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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between July and August, 2007

481 James Heckman, Hilo, HI, USAJuly, 2007

Thank you very much. I've had a glance at the report and it's fascinating --- and immediately useful, since I'll do shopping today! I'll read it in detail later this evening and thereafter begin integrating the information into my way of life. This information comes at an opportune moment, as I have been contemplating making significant changes to speed recovery from injuries.

482 Tamica Lewis, Yellowknife, NT, CanadaJuly, 2007

i have received the computer analysis and it was very useful and i and writting to say thank you i appreciated that. looking over my results and also seeing a physician will help me move closer toward a healthier lifestyle and i will refer your website to people who are feeling sick and cant really pinpoint what the problem is. your website is a very usefull tool.

483 Minnie Bolley, IL, USAJuly, 2007

Just a comment that I really was happy with the report I received.  It was a wake up call to see the diseases that I may deal with later in life, enough so to change my poor diet.  Also, it was a great tool to use along with a regular doctor; I was able to enter all my symptoms as a "whole" since the questionnaire was so thorough.  The HMO environment is lacking in so many ways that they don't see the body as one - it's different specialists looking at isolated problems.  I was very happy with the doctor's comments, they were personalized and helpful.  Also, I was very pleased with the prompt customer service and the way the transaction was handled, all very professional and discreet.  I would recommend a friend that is struggling with health issues to use The Analyst.

484 Micheline Davis, IrelandJuly, 2007

As a retired Consultant Anaesthetist I found your report excellent and have recommended other members of my family to also take the test.

485 Jeni Ogden, AustraliaJuly, 2007

Thanks so much for this I will go through it with my husband too.

486 Marie Angela Rillon, MD, USAJuly, 2007

My report was comprehensive and the suggestions have made a big difference in my health in only a few days ... I have already recommended the site to several people.

487 Ann Colquhoun, Scotland, UKJuly, 2007

Thank you for the information so well given - Yours is an excellent service and am glad I did have a little insight into it - good luck with it in the future and many thanks again for your time and patience in reading my history and giving a prompt reply!!

488 Marie Teissier, AustraliaJuly, 2007

Thank you +++ for your so complete & detailed report. It helps me to change & improve my personal ways of living.  About the different specialists and analysis recommended, I can't use them because I live in a rural area , far from medical sofisticated organizations. But your recommendations are already a good help for me.

489 Carrie Jarr, New York, NY, USAJuly, 2007

Thank you very much for your prelim. Analysis.  I appreciate the help/advise very much.  Thanks again for your great service.

490 Josie Bairn, London, UKJuly, 2007

I just want to thank you for your prompt and thorough report which will be of use to me, I know. I have taken on board the main issues which Dr. Brody has highlighted.

491 Gail Norman, Kansas, USAJuly, 2007

I really appreciate the report that I was able to view so far ... I have gotten some good info from it and places to start and options to discuss with my primary doctor.

I have recommended your website to numerous people.

Thanks you for your time and your service.

492 Dr. Gary C. Crippen, SD, USAJuly, 2007

I am very impressed with the depth of the report I received. And I appreciate the comments made by [the reviewing doctor].

Thank you so much.

Dr. Gary C. Crippen

Doctor of Psychology

493 Joan Lewis, Scotland, UKAugust, 2007

Thank you for recent very detailed report!

494 Ms. J. B., New ZealandAugust, 2007

Thanks for the report, very thorough, will help me improve my health habits and look at reducing my risk factors as well as getting necessary screens and early detection processes going.

495 Mrs. R. K., IsraelAugust, 2007

Thank you for your service. Your questionaire was very interesting. I have already recommended your service to others.

496 Riki Adler, USAAugust, 2007

To whomever this may concern.

I was delighted to see such an informative and helpful website.

497 Anne Hallam, UKAugust, 2007

Filling out your forms has been like a therapy for me.  I have decided to seek further professional help - someone to talk to - about everything.

498 Amy White, Georgia, USAAugust, 2007

Thank you so much for your time and help, it is greatly appreciated!

499 Jecintah Kihongeh, Dundalk, IrelandAugust, 2007

I just wonna say how greatful i am for helping me out,i atleast feel am about to get all the answers to my health problems ... thankyou so much for your help,its well appreciated.

500 Curt Kass, NV, USAAugust, 2007

Found the report quite intriguing and on the psych side quite accurate and confirming.

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