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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between July and September, 2006

361 Karen Garcia, New York, USAJuly, 2006

Thanks so much! This is amazing, and exactly the focus I was looking
for. It will take me a long time to go through this whole thing, but I
can see already how I can start on improving my quality of life. I've
been floundering around, going between different doctors, for so long,
and I just hate being unwell all the time. Thanks also for pointing me
to holistic Drs. in my area, this is also something I will definitely
look into. Too many specialists don't make for a "whole body"

Karen Garcia

362 Petrice Davidson, AustraliaJuly, 2006

Dear Diagnose-Me,

I write to personally thank you for your professionalism, but also for being kind and perservering. It was all so worth it! When i originally contacted you, i wasn't expecting a magic wand cure, but i had hoped for some guidance and information, and i certainly have both in abundance now. [The reviewing doctor] is totally unlike any doctor i've seen here, because the resources available are more than adequate, and the structure is totally different to the "In and Out" approach to all problems in 15 minutes or 30min here.

I have already began making changes, and with this information i have a much clearer picture of what is actually happening inside my body, and i know exactly what tests i need, and where to go! This is a huge step forward, and has relieved me of much anxiety.  I would like to personally thank this doctor, i am so grateful to her for this much needed help.

One final comment i would like to make: "The internet's greatest success is information", when it has the capacity to help and heal other people. Well done Diagnose Me!! What an excellent service, and i wish you much success in all your endeavours. No doubt this is all just in a days work for you, but of course you don't really know how this changes peoples lives. I may now have the opportunity to go back to work, after beginning new treatment. When i do, i will be combining my legal knowledge with Film and making documentaries about the pitfalls for Australian patients in the medical system, who like myself have fallen through the cracks, or who cant find treatment, or doctors forced to withhold information because they are always tightly leased and in fear of being prosecuted by the A.M.A for over billing, and providing tests they aren't supposed to be providing, or not providing tests they should be doing!

I may even be well enough to practice law again, won't that be something? Please be kind to those people who come knocking on your door, because for many of them, by the time they get to you, hope is all they have left, and you cant rob a person of that.

Petrice Davidson :-)

363 Ona-Lynne Nass, East London, South AfricaJuly, 2006

It's spot on. Thankyou. I am going to introduce my GP to your site. I am sure he's going to be taken aback by it.

How on earth can a Computer program do this in a couple of hours? I've been with my GP for more than 25 years and it's taken ages to figure my system out. I have actually given up on even trying to feel healthy - it's just too complicated and expensive. I muddle on from day to day with a vague hope that tommorrow will be better (when I know it probably won't).

What a tool this will be to those Doctors in remote places.

May you go from strength to strength.

God Bless,
Warm Regards,

--and later--

This is totally awesome (to use the younger sets expression). Thankyou so much. Besides introducing my GP & all the other specialists etc that I know to your site I'll be putting it on disc & taking it to my GP - so he can see the proof that your system "tells it like it is".

Thankyou once again. I'm still amazed that any software could possibly produce something like this.

God Bless you all,
Warm Regards,
Jackie (My real name is Ona-Lynne Nass)

364 Anne McMahon, Panama City, FL, USAJuly, 2006

Thank you so much!  I have put it all in a word doc now.  I never expected so much info.  Thank you!  I'll start working with your recommendations immediately, I'll also recommend your site to some of my friends that also want to take control of their health, Bless you all and thank you!  Anne

365 Ms. Sami Jones, London, UKJuly, 2006

Thank you very much the diagnosis.It was very detailed and an eye opener (which I am still reading.)

366 Dell Middlebrook, AustraliaAugust, 2006

Thank you so much for your information. It arrived today. I have never done this sort of thing before and I find it very interesting as I have never had to give out so much information to a Dr. because they do not have the time. I will now act on your information and hopefully go on to better health.

367 Murray Strong, Columbia, MO, USAAugust, 2006

I have made a cursory study of your analysis and am highly pleased with the thoroughness.  Many of the symptoms I felt important were given full attention and excellent discussion as to meaning.  I intend to weigh the implications and incorporate some of your suggestions into my daily routine.  I will also discuss these items with my physician at the earliest time.

You folks have bent backwards to accommodate me in my search for answers - now if I can only interpret them and follow directions.  It is a lonely road - but the only way to happiness!


368 Marcella Roberts, GA, USAAugust, 2006

What a wonderful diagnosis. It is right on the mark.

369 Dorothy Blackband, Rochdale, Lancashire, UKAugust, 2006

I am asking my GP to take a quick look and will have no hestitation in giving your email address out to others like me - who feel unable to express themselves to their G.P. or even hospital consultant. I have just learned more from this report than the 3 weeks in hospital - having awful tests could tell me.

370 Dr. Michael Lindsay, UKAugust, 2006

Many thanks for the very comprehensive report. I am very impressed by how quickly it came back.

371 James Hearing, Billings, MTAugust, 2006

Thank you for your detailed report. This is a very helpful tool.

372 Astrid Johnson, GermanyAugust, 2006

(To her reviewing doctor:) Many thanks for your conscientious analysis of my results, and your useful advice. I have already implemented as much of it as possible.

373 Elizabeth Potter, UKAugust, 2006

Thank you very much for the information and advice in the report, which I am studying closely. I much appreciate your attentive service, and the way that the information is referenced within the report and to the web pages.

374 Martha S., Winnipeg, MB, CanadaSeptember, 2006

This appears to be a very comprehensive report and will take a while to understand. Thank you very much. MS

375 Prof. H. R., WV, USASeptember, 2006

Great, It was everything I expected and more.

376 Mrs. M. O., London, UKSeptember, 2006

Thank you for your wonderfully full report.

377 Mrs. M. Navarro, FL, USASeptember, 2006

Thank you for a great, professional report.  It is very good and informative.  I appreciated [it] and will be in touch to explore more treatments,
M. Navarro (Bishop)

378 David Ruskjer, Hawaii, USASeptember, 2006

I got your message and my report. Didn't get a chance to read every word of it, but am impressed with your thorough treatment. Thanx.
Dave Ruskjer

379 Betty Grant, Cocoa Beach, FL, USASeptember, 2006

The analysis is the most complete medical report that I have ever seen.  We will have to look more intently into what it reveals in the near future since we just received it today.  Again thank you very much for the report.
Columbus & Betty Grant

380 Ms. M. Thompson, Maine, USASeptember, 2006

I did receive the report and was pleased with the contents, it is very thorough. I will recommend the analyst to friends.
Thank you again.


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