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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between January and February, 2008

541 Susan Edelman, OK, USAJanuary, 2008

I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the analysis and have told others and one person has already begun doing her own analysis.  I intend on telling many more.  I think what you are doing is great.  Doctors don't have the time and patience to listen to all the complaints.  So most often we have to figure out what is wrong on our own and self-treat naturally.  God Bless.

542 Gertrude Burns, Lithgow, NSW, AustraliaJanuary, 2008

Thank you so much - this is a very high quality service.  I will definitely return to this site at a future date.

543 Mr. Aubrey Burton, Burnley, Lancashire, UKJanuary, 2008

I am a very satisfied customer. I have changed my diet completely and feel tons better already. Thank you. One hears of so many scams these days, the report is fantastic.

544 Elaine Barrett, CanadaJanuary, 2008

I found the computer report very comprehensive, interesting and extremely impressive.
Thank you

545 Alan Green, CanadaJanuary, 2008

Thank you,
I am impressed.

546 Helen Wright, Tasmania, AustraliaJanuary, 2008

I am very grateful.
The report reveals 1 or 2 astounding possibilities, that may have been
needlessly overlooked by the medical field for many years.  I will be very
interested to see whether any of these illnesses are eventually confirmed by
a doctor.

547 Carson Miller, Anadarko, OK, USAJanuary, 2008

I want to say how many problems you gave me insight to.  I loved my Dr.  I will be using you again.  Thanks so much.  You were a pleasant surprise.

548 Sue Nelson, Ohio, USAJanuary, 2008

information was great.  thanks for the free service!

549 Cynthia Ness, Lisle, IL, USAJanuary, 2008

I was quite surprised by the detail in my
computer report and am considering upgrading
to a Dr. report.

550 Ms. Billie J., Texas, USAJanuary, 2008

I think what you are doing is great. your questions are very extensive and didnt miss a thing.

551 Darlene Green, South Boston, MA, USAJanuary, 2008

I want to thank you for your help I finally got an answere for the shrinkage to my right side. All the doctor's that I seen has told me that my levels were normal. I knew that what was going on with me could not be normal. So I want to thank you every so much.

552 Bronwen Powell, UKJanuary, 2008

Many thanks for all your help.  In Britain, because we work under a National Health System we cannot order innumerable tests without our GPs agreement and he needs to justify each one.  At least, armed with The Report, I will have the necessary information, related to my symptoms, to argue my case.  For that alone I am grateful for The Report.  Also the recommendations are food for thought and give me a chance to consider things I can do for myself.  The more I can do following natural remedies, rather than taking chemicals (which bring their own potential problems), the better.

Please thank Dr Brody on my behalf and say that I really appreciate the time and effort she has obviously taken and in particular the evidence of personal responses showing she had looked at me in the whole as well as in the particular.

In general I have found the exercise very useful as a lay person does not always make a relationship between symptoms and therefore is unlikely to give their GP all the facts to suggest a particular route to follow.  This can delay relevant treatment with time and money being wasted as false trails are followed.

Yours gratefully

Bronwen Powell

553 Henrietta Boriskie, LA, USAJanuary, 2008

Thanks for your diagnosis. I think your system can be more accurate than the few minutes my internist spends with me on my twice yearly exams, since it's certainly more inclusive, and you all probably aren't badgered with pharmaceutical reps selling their wares. Will heed your recommendations... Thanks again.

554 Julie S., UKFebruary, 2008

Thank you very much for such a comprehensive report - I will be studying it for some time to come.

555 Ms. T. K., GreeceFebruary, 2008

I can't thank you enough for the computer analysis for the health problems you received.

Again, thank you for your kindness, time and eye opening information.

556 John Candis, PA, USAFebruary, 2008

I have received your report and am impressed by the thorough nature of the evaluation. I have not had much luck with even general practitioners over the years. It seems they just don't want to bother with anything but the blantantly obvious(such as: "well I can see from that deep cut on your finger, that you need stiches !"). Unfortunately, this generalization is the current state of medical care in this country... My automobile gets much better regular care, evaluation and concern from the shop than my body does from my doctor.

557 Judy, Oregon, USAFebruary, 2008

WOW! The report covered everything. I was reluctant to do this, because I had not heard of this website. But it covered everything. It confirmed somethings that my regular phsyican suggested, plus more. I prefer natural pathic remedies, and they had my questionair reviewed by a naturalpathic doctor. It was worth it, the doctor who reviewed my report, gave me remedies I felt were missing from the general physican I had seen. Thank you for a good report.

558 James Martin, AL, USAFebruary, 2008

thank you, very comprehensive report.

559 Lindsay McCullough, Austin, TX, USAFebruary, 2008

(To her reviewing doctor:) Just a note to thank you for your very detailed advice and response to my health profile.  You went above and beyond my expectations.  I have a lot to research and possibly even look forward to in the future.  You've given me a great direction to head in.  Thanks again for your time and concern.


Lindsay McCullough

560 Robert Molyneaux, CanadaFebruary, 2008

Your service will be highly recommended and your company will be referred.

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