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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between November, 2008 and January, 2009

721 Mary K., Kigali, RwandaNovember, 2008

I received your excellent report. Thanks so much for your analysis and help.

722 Heather Cole, Essex, UKNovember, 2008

Thanks very much for the report (and for the service that you and the Diagnose-Me team, provide). Special thanks to (the reviewing doctor) for her review and advice.  This has really encouraged me to take care of myself and it has also given me the means to do that.

Bless you all.  Best wishes,  Heather.

723 Ann Kimberley, Yeppoon, Qld, AustraliaNovember, 2008

Thank you so much for the report.  I can see that it is quite informative with links leading to more information.  How valuable to learn about this information.  Your site is amazing.  I do wish you the best in your future.


724 Ryan T., UKNovember, 2008

The report was great. I would definately recommend to others, especially when there isn't the availablility of a comprehensive health-check service where I live. Also, I believe people will be forthcoming and overall more info will be passed to you through the analyst, so it provides for a more detailed report, which is great. Thanks again to you all, and especially the Doc who reviewed my report.

725 Dianne Aslett, Birmingham, West Midlands, EnglandNovember, 2008

Hello.thank you for the report. It is very comprehensive and I was pleased with it. I need time to digest it, is there any time limit for me to ask my questons? [Answer: No]  Thank you.

726 Roland R., Montreal, Quebec, CanadaDecember, 2008

As I am a practicing medical doctor I need your analysis only. I find your questionaire excellent.

727 Tamara Vieira, Pickering, Ont., CanadaDecember, 2008

Thanks soo much for the personal touches... you have given me some hope

728 Lisa Frate, GA, USADecember, 2008

Great service!

729 Debora Neve, FranceDecember, 2008

Thanks a lot for this service, which I find to be very helpful.

730 Peter Manzoni, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, UKDecember, 2008

(To his reviewing doctor:) Thank you for your diagnosis which I found helpful and thought provoking. You have confirmed many things and I am very grateful to you.

731 Elaine Stevens, Greensboro, NC, USADecember, 2008

Your report helped me take a second and third hard look at my lifestyle!

732 Keith. D., San Fernando, Trinidad & TobagoDecember, 2008

This is the first time that I've gone so far with a personal "on line" system.  I find it very interrogative and interesting.  You have obviously spent a lot of time developing it and have "sparked" my curiousity.  Admittedly, I never had the cause to delve in medical stuff as my interest was confined to the basics having led a relative healthy life but with the passage of time and its associated attributes, I am now taking a closer look at signs and symptoms which I believe "diagnose me" can help decipher. At least for once in my life I can really have an "in depth" medical analysis, as "in depth" as an on-line service can be.

Best Regards

733 Jeanne Newman, W. Bridgewater, MA, USADecember, 2008

I have your report. It certainly is thorough. I commend the Analyst and (the reviewing doctor).

THANK YOU for all your hard work.

734 Caesi Bevis, CanadaJanuary, 2009

You have a great service -- and one especially I think that would go over well with anyone who hates going to doctors

735 Wendy Whiteman, UKJanuary, 2009

Thank you so much for the comprehensive report completed by (the reviewing doctor)... Once again, many thanks for the detailed report and I will recommend your site to anyone I feel would benefit from it.

736 Mary Jo Smith, Duluth, GA, USAJanuary, 2009

I really think a service is being performed by this website, and applaud your efforts.

737 Kyrstyn Sinclair, Aignan, FranceJanuary, 2009

Thank you very very much.
I'm determined to follow the advice given in my report and will therefore do much much more to improve my health and well-being from now on, than simply walking my dog!
Yours sincerely,
Kyrstyn Sinclair

738 Tonya Mc., Kentucky, USAJanuary, 2009

Your website is impressive, and most likely the best of it's nature on the internet.

739 Aaron Ketner, NJ, USAJanuary, 2009

i would like to thank who ever made this website and who may look at this file. i have been to many people who say just exercise and all will go away, and use your c-pap and it shall work. i think there is more to help prevent my genetics taking the best of me. thank you again.

--and later--

thank you for a thorough reporting. I am so appreciative of such a nice service and time you took to look into my file. the report is amazing and there are many things i still have to look into as well as learn.

740 Gerald Gain, Philippi, WV, USAJanuary, 2009

I have read the report and found it very interesting. I will recomend it to my friends and family. Respectfully, Gerald Gain.

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