Definition of Topical:

Most commonly 'topical application': Administration to the skin.

Topics Related to Topical

Allergic Rhinitis / Hay Fever

...recommendation Conventional Drug Use
“...Alpha-adrenergic topical sprays reduce congestion but there is a rebound effect if used for more than a few days...”

Aloe Vera a treatment
“...This clear, jelly-like substance is used primarily as a topical agent for burns and wound-healing...”
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More topics Related to Topical

Alopecia (Hair Loss)

...recommendation Corticosteroids
Topical corticosteroids (medium to very high potency) or subcutaneous steroid injection.”

Antihistamines a treatment
“...Antihistamines are available in tablet or capsule (oral) form, as creams, lotions and gels (topical form), and as a nasal spray...”


...related topic
“Agent causing contraction, especially after topical application.”

Bayberry a treatment
“...The plant is astringent, which may account for its use in diarrhea, as well as its topical use for wound healing...”

Bladderwrack a treatment
“...As well as the conditions mentioned below, bladderwrack has traditionally been used for: Diarrhea; gastritis; gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD); improved wound healing (topical application)...”

Boils, Abscesses, Carbuncles

...recommendation Homeopathic Remedies
“...Calendula: Used as a topical application for boils and infected sores...”
...recommendation Antibiotics
“...Stubborn cases may require two oral antibiotics plus topical antibiotic ointments to eliminate the bacteria.”


...recommendation Natural Progesterone
Topical progesterone has been reported to be useful in alleviating symptoms.”

Canker Sores (Aphthous Ulcers)

...recommendation Lactobacillus Acidophilus
“...Topical use, by chewing lactobacillus tablets several times each day, may also reduce the soreness in some cases...”

Chamomile a treatment
“...According to HealthNotes, topical applications of chamomile have been shown to be moderately effective in the treatment of eczema...”


...recommendation Antibiotics
“In most cases of adult or childhood conjunctivitis, treatment with topical antibiotics is initiated without cultures...”

Crude Coal Tar a treatment
“...Coal tar is a messy and smelly – but effective – topical treatment for various skin conditions...”

DMSO Topically a treatment
“...DMSO has been used most widely as a topical analgesic, in a 70% DMSO, 30% water solution...”

EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) Type 6 Requirement

...the condition
“...Treatment of an Omega-6 deficiency involves reversing the deficiency through diet or, if necessary, supplements which can be oral, topical medications or infused directly into the blood...”

Eucalyptus Blue Gum a treatment
“...Anti-inflammatory; Anti-rheumatic A component of many topical arthritis creams and analgesic ointments, eucalyptus stimulates blood flow and warms the area, relieving pain in muscles and joints; Stimulant: Eucalyptol acts to stimulate blood flow...”

Fungal Skin / Nail Infection

...recommendation Oil of Oregano
“Oregano oil is an excellent topical agent for toenail and fingernail fungus...”

Ginger Root a treatment
“...You can also buy ginger essential oil, which can be diffused into the air for inhalation or diluted in a vegetable oil for inhalation, or diluted in a vegetable oil for topical application (or massage)...”

GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) a treatment
“...They were also able to reduce the use of drugs commonly used to treat the disease, such as antihistamines and topical steroids...”


...our question about Steroid use
“...It is thought that about 5% of people using topical steroids will have a large increase in intraocular pressures...”


...the condition
“...For mild cases, topical applications (such as a prednisone mouth rinse that is not swallowed) may be recommended to avoid the side-effects of swallowed or injected corticosteroids...”

Gotu Kola a treatment
“...Integumentary: Inflammations; burns (2nd & 3rd degree-topical & systemic usage); ulcers; leprous sores; cellulite; poor wound healing (topical); keloids; to Improve integrity of collagen matrix; help treat & reduce scarring after surgery; scleroderma; stimulates hair & nail growth; increases vascularization of connective tissue...”

Grapefruit Seed Extract a treatment
“...The extract of the inner rind and seeds of grapefruits (Citrus racemosa) is becoming known as one the best topical and internal antiseptics one can find...”


...the condition
“...Miscellaneous ... Shark liver oil is the active ingredient in topical ointments such as Preparation H...”

Hookworm Infection

...the condition
“...Topical treatment with thiabendazole ointment is very effective in controlling dermal larval migrans...”

Hot Applications (Thermotherapy) a treatment
“...However, these topical treatments do not penetrate very deeply into muscle tissue, making them less effective in treating more significant pain...”

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)

...the condition
“...There are several compounds on the market for the topical treatment of venereal warts...”

Immunotherapy a treatment
“...Topical immunotherapy utilizes an immune enhancement cream (imiquimod) which is an interferon producer causing the patients own killer T-cells to destroy warts, actinic keratoses, basal cell cancer...”

Indian Long Pepper a treatment
“...Indian long pepper is used for the following ... increasing blood circulation in the skin (topical application)...”

Ivy Leaf a treatment
“...In addition to the use of ivy to treat asthma, clinical reports from Europe suggest that topical cream preparations containing ivy, horsetail, and lady's mantle are beneficial in reducing, although not eliminating, skin stretch marks...”


...the condition
“...Actinic keratoses can also be treated by retinoids (vitamin A derivatives), topical chemotherapy (5-fluorouracil), chemical peel, dermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing...”
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More topics Related to Topical

Natural Progesterone a treatment
“...For the topical treatment of sun-damaged skin, acne wrinkles, etc., progesterone in oil and especially with vitamin E can be applied directly to the affected area...”

Neem a treatment
“...At the first indication of an eruption treat with topical application of a neem-based cream or ointment to the affected area, is recommended...”

Oral Lichen Planus

...recommendation Corticosteroids
“Corticosteroids (topical, oral or by injection) may reduce the inflammation caused by oral lichen planus.”
...recommendation Vitamin A
“Retinoids – synthetic versions of vitamin A – can be applied as a topical ointment or taken orally...”


...recommendation NSAIDs
“...Topical pain-relieving creams, rubs and sprays can be applied directly to the skin...”
...recommendation Natural Progesterone
Topical progesterone has been reported to be useful in alleviating symptoms.”

Ozone / Oxidative Therapy a treatment
“...Ozone is also excellent for topical treatment of infections, wounds, ulcers and burns, especially those that are difficult to heal...”

Papain a treatment
“...It has many topical uses including wound debridement and face creams...”

Pharyngitis ("Strep Throat")

...recommendation Echinacea (Coneflower)
“...Physical contact is required, so gargling or topical application is best.”

Poor/Slow Wound Healing

...the condition
“...In another study, topical Dilantin was compared with glucose analogs (honey) in patients with chronic leg ulcers over a 4-week period and showed superiority...”
...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“...In a topical solution, vitamin C has shown to be very effective in encouraging healing of the cornea in the wounded eye.”
...recommendation Topical Estrogen
“...In a study involving 36 patients over the age of 70, half male and half female, topical estrogen was found to decrease delays in wound healing in both the male and female patients...”
...recommendation Turmeric Extract, Curcumin
“...Topical application of curcumin encourages wound remodeling via effects on transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-b)...”


...recommendation Vitamin D
“...Comparative studies have shown that calcipotriol ointment is at least as effective as topical cortisones and dithranol in the treatment of stable plaque psoriasis...”

Psoriatic Arthritis

...the condition
“...Topical creams can be used to prevent your skin from drying out...”

Rheumatoid Arthritis

...recommendation Natural Progesterone
Topical progesterone has been reported to be useful in alleviating symptoms.”


...the condition
“...Let your face rest for a few minutes before applying topical medication...”
...our question about Steroid use
“If you are using or have used steroid drugs, you may have 'steroid rosacea', a rosacea-like condition on the face caused by potent topical steroids...”
...recommendation against Hydrocortisone
“Never apply a topical steroid like cortisone to rosacea unless directed to do so by your doctor for a specific reason...”


...the condition
“...and antihistamines cause transient relief, their chronic use is contraindicated, since there is usually a rebound congestion (severe congestion caused by the excessive or abusive use of topical nasal decongestants) following continual administration...”

St John's Wort a treatment
“...St. John's wort is also infused in olive oil for topical use.  Rarely are tinctures, liquid extracts or oils tested for the amount of active (or marker) ingredients...”

Susceptibility To Cavities

...the condition
“...dose schedule to avoid fluorosis suggest lower intakes of fluoride supplements because of increased use of fluoride toothpastes and ingestion of other food and beverage sources of systemic (and topical) fluoride that were not widely available when previous guidelines were formulated...”

Susceptibility To Miscarriages

...recommendation Natural Progesterone
“...Progesterone can be taken in different ways, but a more directed topical action can be achieved by the use of vaginal progesterone cream or suppositories...”

Topical Applications a treatment
“A topical medication is applied to body surfaces such as the skin or mucous membranes such as the vagina, anus, throat, eyes and ears...”

Vaginitis/Vaginal Infection

...the condition
“...Other factors that may increase the incidence of VVC include the use of douches, perfumed feminine hygiene sprays, topical antimicrobial agents, and tight, poorly ventilated clothing and underwear...”

Varicose Veins

...recommendation Natural Progesterone
Topical progesterone has been reported to provide some benefit.”

Vitamin A a treatment
“...In fact, as far back as ancient Egypt night blindness and some eye disorders were treated with topical application of the juice of cooked livers (high in vitamin A)...”

Vulvodynia / Vestibulitis

...the condition
“...Vulvar pain due to skin conditions such as dermatitis, lichen sclerosis may be relieved with topical corticosteroids...”
...relationship to Yeast / Candida Infection
“ made based on the patient's report of cyclic symptomatic flare-ups (or, conversely, symptom-free days) and by the patient's report of symptomatic improvement after the administration of long-term topical or systemic anticandidal therapy...”
...recommendation Estrogen Replacement
Topical estrogen creams may provide relief...”

Yeast / Candida Infection

...recommendation Boric Acid
“...Numerous studies prove its superior effectiveness compared to topical and oral antifungal drugs, including drug-resistant cases.”
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