Otitis Media

Definition of Otitis Media:

A very common condition involving inflammation of the middle ear and can be classified as either acute otitis media (AOM), or otitis media with effusion (OME) which is a chronic disease.  It most commonly affects infants and young children but can affect all age groups.  Symptoms of AOM include earache, decreased hearing, fever, unsteadiness, and occasionally liquid discharge if the eardrum bursts.  Symptoms of OME include decreased hearing, tinnitus and unsteadiness, but OME can be entirely without symptoms.  Effusions (discharges) continue for several weeks after AOM; only 60% of ears with AOM are clear at 2 weeks and 80% are clear by 8 weeks.

Topics Related to Otitis Media

Middle Ear Infection

...the condition
“...During surgery, accumulated cellular debris is often cleaned from the middle ear to "ventilate" it; this relieves pressure but does little to address the causes of otitis media.  Worse still, some 76% of children require replacement tubes within 4 years of initial tube insertion...”
...recommendation Arabinogalactans
“Arabinogalactans appear to offer real value in the treatment of recurrent pediatric otitis media.”
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