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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between August and October, 2007

501 Stef Hepp, New ZealandAugust, 2007

Thank you for my on-line report. I found it to be factual and precise. Although stateing the obvious in some areas, the fact you could see these issues motivated me to make some serious lifestyle changes.

For $48.NZD, that was the best investment I have made this year.

Thankyou for your assistance and feel free to use me as a reference at your leisure.

502 Allan Clarke, CanadaAugust, 2007

I have tried several other self diagnostic systems and have found yours to be far superior in many ways. I truly believe that this method of diagnosis is the way of the future. It simply isn't possible for any medical practitioner to be so thorough. A doctor would have to have perfect recall of all of his or her training as well as the time required to ask all of these questions. A computerized questionnaire such as yours is the only solution.

I wish you all the best in your noble endeavors and thank you again for your help.

503 Alec Dionysus, Alexandria, VA, USAAugust, 2007

This service is amazing! It is so much better than going to a doctor. I can't tell you how satisfying it is to have ALL of my symptoms carefully analyzed both by an expert software system and an experienced naturopath physician.

I think that anyone who appreciates an information-based approach to solving problems will want to use this service. I've frankly never had such a detailed analysis of or set of recommendations for improving my health situation. The accompanying probabilities strike me as far more credible than the black or white diagnoses that doctors have given me in the past.

Overall I am very satisfied with the analysis, the turnaround time, the cost, and the work my doctor did. I'd give you guys an A+ on this service ;-))

504 Branda Frazier, NC, USAAugust, 2007

Thank you.  I have never done anything like this online before and am very impressed with the response times.  I will definitely share info with people I know and recommend this site.

505 Bernard Bonner, Nottingham, UKAugust, 2007

Please say thank you to the Doctor for me for taking the interest. The analysis and comment was very detailed and helpful. Many thanks. Such a detailed analaysis service is unusual and valuable. I'm not aware of this in the UK.

506 Marcella Benefit, USAAugust, 2007

I found the questionnaire very interesting and your diagnosis, even more.

507 Jake Iarussi, North Carolina, USAAugust, 2007

I have recieved my report and was impressed with the thorough review, thank you.

508 Carla Rinaldi, SC, USAAugust, 2007

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you so much for your thorough and enlightening response!  I am truly very appreciative for your specific guidance.

509 Connie Regehr, Linden, Alberta, CanadaAugust, 2007

It looks like you have gotten absolutely everything covered when it comes to the questions in your Diagnose-me form.

510 Jan Lerner, NJ, USASeptember, 2007

Thank you so much for your prompt reply to my questions and for your comprehensive diagnosis. Thank you..it is nice doing business with you..I will tell my friends about Diagnose-Me.com.

511 Cheryl Levy, Ohio, USASeptember, 2007

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you sending me this report. It shows what a mess I really am. I will read it very carefully and try to do some of the recommendations. God Bless you. Cheryl

512 James A. Enslow, CanadaSeptember, 2007

Thank you so much. All of your advice will not be taken lightly and very
possibly may have saved the life of this poor guy meaning me! Regards and
many many thanks from my family and myself.

513 Clayton Harris, NC, USASeptember, 2007

Thank you for the detailed report. I am glad I found this service.

514 Ms. Geiger, NJ, USASeptember, 2007

Thank-you for the comprehensive report and insightful recommendations.  It serves as a good start on a road to better health.  I will follow your advice.

515 Bonnie Scott, Emerald Isle, NC, USAOctober, 2007

I have been delighted with my health report and put many of the changes that the doctor recommended into play.  Hopefully, a year from now I will be in much better shape.  Thanks again for this service.

516 Maria Moreno, AR, USAOctober, 2007

Thank you for the excellent report concerning my health problems you sent me.
Thank you very much for your help,
Maria Moreno

517 Patricia Graham, Helston, Cornwall, UKOctober, 2007

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you so much.  I actually feel like a new woman which is wonderful.  My energy is better every day and I have you to thank for that.

Your informative diagnosis, has pushed me to cut my smoking to less than 10 a day (I know I am working on it though)...

I just feel so much better and actually your advice has worked for the whole family...

There are still a few things I have to complete with your original diagnosis because there is still something just slightly missing, but I just had to let you know how much better I truly am feeling.

Thank you


518 Len Lucky, Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaOctober, 2007

(To his reviewing doctor:) Thankyou for a job well done, considering the little personal data you had to work with.
I will take your advice to heart, study your report intently and take action accordingly.

519 John Howard, Brisbane, Qld, AustraliaOctober, 2007

Dear Analyst,

Thank you for the very speedy reply.  It has left me short for words.
Amazing.  Right now I'm attempting to take in all the information your suggestions contain.  So soon as I do I will get back to you.
Meantime, keep up the good work and Best Regards,

Jack Howard

520 Nadine Washabau, Herndon, VA, USAOctober, 2007

I'd like to tell you that I immediately took your advice from the initial Diagnose-Me report and I feel 100% better already-thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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