Definition of Histamine:

A chemical in the body tissues, produced by the breakdown of histidine.  It is released in allergic reactions and causes widening of capillaries, decreased blood pressure, increased release of gastric juice, fluid leakage forming itchy skin and hives, and tightening of smooth muscles of the bronchial tube and uterus.  Histamine is the chemical that drives the initial acute allergic reaction, causing itching, swelling and congestion.

Topics Related to Histamine

Addictions / Addictive Tendencies

...relationship to Histadelia (Histamine High)
“Nutritional treatment for drug and alcohol users will depend on the results of a test for blood histamine levels.  In one series of such analysis, all users proved to have high histamine levels, leading the scientist to conclude that this abnormality – with its impact on brain function – is a...”

Allergic Conjunctivitis

...the condition
“...When the eyes are exposed to allergens such as pollen, animal dander / saliva, or molds, histamine is released and the blood vessels in the conjunctiva become swollen, resulting in rapid reddening of the eyes, itching and tearing...”
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More topics Related to Histamine

Allergic Rhinitis / Hay Fever

...recommendation MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)
“...Dr. Stanley Jacobs, author of The Miracle of MSM admits that he does not understand why MSM would help relieve allergies, but he suspects that MSM blocks cell receptor sites for histamine, which triggers allergic symptoms...”
...recommendation Antihistamines
“Antihistamines, commonly available as sprays or tablets, stop the release of the chemical histamine released by the immune system...”
...recommendation Bioflavonoids
“...Quercetin appears to stabilize the membranes of the mast cells that release histamine.  Since quercetin's action is preventive, it is best taken daily a week or two before pollen season and continued throughout.”
...recommendation Elderberry / Sambucol
“...It also helps to reduce mast cell histamine response and reduce mucosa inflammation.”
...recommendation Increased Water Consumption
“Dehydration causes the body to produce more histamine, which in turn can cause strong hay fever symptoms...”
...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“...It prevents histamine chemical release and helps in reducing inflammation.”
...recommendation Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
“...Szorady conducted allergy skin tests on 24 children injecting them with histamine.  Pantothenic acid reduced the intensity of skin reaction by 20-50% in all children...”

Allergy to Foods (Hidden)

...the condition
“...During an allergic reaction, mast cells release histamine (which causes inflammation) and other chemicals that activate the immune system response...”
...our question about Pain in the upper abdomen / stomach area
“...Sometimes mast cells are involved in allergic reactions and release chemicals such as histamine.  If the affected mast cells are in the gastrointestinal tract, a person may suffer vomiting, abdominal pain or diarrhea.”


...related topic
“Drugs, used to treat allergy symptoms, which block the action of histamine on body tissues.”


...as a treatment
“Antihistamines are drugs that are used to treat a number of allergic health conditions by blocking the effects of a protein called histamine.  Antihistamines are available in tablet or capsule (oral) form, as creams, lotions and gels (topical form), and as a nasal spray...”


...recommendation Bioflavonoids
“...It has been shown to inhibit histamine release from mast cells and basophils when stimulated by antigens (triggers)...”


...related topic
“...They release chemicals such as histamine and play a role in the inflammatory response to infection.”


...as a treatment
“...It appears to stabilize the membranes of the mast cells that release histamine.  Quercetin has been shown to have an effect on a variety of biological systems, mostly through its interaction with calmodulin, a calcium regulating protein...”


...recommendation Carnosine
“...L-Carnosine releases the toxic compound, histamine, which can severely promote oxidation reactions...”

Chronic Inflammation

...recommendation Bioflavonoids
“...Histamine is one of the body's triggers for promoting inflammation...”

Cluster Headaches

...the condition
“...Cluster headache (CH), also known as histamine headache, is a specific vascular headache syndrome and one of the most severe forms of headache...”


...our question about Runny or drippy nose
“Studies have confirmed that dehydration triggers histamine production in order to help conserve water...”


...as a treatment
“...Parthenolide is thought to work as an anti-inflammatory agent via inhibition of inflammatory prostaglandins, reduction of histamine production and eventually reducing the activity of inflammatory cells...”

Heartburn / GERD / Acid Reflux

...recommendation MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)
“Doctors using MSM agree that patients who have used antacids and histamine receptor antagonists to control hyperacidity can employ MSM with good results.”

Histadelia (Histamine High)

...the condition
“Histadelia, more common in males, is characterized by elevated blood levels of histamine.  This is a disorder, prominent in males, of too much histamine in the blood, as opposed to histapenia in which case there is too little...”
...our question about Level of motivation
“Those with elevated histamine (histadelics) tend to work compulsively.”
...recommendation against Folic Acid
“Histadelics should avoid supplemental folic acid as it can produce excess histamine.  In fact, anti-folate drugs may be required...”
...recommendation Methionine
“Methionine supplements lower blood levels of histamine by increasing histamine breakdown.”
...recommendation Copper
“...Copper is part of the enzyme histaminase, which is involved in the metabolism of histamine.”
...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“...Histidine, which is more common in animal proteins, should be avoided as it can be converted into histamine.”

Histamine Therapy

...as a treatment
“...The strategy of administering small doses of histamine is meant to balance out the parts of the immune system that stimulates allergies or auto-immunity, and the parts of the immune system that keep the allergic or autoimmune reactions under...”

Histapenia (Histamine Low)

...the condition
“...Since copper is a brain stimulant and destroys histamine, the elevated serum (and presumably brain) copper level probably accounts for many symptoms, including the low blood histamine level...”
...our question about Childhood hyperactivity
“Low histamine children are hyperactive while often healthy in other respects.”
...recommendation Zinc
“...Zinc and manganese allow for the normal storage of histamine in both basophils and the brain...”
...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“...Copper destroys histamine and therefore as copper levels decrease, histamine levels should return towards normal.”
...recommendation Folic Acid
“The rationale underlying this treatment is that folic acid in conjunction with vitamin B12 injections raises the blood histamine while lowering the degree of symptoms.”
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More topics Related to Histamine


...related topic
“...Precursor to histamine, a vasodilator and gastric juice stimulant...”

Hives (Urticaria)

...the condition
“...The reaction involves the release of histamine from either mast cells or basophils causing an IgE (immediate type) mediated antibody response...”
...relationship to Autoimmune Tendency
“...of chronic hives have an autoimmune origin which means, in about 30% of patients, that the immune system is producing antibodies against normal substances in the body and triggering the release of histamine by mast cells...”
...recommendation Bioflavonoids
“The flavonoid quercetin inhibits the manufacture and release of histamine and other allergic compounds involved in allergies...”
...recommendation Conventional Drug Use
“...This is because in people with hives, histamine is being released by mast cells in the tissues which in turn initiates the irritation and accumulations of fluid...”
...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“High doses of vitamin C, such as mineral ascorbates, can help those with hives by lowering histamine levels.  Taking 2gm every hour in water may bring relief.”


...related topic
“...IgE travels to mast cells, sticks to their surfaces, and when antigens get stuck to the IgE, the mast cells secrete inflammatory compounds such as histamine.  Since IgE is a generalist, coded for a number of potential toxins, it can decide for example that grass pollen and cat dander are antigens...”

Indoor Allergies

...recommendation Bioflavonoids
“May reduce IgE formation, inhibit the release of histamine, and reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms.”
...recommendation Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
“...Szorady conducted allergy skin tests on 24 children injecting them with histamine to induce symptoms...”

Mast Cells

...related topic
“...They bind IgE, supply the histamine and heparin response that gives you a healing inflammation, and cause allergies.”


...the condition
“...important role in helping the immune system defend these tissues against disease by attracting immune defense cells to areas of the body that are under threat, by releasing chemical "alarms" such as histamine and cytokines...”

Meniere's Disease

...recommendation Histamine Therapy
Histamine diphosphate therapy at 2.75mg in 500cc of 5% dextrose solution given in a slow intravenous infusion can relieve an episode of severe dizziness and nausea due to Meniere's disease...”


...as a treatment
“...Methionine prevents fat build-up by assisting in the breakdown of fats; it detoxifies the digestive system; it is a powerful antioxidant; it reduces histamine levels; helps women excrete estrogen; helps to detoxify the liver...”

Migraine/Tension Headaches

...relationship to Dehydration
“...Dehydration leads to ... Histamine release to induce thirst: Histamine can trigger migraines...”

Multiple Sclerosis

...recommendation Histamine Therapy
“Dr. George Gillson, M.D., Ph.D., reports that after six weeks of treatment with histamine in 19 individuals with multiple sclerosis...”

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

...the condition
“...Both cimetidine and cyproheptadine (a serotonin and histamine antagonist) have weak anti-androgenic effects.”


...the condition
“...Pyroluria may occur along with other imbalances as seen in some subtypes of schizophrenia such as histapenia (low histamine), histadelia (high histamine), high copper levels or cerebral allergies...”


...the condition
“...sour cream, yogurt, citrus fruit, liver, chocolate, vanilla, soy sauce, yeast extract (though bread is OK), vinegar, eggplant, avocados, spinach, broad-leafed beans and pods, and foods high in histamine or niacin...”


...relationship to Pyroluria
“...(At least 10% of these also have histamine problems.)”
...relationship to Histapenia (Histamine Low)
“It has been found that 50% of patients classified as "schizophrenic" have low histamine levels in the blood and it rises to normal as they improve...”
...relationship to Allergy to Foods (Hidden)
“...Classical responses include creation of blood antibodies, histamine release, swelling, itching, runny nose, and others...”

Stinging Nettle

...as a treatment
“...These small sac-like structures contain amines such as histamine, as well as folic acid...”

Test for Inhalant Allergies

...as a treatment
“...Upon encountering an allergen, IgE activates special cells called mast cells, which in turn release chemicals called mediators – such as histamine, the chemical that causes redness and swelling...”

Test Histamine Levels

...as a treatment
Histamine is a chemical (neurotransmitter) responsible for numerous symptoms of allergic reaction...”

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

...as a treatment
“...orally as nicotinic acid, can produce redness, warmth, and itching over areas of the skin; this "niacin flush" usually occurs when doses of 50mg or more are taken and is a result of the release of histamine by the cells, which causes vasodilation...”
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