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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between July and August, 2008

661 John Duddy, Santa Fe, NM, USAJuly, 2008

This is the single most thorough questionnaire I
have ever seen or filled out. Extraordinary! Thank
you for the opportunity to do this and receive your

662 Patricia Mercer, Easton, MD, USAJuly, 2008

I am indeed grateful to have found your website--you offer such a sorely needed and hard to find service! Your website/questionnaire format is clear, comprehensive, user friendly, & your response to questions etc is prompt and helful. I am a most admiring and appreciative client!

663 Christine Kusmirek, Calgary, Alberta, CanadaJuly, 2008

Thank you so much for this preliminary diagnosis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am keen on reviewing it in detail and following your recommendations. In just having a quick look, some of the items make sense, especially the detoxification, which I had already planned on doing shortly. I truly value your methods of healing.

664 Jill C, North Carolina, USAJuly, 2008

A couple of years ago I took one of you questionnaires. It said I was high risk for cancer, I did not believe it, because I thought cancer did not run in my family, I refused to make dietary changes and suggestions made by the questionare. I now have cancer. Your risk factor results are very accurate and I would suggest to anyone paying for a questionare to take their suggstions very seriously.

Thank you

Jill C

665 Eddie Knoxville, AustraliaJuly, 2008

Thank you for the fast response!

P.S. *Amazing* website!

666 Debbie Sampo, WI, USAJuly, 2008

The information [in the report] was extremely helpful and I am taking it step by step.

667 Gina V, LA, USAAugust, 2008

I just wanted to comment on the level of detail and accuracy your database produces is unbelievable.  You guys have got a great web site.

668 James Wilson, CA, USAAugust, 2008

Thank you for your thorough questionaire.  I never answered so many questions about my health.

669 Betty May, Dale City, Virginia USAAugust, 2008

Your questions were really thoughtful and the answers are telling

670 Audrey Warren, Lancaster, PA USAAugust, 2008

This is a very interesting concept of a very complete assesement, better than a lot of physical histories done by physician offices

671 Christina Eppink, MI, USAAugust, 2008

I would really like to thank you guys for sending me my entire computer report. Honestly Thank you very much. It helped me a lot. I think u guys have a wonderful site going on. This can help a lot of people. Just really ,
Thank You

672 Carol Patton, CA, USAAugust, 2008

The free report was very good.  I'm looking forward to this complete version.  Thanks for this service.  It's very helpful for people who don't like going to the doctor!

673 Paula Faufata, Wahiawa, HI, USAAugust, 2008

I am pleased and greatful and will recommend your web to all of my co-workers and friends.  Mahalo, Paula Faufata

674 Karen Cordingley, UKAugust, 2008

I am impressed with your service
Many thanks

675 Kae Oliver, MT, USAAugust, 2008

I appreciate this, it was a very outstanding site to have available.

676 Glen Munns, Nevada, USAAugust, 2008

thank you that is a great web site

677 Josephine Crow, UKAugust, 2008

Thank you for your prompt reply.  I am extremely grateful to gain access to such a great website.

678 Kenn N., Great Bend, KS, USAAugust, 2008


679 Amanda Tucker, Eastland, TX, USAAugust, 2008


680 Anne U., CO, USAAugust, 2008

This is an amazing set of questions. If I'd ever met a doctor this thorough and in-depth, I'd not only know the answer to my issue but I might have married him, too.

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