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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between May and July, 2006

341 Grace Hatfield, Conroe, TX, USAMay, 2006

Thank you so very much for the site and the information my analysis gave me!  It was very comprehensive and easy to understand.  I understand what changes I need to make and why.  I greatly appreciate all the help you are able to provide!

342 Mr. G. Rosenberg, Spring, TX, USAMay, 2006

Incredibly comprehensive - I really enjoyed the exploratory journey.

343 Mr. P. Michel, Totowa, NJ, USAMay, 2006

Thank you very much for your expert review of my analysis and superb recommendations.  They are greatly appreciated.

I was a bit concerned at first, wondering if you Diagnose-me.com was a legitimate company.  Now, I can only say that I am completely satisfied, impressed and relieved that the many questions I answered were SO WORTH my time.  I was stunned at how much the report picked up on---much of it I was already aware of, though much of it I was not and needed to be made aware of.

[The reviewing doctor]'s expert analysis and recommendations were superb.  He came across as extremely heartfelt and sincere in his desire to support me in my healing and recovery.  I spent several years working at one of the largest holistic health clinics in the Northeast and have not come across very many health practitioners of the caliber I feel [this reviewing doctor] to be.

The Diagnose-me.com site fills a CRITICAL need, particularly for those who are homebound due to pain, fatigue, psychological reservations about seeing a doctor, or other issues/concerns that make getting to a doctor a challenge.  I am certain your service is SAVING LIVES.  I found it easy, comprehensive and accurate.  The results from the questionnaire were nothing short of astounding and revealing.  Add to that the custom touch of the personalized review by a doctor of my choice, and what Diagnose-me.com is offering is one of the greatest, most important health tools I have EVER come across.  I'm going to spread the word far and wide.  Thank you for making this wonderful service available.

344 Roy Herman Pascal, CO, USAMay, 2006

Thank You very much. This report was fantastic. I feel this report is worth many, many, times more than what I paid for it.  I will recommend your service to anyone who is not feeling well.     Thanks again    Roy Herman Pascal

345 Ms. M. Gunn, Poughkeepsie, NY, USAMay, 2006

Thank you for the report. I appreciate the results and think it was well worth the money.

346 "Dr. Will Disein", NY, USAMay, 2006

I have read your report and it is very accurate, i did not use my real name because i am a doctor of medicine and did not want you to feel awkward or to influence any of your diagnosis, or recommendations thank you for your enlightment and will follow your valued advise..Thank you again

347 Mr. J. Gissop, Wales, UKMay, 2006

I have found the experience very useful and will recommend it to my family.Thanks again for your and the Doctors help.

348 Mrs. M. K., IN, USAMay, 2006

Thank you for your response.  I didn't expect anything.  You have encouraged me to concentrate more on my diet, and get my head out of the sand.

349 Matt Robinson, SC, USAMay, 2006

I am very satisfied with the service. Thank you for your help.

350 Sue Morley, WA, AustraliaMay, 2006

Thank you for the fabulous service.  I have been on the 'Doctor treadmill' for ages going from one to another trying to find the answers to health problems and getting nowhere.
I now understand why, they simply don't have time or perhaps even don't know what questions to ask.
Your comprehensive questions put together the whole picture and after less than two weeks I've noticed a huge difference.  I've had your theories backed up by medical tests, and I'm now on the fast track to recovery- with no surgery or prescribed medication. I have lost 3 kilos already and feel 15 years younger and more vitalized. Thankyou again for such a terrific service.

351 Mrs. G. H., Conroe, TX, USAMay, 2006

Just wanted to let you know that i'm in my second week of mainly eating vegetables and following your recommendations.  I already feel better and have more energy.  My menstration has shortened to 4 days where it was going on for 7 and is less painful.  My breast pain has greatly been reduced.  I have been feeling like exercising more and feel less tired.  Thank you for your insights and I appreciate the information.

352 Richard Lippman, Honolulu, HI, USAJune, 2006

I'm trully impressed by the throughness of your questions.  Some very bright physicians have obviously spent some time on this interview !

353 Mr. P. Etheridge, AustraliaJune, 2006

(To his reviewing doctor:) congratulations on a correct diagnosis. i have included yoghurt in both meals since studying your report and have been completely cured for 3 months now. well done!
keep up the great work.

354 Jon Myer, Massachusetts, USAJune, 2006

Thank you very much for your service... I am not sorry about having spent the money.

355 Jan Bush, UKJune, 2006

I would like to say, you have saved me from enduring restless legs syndrome, which i have had for years. All it took was your advice on dehydration. I now drink plenty of water, and am pleased that I can sleep without jumping about in bed, also at night my legs used to annoy me constantly, they would keep moving all the time I just could not get comfortable, except to get up walk about a bit, for a few mins respite. Now I have no symptoms of it, all because I never drank enough water. So a big THANK YOU. So much.
PS it helped my back ache too. Xxxxx

356 William Knight, Heber, AZ, USAJune, 2006

i apologize for taking so long to respond about your service. this is amazing, the amount of information is overwhelming. however it is extremely easy to understand. i don't want to ramble on but for someone like me who almost has to basically take care of himself, due to lack of income to afford mainstream medical care, or just wants to use more natural methods, this is perfect! anyway thank you for something that is really, really worth the money. also [the reviewing doctor] was very helpful and easy to understand, please thank him for me. i can now work with my dr. and help myself at the same time. once again thank you.... bill knight.

357 Jennifer Triggs, UKJuly, 2006

Thank you very much for the wonderfully detailed and useful report you have sent me.  I am absolutely delighted with it and will now settle down to really study it in detail.  There is so much there which I have suspected/been told by my therapists, and which you have confirmed and made clear, and now I have to decide where to go with it.  I am most grateful and it was money well spent.

358 Larry Tomkow, MI, USAJuly, 2006

Will be passing this on to friends and associates. Very good site. This should be something everyone needs to answer each month in order to continue to drive etc. Would prevent alot of health issues and reduce health costs if set up with the proper procedures.

359 John Osander, Bloomington, MN, USAJuly, 2006

I will write more--if I have decency to honor your effort. But this is quick note to say how impressed I am. I thought I saw a name, but couldn't find it quick enough to address you here.  A quick look showed what looked both comprehensive and on target.  Though I've hardly put in the reading time yet.  But the 3 1/2 hours I put into the form, which I did because it impressed me with its structure and precision and flexibility, kept me going.

Great work, good doc.

More later.

John Osander

360 Judy Patton, Bonney Lake, WA, USAJuly, 2006

I am impressed with the report. I will store it in a file, and print it out, also, to study carefully.  Great job. Thank you so much. There are many suggestions I had not considered, that could be very helpful to me.

I think this will give me a jump start. Thank you again!

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