Definition of Telangiectasia:

Small, unsightly red, purple or blue blood vessels found along the surface on the face, upper chest, neck and rarely on other parts of the body.  Similar veins are found on the legs but called spider veins.

Topics Related to Telangiectasia

Fluoride Toxicity

...the condition
“...dysfunction, osteosarcoma, low birth weight, candidiasis, multiple sclerosis, oral squamous cell carcinoma, Parkinson's disease, seizures, slurred speech, skin irritations, ankylosing spondylitis, telangiectasia, thrombosis, ulcerative colitis, uterine cancer, vaginal bleeding, weak pulse...”
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More topics Related to Telangiectasia


...our question about Steroid use
“...If the steroid creams are used for months or years, broken capillaries (telangiectasia) may develop...”


...the condition
“... CREST stands for Calcinosis, Raynaud's, Esophagus, Sclerodactyly, and Telangiectasia...”

Tendency To Nosebleeds

...the condition
“...and less commonly by ... Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia...”
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