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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between June and July, 2008

641 Julio Pena, San Jose, CA, USAJune, 2008

thanks. im excited because i feel this has been the most complete medical review i have experienced.

642 Marjorie Cearley, Dripping Springs, Texas, USAJune, 2008

Thank you so very much for the most thorough health assessment that I have ever been given.  I will most definitely benefit from the massive amount of information and informative leads to possibly needed tests, other health care professionals, etc.

Marjorie Cearley

643 Stephen Garrett, CT, USAJune, 2008

I'm impressed with the report from [the reviewing doctor]. I believer the
information provided will benefit me in improving my health through dietary
changes. The doctor really took the time to address most all of the health
concerns from the questionnaire. The manor of which he discussed the topics
makes me wish [the reviewing doctor] was my doctor. I get the feeling that my current
physician could care less whether his patients are actually healthy.

Thanks you for this beneficial health service.

644 Timothy Wilson, Harper Woods, MI, USAJune, 2008

I did take a look at the computer analysis and WOW!  I think everyone should do this just to get a better idea of what their bodies are trying to tell them.  I'm very proud to let any and everyone know that this service is priceless.

645 Talya Britt, NY, USAJune, 2008

Thanks for the insightful and comprehensive report.

646 Constance Brooks, Mirani, Qld, AustraliaJune, 2008

I have read my Anylist and was very happy with the result, I have taken on board your sugestions as I can see the benifits of doing so. I am still how ever seeking my doctors tests results, and correcting my food and beverage intake. Wow Fantastic, and so far very correct.

647 Ms. P. Fried, OR, USAJune, 2008

Thank you again [for] your superb courtesy and the knowledgeability involved in developing the questionnaire.  It is good you have this site--a fine service you are doing.

648 Archie Anderson, Bothwell, UKJuly, 2008

Report is very belt & braces,and it does contain a lot of " food for thought " will come back to it in more detail. Thank you, it is well worth the fee.

649 Onley Landry, Pittsburg, California, USAJuly, 2008

thank you so much what an extensive report... i am recommending your site to some of my friends it is awesome. have a great day sincerely Onley Landry.

650 Noreen Wilkins, USAJuly, 2008

I thought your site was awesome... I will give your site on a scale of 1 to 10 a fifteen : )  Your consultation was the most thorough that I have come by and I will recommend you to my friends and associates.  noreen

651 David Michel, Florida, USAJuly, 2008

I am very impressed with the depth of information presented on your site and I use it as an adjunct to my regular physician visits.

652 Sharon Reifers, MS, USAJuly, 2008

Very comprehensive - no MD has ever asked me even 10% of the questions asked on your report (and they need to)! THE INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION YOU DEVOTE TO YOUR PARTICIPANTS/PATIENTS IS INCREDIBLE (Not "cookie-cutter" tx) AND SHOULD SET THE STANDARD FOR ALL MD'S!!

653 Ann Curtis, Madison, WI, USAJuly, 2008

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you! for your report on the health questionaire I did. Many of the items you mentioned I have already had an inkling of, but am having trouble getting a doctor to "listen" to me and the fact that I want to be healthy, not just "exist."

Sincerely yours,

Ann Curtis

654 Ms. E. E., Illinois, USAJuly, 2008

This is a really cool service!  Thanks guys!

655 Laura Wilamowski, MI, USAJuly, 2008

(To her reviewing doctor:) I really want to thank you for such a thorough and thoughtful opinion. I had no idea if this site was real, but thought it was worth the money to try. You gave me some suggestions for possible causes that my doctors haven't told me about. I sincerely appreciate your speedy and considerate reply to my on-line medical concerns.

Best regards,
Laura Wilamowski

656 Denise Browning, Suffolk, UKJuly, 2008

Thank you for my analysis.  I found it easy to read and quite informative, I have taken onboard your surgestions and shall be taking actions to see that I change my life style where I can, and will speak to my gp about further tests and changes that can be made to make my lifestyle.  Many thanks Denise Browning

657 Maria Draper, North Bondi, AustraliaJuly, 2008

Your report has helped me to realise that I am dehydrated and for that I am most grateful.

658 Mrs. K. H., Rocklin, CA, USAJuly, 2008

WOW! This was the best $77.00 I've spent in a long time.

I received my report in a very short time and it was so completely thorough and helpful that I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It far exceeded my expectations There was obviously a good deal of time spent reviewing the questions by the Dr. and the personal comments were more than I expected! I know just what to do now to begin my journey back to wellness. Thank you so very much for your website. This is a wonderful service.

659 Susan Ward, NC, USAJuly, 2008

Thank you for such a great service. No one has ever been as detailed.

660 John Hillmer, UKJuly, 2008

(To his reviewing doctor:) Thank you for your impressive (and speedy) report.

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