Definition of Ornithine:

A nonessential amino acid but may be essential for individuals with certain diseases or nutritional concerns.  Manufactured from arginine and functions similarly to arginine, it stimulates the human growth hormone and is made by the digestion of proteins and some compounds made from arginine.  The major difference between the two is that ornithine enters cell mitochondria.  Arginine does not.

Topics Related to Ornithine

Liver/Gall Bladder Flush

...as a treatment
“...You may need assistance in going to sleep – try ornithine or melatonin before bed...”


...as a treatment
“A non-essential amino acid, Ornithine has anti-aging properties, prompts the release of growth hormone, and promotes metabolism of excess body fat...”


...relationship to Dyspepsia / Poor Digestion
“...The toxic metabolites of the amino acids arginine and ornithine are known as polyamines (e.g., putrescine, spermidine, and cadaverine) and have been shown to be increased in individuals with psoriasis...”
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