with no certain diagnosis.  After discharge, I followed up with the endocrinologist who performed tests thought to be unnecessary when my son was in the hospital.  The results showed that his cortisol level was less than one!!!! (Normal is around 16.) At the time Chris was in an unresponsive state 18 hours a day, with muscle weakness that even impaired his ability to walk normally the few hours a day he was conscious. Thanks to your website, my son Chris is alive and well today.  I recommend diagnose-me.com to everyone I know, especially those who can't seem to get a handle on a diagnosis. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Gratefully, Laura Wideman

404 Ms. D. Hangartner, Alberta, CanadaNovember, 2006

I recieved my Diagnose-Me.com report and reviewed it.  I was leary at the cost and unsure of what to expect.  I found that Diagnose-Me.com presented me with a very accurate account of what my health concerns are and I appreciate the research that was put into my report.  I thank [the reviewing doctor] for reviewing and summarizing my health concerns.  I am especially impressed with the information that is included for each possible diagnoses including descriptions, symptoms, tests, likelihood and concern levels.

I have had many difficulties communicating my need with physicians and Diagnose-Me.com has given me the knowledge and ammunition to ensure that I recieve the care I need.  I can now confidently ask for the tests needed to rule out possible health problems and the confirmation that my health concern are accurate.

Thank you Diagnose-Me.com.


D. Hangartner

Alberta, Canada

405 Mrs. L. L., UKNovember, 2006

I have just received your report. I can't thank you and the reviewing doctor enough. I will need to spend much more time going over the report but at first glance told me a number of things I had already suspected. However, the most important -to me- suggestion was to consider seeking further medical advice. I knew my doctor had been fobbing me off, but now I have the motivation to help myself by making the necessary lifestyle changes. You are providing an incredible service. Thank you!

406 Caitlin Cherry, Laguna Beach, CA, USANovember, 2006

Unfortunately, the analysis told me much of what I already know, but it did bring one subject to light so it was worth the money! Thanks for the service. It's been a great resource if only to really focus on all symptoms and be asked detailed questions that sometimes get lost between the years and doctors. Thank you for your help and all your work at diagnose-me.com. It really is appreciated by those who are totally lost, and totally out of places to look for answers.

Thanks again!

Caitlin Cherry
Laguna Beach, CA Age 20.

407 Ms. E. Buster, Porterville, CA, USANovember, 2006

I really loved the report.  I believe that there are several things I can do to make my health much better.  I really recommend your website and I'm going to pass it on to many people especially my husband.  I have a serious illness, but I believe some of your suggestions make sense and can really help me.  The B12 suggestions really is exciting for me because I took B12 shots one time and I never felt better.  I always wondered about it, but now, I'm going to go back to those.  Just some simple diet changes also will help with my health. Thank you and I can't wait to make some changes.  I have never had such an indepth report such as this.

I want my husband to take the test next weekend.  Although he is healthy, it would help to see what would make his body work at its best.

408 Debra Lee, Richmond, VA, USANovember, 2006

...I wanted to thank you so very much. I just wanted to make this update with you and also...I know you don't know me, I know I don't have much. But if there's ever anything I can do for you in exchange for your kindness, just name it and I swear I'll do it. I don't encounter many people, as I don't go out much, so when someone is kind, it's very much appreciated and it's noticed. I take nothing for granted. I don't know how I can express my gratitude to you in a way where it shows my appreciation. So please, if you ever need anything, let me know. All I have to offer right now is my sincere thanks to you. I'm in tears. There aren't many people who do things out of the goodness of their hearts anymore, everything is usually about money or people are usually out for themselves. It's so refreshing to know that there are good people still. God bless you and thank you for what you're doing for me, and for what you do for others. I promise you, you'll be in my prayers and I won't forget what you're doing for me, ever.

409 Jimmy Takacs, Elands, NSW, AustraliaNovember, 2006

I am impressed with the detail and scope of your service and I think it would be difficult to collect such detail from a visit to a GP... As I live in a relatively isolated situation it is difficult to get into town to see a doctor and I think the Diagnose Me service could be a vital service for people in such situations.

410 Ms. N. L., UKDecember, 2006

I would like to congratulate you all.  The concept is awesome.  The fact that one is 'given' the computer generated report is a suberb tool, especially for those who may live in isolated areas or just not have good access to doctors, specialists, and consultants.

I will certainly be recommending your services - would love to think that my doctor would be interested.

Good luck with this amazing and worthwhile venture.

411 Roy E. Martin, Major, Retired, AustraliaDecember, 2006

Within the past year I have become somewhat computer literate and this has helped me immensely in researching my health issues because ones doctor really doesn't know all about one that well. So I do my own research, as much as possible, and then confirm or proceed with the doctor. I could NEVER have attained the results you have given me in so brief a period. This report confirms a lot of things I knew or suspected and some of which I had no real idea. I think everyone should do this program to rule out unfounded fears and have confidence about what is right for you. I gladly give you my highest praise and thanks for a job well done. I think you should expand your service so that the first thing a doctor does with a new patient is use your program. Maybe you should also emphasize a patient "adding" pertinent information that may not be included in your questions. You have my highest recommendation.


412 Eilidh Grace, New York City, NY, USADecember, 2006

Dear Diagnose,

I am just amazed.  I took several hours to fill out your comprehensive questionaire on Saturday, December 30th.  When I sent it off I was fully prepared to wait four "business days" beginning on January 2 before receiving a response.  But when I checked my e-mail on the morning of January 2, there was your report, fully evaluated by the doctor I had chosen by resume from your website.  My only concern is that the doctor in question is exhausting her adrenals by working over holiday breaks!  In the past, in times of difficulty, I've had to piece together a plan for getting well from several sources and practitioners.  Your service puts an enormous range of information in one place.  I admit it's a little overwhelming at first, but I am determined, and even looking forward, to prioritizing your advice and addressing suggestions one by one.  You have helped me enormously.  Thank you for being a health resource rather than a sickness resource, and undoubtedly the best one I've encountered.

Eilidh Grace New York City (happy to be a testimonial, if useful to you)

413 Aagii Clement, CA, USADecember, 2006

I have read the report and will take the advice of the diet changes and the exercise which I have started today.

Thank you, thank you...thank you!!!

414 Nancy S., Lone Tree, COJanuary, 2007

Wow... you are right on with some of the things you found.

Thank you for your service.

415 Stefan Crouch, USAJanuary, 2007

The report was extremely informative and helpful.

I am very grateful for your company's kindness, and I will recommend your service to as many people that I can think of.

416 Celia Wilde, AustraliaJanuary, 2007

My husband is absolutely delighted with [the reviewing doctor]'s Report!

Because my husband was so thrilled with 'Diagnose Me' I thought I would have a Computer Analysis Report compiled for myself, as their are some areas of concern I have. I don't want to worry or take up any time from a very busy doctor.  I thought the computer analysis report was compiled from a computer programme only.

Thank you for taking time to check the order and for caring! It would certainly be unfair and unnecessary to take up [his reviewing Dr.]'s time, especially when he has done such a wonderful job!!

Thank you to you all at Diagnose.com - It is a brilliant service!

417 Rachel Lee, USAJanuary, 2007

From my heart to yours thankyou
peace and love

418 Helen Peake, Darwin, NT, AustraliaJanuary, 2007

Dear Diagnose Me service, I have received the remarkable report from
the Analyst and it contains the most thorough assessment of risk
factors and relevant helpful advice that I could imagine.

419 Stacy Lord, MA, USAJanuary, 2007

I am very happy with the results of the report.  It confirms suspicions that
my doctor and I have talked about. Know I can ask the appropriate questions
to further my health.

420 Ms. E. B., LA, USAJanuary, 2007

Oh, I can't thank diagnose me enough and I can't recommend it highly enough! Thank you again so much.

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