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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between February and March, 2010

941 Nancy Meyers, CanadaFebruary, 2010

I was thrilled to receive my report and of course wanted a hard copy. Thanks so much for this information. The report was so detailed and something I really wanted to keep a copy of. The report gave me such great information that I feel better about the choices that I need to make for health in my life and is so detailed I really need to keep a copy for reference. I feel blessed to be able to spend the money to get this great analysis. So thanks for providing such a wonderful service.  This is so great, thanks again. Hope you have a great day!

--and later--

Your assistance and detailed explanations to my questions made accessing my reports and printing them so easy. This entire process has been so wonderful and straight forward, even though I was a bit "alarmed" intiially about the amount of information that I received; I soon realized that this is just a step on the ladder of understanding my entire health picture. I have recommended this sight to a number of friends with the promise that your questions are answered in a consise and polite manner, in terms that are useful and easy to understand.

I am so greatfull to have access to this wonderful site and will most certainly use it again, and make the most use of the detailed information that I have received for long lasting health. My correspondent was so quick to respond to my 'techy' questions regarding printing processes from html format and pdf format, I feel so supported.
Thanks for providing such a great service. I would welcome anyone to contact me if they have any hesitations.

Yours in health, with best regards,

942 Esther Horvath, Umina Beach, NSW, AustraliaFebruary, 2010

Yes, the report arrived and, my goodness, is it ever thorough!! Thank you for this opportunity to start to get a handle on my health - and at such an affordable price! What a fantastic service!
Esther Horvath

943 Marsha Fagerstrom, SC, USAFebruary, 2010

Thank you so much for your service.  Even the free preliminary report was enlightening and enough to scare me into taking action and making changes.

944 Dr. Don Wright, CanadaFebruary, 2010

I have been reading the report which is impressively thorough.  Like most, I was somewhat apprehensive at first when I contemplated using the diagnose me services.  That first impression has evaporated.

945 Jenny Ross, Sale, Victoria, AustraliaFebruary, 2010

Thanks for your wonderful helpful report.

946 Joan Marie Patsky, CA, USAFebruary, 2010

Excellent information for preventive medicine.  It may be very valuable for you to network with physicians.  Kind regards.

947 Brian Brazil, UKFebruary, 2010

Thankyou for your preliminary analysis.  I am very impressed with what I see, well done.  You have given me with your colour charts a lot to consider.  Thankyou for your proffessionalism in this matter.    Brazil

948 Arthur Holden, London, UKFebruary, 2010

At a glance through i'm impressed and you have confirmed some of my suspisions that i'm having dificulty trying to convince my GP . i'll take a proper look through and then confront my GP . His opinion is that He's the doctor and i'm the patient and its difficult to confront him unless i know what i'm talking about .

Thanks for your information i'm sure it'll help .

Yours sincerely ,

Arthur Holden

949 Mr. H.Y., BarbadosFebruary, 2010

I have read this extensive report and find it quite accurate.
The report is very well received and I wish to express thanks to the Doctor.

950 Suzanne Farr, Hereford, UKFebruary, 2010

Very many thanks for your helpful analysis.

951 John Turk, Illinois, USAFebruary, 2010

I read half of it [so far] and like the info a lot :-)

952 Jerry Smith, CanadaFebruary, 2010

I found this preliminary review very interesting, and I appreciate having had the opportunity to do the questionnaire, as it is a good reminder that I have some medical concerns to discuss with my doctor. I have a family doctor and on my next visit I will discuss some of the issues that I hadn't considered to be important.

953 Eva Stafford, FL, USAFebruary, 2010

Thank you so much.  I feel this info is going to be very helpful.
Eva Staffofd

954 Nancy Blissett, Vienna, VA, USAFebruary, 2010

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you for your very thorough review.

955 Ella Godkin, Innisfil, ON, CanadaFebruary, 2010

I've received my 69 page report of Part 2 E-Mail and printed.  EXCELLENT REPORT!

956 Brian Thompson, Lebanon, OR, USAFebruary, 2010

Thank You, Very Much for your prelimenay diagnosis! I shall take action Immediately. Brian

957 Lupe Henriquez, Florida, USAMarch, 2010

Great report thank you!!

958 Barbara Havens, MO, USAMarch, 2010

Thank you very much, I appreciate your prompt response and service.  I am very excited to see my report so that I can start regaining my health.  Thank you again. Barbara

959 Sharon Lee, Roseburg, OR, USAMarch, 2010

Your service is a great resourse....as in answereing the questions, it gave me more appreciation for my body as a whole, and the things that need to be addressed.

Again, I say, thank you, and may God bless your organization.

Sharon Lee.

960 Karen Ramirez, Vandalia, MO, USAMarch, 2010

i appreciate your help, i have a doctors appointment in the morning and im going to show her these results.
i hope this will prevent me from dying young my children are thankful for your help.
karen ramirez

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