Definition of Cardiovascular:

Pertaining to the heart and blood vessels.

Topics Related to Cardiovascular

Acetyl-L-Carnitine a treatment
“...L-carnitine, aside from being an incredible anti-aging nutrient, also has shown benefit for multiple medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease such as angina and congestive heart failure, liver and kidney disease, obstructive lung disease, hypoglycemia, and many others...”

Aerobic Exercise Need

...the condition
“...Cardiovascular efficiency is increased, meaning that the heart and lungs are working better...”
...relationship to Vitamin E Requirement
“...relationship between tocopherol levels and levels of body fat may explain why this is a risk factor for coronary heart disease, due to vitamin E's role as an antioxidant and protective agent in cardiovascular disease...”
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More topics Related to Cardiovascular

Alcohol Consumption a treatment
“...The Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism wrote that "Numerous well-designed studies have concluded that moderate drinking is associated with improved cardiovascular health," and the Nutrition Committee of the American Heart Association reported that "The lowest mortality occurs in those who consume one or two drinks per day...”

Alcohol-related Problems

...our question about Your HDL cholesterol level
“Elevated levels of HDL cholesterol are generally considered to have a protective effect against cardiovascular disease.  However, very elevated levels can be a result of liver disease or chronic intoxication.”

Alfalfa a treatment
“...Cardiovascular Conditions: Heart disease, helps stop the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, stroke...”

Amino Acid Profile a treatment
“...can be discovered through an Amino Acid Profile include: protein inadequacy, gastrointestinal insufficiencies, inflammatory responses, vitamin and mineral dysfunctions, detoxification impairments, cardiovascular disease, ammonia toxicity, food and chemical sensitivities, depression, neurological dysfunction and inborn errors of metabolism.”

Aneurysm / Rupture

...relationship to Copper Deficiency
“Copper deficiency can contribute to some cardiovascular risks.  Aortic aneurysms may be a genetic condition related to a defect in the ability to store or absorb copper...”

Antioxidant Requirement

...the condition
“...So far, most evidence suggests that plant-derived food is protective against age-related diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, rather than ageing itself...”

Arjun a treatment
“...Although it has many uses, it is mainly used to treat cardiovascular diseases including angina pectoris, cardiomyopathy, and congestive heart failure...”


...recommendation TMG (Trimethylglycine)
“...In trials involving the administration of DMG at 125mg bid to over 400 cardiovascular patients, Dr. Pries reported major improvements in several areas including arrhythmias...”

Aspartame/Neotame Side-Effects

...the condition
“...That is over twice the level necessary to cause irreversible genetic damage in humans and several times the level shown to cause chronic neurological, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and other symptoms in long-term industrial exposure research...”

Aspirin a treatment
“...Aspirin also has a unique usefulness among the family of NSAIDs in that it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.  Low doses (100-300mg per day) can reduce by 30% the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke among patients who already have a history of these disorders; lower doses of...”


...recommendation Molybdenum
“Molybdenum may be useful in the treatment of certain cardiovascular conditions, asthma, allergies and mercury toxicity...”

Astragalus Root a treatment
“...In addition, the saponins in astragalus root may have an effect on cardiovascular disease.  Saponins have an anticoagulant effect that can prevent the development of blood clots that may lead to heart attacks and stroke...”


...the condition
“...Laboratory tests that indicate atherosclerosis (or complications thereof) The doctor will check the blood-sugar level for diabetes and additional tests indicating cardiovascular risk including total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, CRP, Lp(a), fibrinogen, and homocysteine...”
...recommendation Calming / Stretching Exercises
“Mind/body techniques, such as yoga, meditation, relaxation, and biofeedback show promise in increasing cardiovascular health.”
...recommendation Stress Management
Cardiovascular risk factors that most highly predicted carotid artery wall thickness scores were holding anger in, being self-aware and having hostile attitudes.”

Beetroot a treatment
“...Cholesterol levels also fall, decreasing the risk for many cardiovascular diseases.  Beet juice powder is a nutrient-rich food that is known to improve general circulation by inhibiting congestion of the vascular system...”

Birth Control Pill Issues

...the condition
“...Copper is generally increased and elevated copper is associated with an increased death from cardiovascular disease.  Copper and zinc tend to antagonistic, so an elevated copper level will result in a lower zinc status...”
...relationship to Coronary Disease / Heart Attack
“If you smoke, it should be noted that there is a synergistic effect between smoking, oral contraceptives and the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

Breast Cancer

...our question about Birth control pill use
“Statistics now show that the wide use of the Pill has given rise to health hazards such as breast cancer, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease on a scale previously unknown in medicine.”

Chelation Therapy a treatment
“...Chelation reduces the likelihood of complications from Type II plaque, the kind involved in most cardiovascular events, and improves circulation...”

Cholesterol Level Check a treatment
“...The USPSTF recommends screening beginning at age 20 for men and women with other risk factors for coronary heart disease, such as ... a family history of cardiovascular disease before age 50 in male relatives or age 60 in female relatives...”

Chromium Deficiency

...the condition
“...and this figure does not reflect other deaths that may be related to chromium deficiency, since high blood sugar levels seen in diabetes also increase the progression of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, our number one killer...”

Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia Syndrome

...recommendation against Aerobic Exercise
“...The added problem for CFS sufferers is that a sedentary lifestyle causes a range of other health problems including muscle wastage, loss of bone mass, and increased risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.  A person with CFS needs a gentle approach to physical activity and should only make tiny increases in the frequency, duration and intensity of their exercise program...”

Cigarette Smoke Damage

...the condition
“...Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in developed countries, and smoking is considered one of the major risk factors in its development...”
...relationship to Atherosclerosis
“...These chemicals are extremely damaging to the cardiovascular system.  Specifically, these chemicals are carried in the bloodstream on LDL cholesterol, where they either damage the lining of the arteries directly or they damage the LDL molecule...”

Cluster Headaches

...the condition
“...Calcium Channel Blockers Calcium channel blockers, typically used in treating cardiovascular conditions, are used to treat cluster headache episodes and chronic cluster headaches...”

Coffee a treatment
“...This suggests that other factors are at work in triggering the cardiovascular response.  Coffee/caffeine has beneficial effects on a number of conditions, including...”

Consequences of Poor Diet

...the condition
“...The annual economic impact of cardiovascular disease in the U.S. exceeds $80 billion, that of obesity exceeds $86 billion, osteoporosis $10 billion for care alone, cancer $104 billion, and cataract surgery $4 billion...”


...related topic
“...Copper deficiency leads to a variety of abnormalities, including anemia, skeletal defects, degeneration of the nervous system, reproductive failure, pronounced cardiovascular lesions, elevated blood cholesterol, impaired immunity and defects in the pigmentation and structure of hair...”

Copper Deficiency

...the condition
“...Reduced thyroid function, cardiovascular disease, increased cholesterol, uric acid and blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance, thrombosis, oxidative damage, skeletal defects related to bone demineralization and poor nerve...”

CoQ10 (Ubiquinone) a treatment
“...There has been much research done on this fat-soluble molecule in recent years in areas such as cardiovascular, periodontal, breast cancer, hypertension, and overall energy...”

Coronary Disease / Heart Attack

...the condition
“...There is a general misconception that cardiovascular disease affects only men, leading women to believe that they are not at risk...”
...our question about B-complex supplementation
“The B vitamins help prevent cardiovascular disease by reducing levels of homocysteine, which damages the arteries and promotes the buildup of plaque in the arteries (atherosclerosis)...”
...recommendation Bacteria / Pathogen Testing by PCR
“A Cardiovascular Disease Panel (Blood or Tissue Biopsy) can test for the presence of Chlamydia pneumoniae, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Helicobacter pylori, Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Human Herpes Virus 6...”
...recommendation Increased Fruit/Vegetable Consumption
“...The total number of deaths from cardiovascular disease was found to be significantly lower among men with high fruit consumption in one study...”
...recommendation Salt Intake Reduction
“Research suggests that people who reduce salt in their diet by about 3gm per day can reduce their chances of developing cardiovascular disease by a quarter.”


...related topic
“...It also helps regulate the body's use of protein, carbohydrates and fat; it helps maintain blood pressure and cardiovascular function; it prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation.”


...related topic
Cardiovascular Disease.”

Diabetes Type 1.5

...relationship to Coronary Disease / Heart Attack
“It is not clear yet if people with type 1.5 have the same high risk for cardiovascular problems as individuals with type 2.”

Diabetes Type II

...our question about Your muscle/body fat composition
“...In 2011 it was discovered that a gene called IRS1 – which keeps some people skinny – is linked to a raised risk of Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”
...relationship to Stroke
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of diabetes-related death...”
...relationship to Coronary Disease / Heart Attack
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of diabetes-related death...”

EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) Type 3 Requirement

...the condition
“...Omega-3 can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, inhibiting blood clots and preventing irregular heart rhythms...”

Effects of a High Fat Diet

...the condition
“...These nutritional errors have been linked to high cholesterol, breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, PMS, and headaches to name but a few...”

Elevated Homocysteine Levels

...the condition
“...S-Adenosylhomocysteine, which is the precursor of homocysteme, appears to be a more sensitive marker for differentiating cardiovascular patients from control subjects than homocysteine...”
...relationship to Premature/Signs of Aging
“...This included ... a 50% rise in deaths from cardiovascular disease...”

Erectile Dysfunction (ED, Impotence)

...the condition
“...Physical factors include ... Neurogenic disorders – multiple sclerosis, spinal cord lesions, pituitary microadenoma with hyperprolactinemia, and cardiovascular accident; drugs such as hypertensives, sedatives, Proscar (finasteride), tranquilizers, and amphetamines...”
...relationship to Coronary Disease / Heart Attack
“...According to Jacobsen, "We can't say that it is cause-and-effect, but erectile dysfunction is a marker for future events of cardiovascular disease."  Overall, men with a heart attack from 1979 to 1995 were 3.5 times more likely to have erectile dysfunction in 1996 than men who did not have a heart attack.”

Essential Fatty Acids a treatment
“...A delicate balance between PGs with opposing functions, in part determined by omega-6 and omega-3 intake, determines the health of our cardiovascular system.  Help transport cholesterol; Help generate the electrical currents that make our heart beat in an orderly sequence; Are precursors of derivatives such as DHA, which are needed by...”

Evening Primrose Oil a treatment
“...OEP is also believed by some to decrease the risk of other conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis...”

Excess Animal Fat Consumption

...the condition
“...Diets rich in whole, plant foods and low in animal fat consumption appear to provide protection against many serious health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.  These diets also appear to protect to varying degrees against Alzheimer's disease, dementia, Crohn's disease, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, premature aging, erectile...”

Fish Oils a treatment
“...It provides various health benefits, including lowering triglyceride levels, improving cardiovascular health, and treating kidney-related problems...”

Garlic a treatment
“...Both raw and cooked garlic seem to have cardiovascular, decongestive and anti-cancer benefits...”

General Mineral Requirement

...the condition
“...needed for the proper composition of body fluids, the formation of blood and bone, the maintenance of healthy nerve function, and the regulation of muscle tone, including that of the muscles of the cardiovascular system.  Like vitamins, minerals function as coenzymes, enabling the body to perform its functions, including energy production, growth, and healing...”

Ginger Root a treatment
“...Circulation: It helps to support a healthy cardiovascular system by making platelets less sticky, therefore reducing the likelihood of clots...”


...recommendation Aerobic Exercise
“If there are no other medical contraindications to exercise, nephrologists usually recommend a moderate-to-vigorous exercise program that stimulates the cardiovascular system, such as walking, swimming or cycling (stationary or otherwise)...”
...recommendation Conventional Drug Use
“...high blood pressure be followed rigorously, as high blood pressure itself further adds to the damage being caused in the kidneys, and it is an independent risk factor for ESRD (not to mention other cardiovascular complications)...”

Gotu Kola a treatment
“...Cardiovascular: Varicose veins; enhances perivascular sheath connective tissue, reducing sclerosis & improving blood flow; capillary fragility; hemorrhoids; anemia; phlebitis...”

Green Tea a treatment
“...Studies indicate that green tea may help protect against cancers of the lungs, skin, liver, pancreas and stomach; it also boosts cardiovascular health and may work as a weight-loss agent by increasing fat metabolism and regulating blood sugar and insulin levels...”

Growth Hormone Testing a treatment
“...However, ITT is not suitable in elderly or in patients with cardiovascular disease or seizure disorders...”

Gulf War Illness

...the condition
“...Symptoms include, but are not limited to, the following: Severe Headaches; Rashes; Joint Pain; Muscle Pain; Nerve/Neurological Damage; Kidney Damage; Lung Damage; Cardiovascular signs or symptoms; Thyroid Disease; Multiple Cancers; Auto-Immune Deficiencies; Unusual Fevers; Night Sweats; Fluid Buildup; Sleep Disturbances; Gastrointestinal signs or symptoms...”

Hawthorn Berry Extract a treatment
“...The action of these compounds on the cardiovascular system has led to the development of leaf and flower extracts...”

Heavy Metal Toxicity

...the condition
“...As an example of the scope of a heavy metal's toxicity, lead can affect the nervous system, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system, blood production, kidneys, and reproductive system...”

High Levels Of Triglycerides

...relationship to Coronary Disease / Heart Attack
“There are a group of studies clearly indicating that elevated triglycerides combined with low HDL (two abnormalities known to be caused by high insulin) are much more predictive of cardiovascular disease than either elevated total cholesterol or elevated LDL levels.”
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More topics Related to Cardiovascular

High Total Cholesterol

...recommendation Nut and Seed Consumption
“So-called "good fats" that come from raw nuts and seeds are an important part of protecting the cardiovascular system.  Pecans, for example, will lower total cholesterol, triglycerides, apolipoprotein B and lipoprotein(a)...”
...recommendation Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
“...Niacin may also be helpful by transforming small unprotective HDL particles into larger ones which do offer a protective effect to the cardiovascular system.”
...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“...Cardiovascular disease risk factors in free-living men: Comparison of two prudent diets, one based on lacto-ovo-vegetarianism and the other allowing lean meat...”

High-Density Lipoprotein

...related topic
“...Higher levels of HDLs are associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease because the cholesterol is cleared more readily from the blood.”

Hyperbaric Oxygen a treatment
“...The effects of Hyperbaric Treatments on the cardiovascular system include decreased heart rate, decreased cardiac output, possible slight increase in blood pressure and arterial vasoconstriction after load increases...”

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

...the condition
“...A 10mm Hg increase in pulse pressure was found to increase the risk of major cardiovascular complications and mortality by nearly 20%...”
...our question about Your muscle/body fat composition
“Being slim reduces the stress on our cardiovascular systems.”


...the condition
“...It may also be helpful for maintaining an adequate energy level, optimal cardiovascular status and some mental functions...”

Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)

...the condition
“ diseases such as central nervous system disorders, for example Shy-Drager syndrome; peripheral neuropathy and autonomic neuropathy (nerve problems), such as may be caused by diabetes mellitus; cardiovascular disorders; nutritional diseases amyloidosis; vitamin deficiencies; spinal cord injuries; Adrenal failure (Addisonian crisis); and neuropathies associated with cancer, particularly lung...”

IP6 - Inositol Hexaphosphate a treatment
“...For individuals with a high risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, kidney stones, etc., 2-4gm per day...”

Kelp a treatment
“...Cardiovascular Disease: Prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy heart and keeping your weight is recommended, so that not being obese prevents heart attacks and high blood pressure...”

LDL/HDL Ratio, High

...the condition
“HDL and LDL are two different types of cholesterol that are measured as an index of a patient's risk for cardiovascular disease.  HDL stands for high-density lipoprotein and LDL stands for low-density lipoprotein...”

Low DHEA Level

...the condition
“...DHEA has demonstrated protective effects for various cancers and is often effective for age-related issues such as sharper memory, enhanced immune function, energy, smooth skin, tired muscles, cardiovascular health, accelerated weight loss, and it may increase HDL...”

Low-Density Lipoprotein

...related topic
“...Higher levels of LDLs are associated with a greater risk of cardiovascular disease.”

L-Taurine a treatment
“...Most of the supplemental uses of taurine are related to cardiovascular or muscle conditions...”

Maca a treatment
“...Maca is rich in iron and helps restore red blood cells, which in turn helps with anemia and cardiovascular diseases.  It keeps bones and teeth healthy and allows wounds to heal more quickly...”

Macular Degeneration

...recommendation L-Glutathione
“...When taking into consideration other variables such as smoking, age, cardiovascular disease and multivitamin use, depletion of glutathione by itself was thought to be a major contributing factor behind macular degeneration...”

Magnesium a treatment
“...Magnesium is involved in several hundred enzymatic reactions, being required for cardiovascular function and the conversion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to energy...”

Magnesium Malate a treatment
“Magnesium is an essential mineral needed by every cell of your body to help maintain normal cardiovascular, muscle, nerve, bone, and cellular function...”

Megaloblastic Anemia / Pernicious Anemia

...the condition
“...The result is vitamin B12 deficiency, which gradually affects sensory and motor nerves, causing neurological, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular problems.  Folic acid anemia occurs when folic-acid levels are low, usually due to inadequate dietary intake or faulty absorption...”

Menopausal Issues

...relationship to Syndrome X / Metabolic Syndrome
“...Left unchecked, these imbalances often become self-perpetuating, thus stimulating further weight gain and metabolic dysfunction that eventually increases the risk of syndrome X, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers...”

Mercury Toxicity (Amalgam Illness)

...recommendation Molybdenum
“Molybdenum may be useful in the treatment of certain cardiovascular conditions, asthma, allergies and mercury toxicity.”

Molybdenum a treatment
“Molybdenum is an essential trace mineral and may be useful in the treatment of certain cardiovascular conditions, asthma, allergies and mercury toxicity...”

Myasthenia Gravis

...recommendation Aerobic Exercise
“Available literature indicates that patients with myasthenia gravis may benefit from both a strengthening as well as an aerobic/cardiovascular fitness program...”

NADH a treatment
“...There is preliminary evidence suggesting that NADH might be useful in Parkinson's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular disease.  Reports that NADH may stimulate endogenous dopamine biosynthesis have led to its experimental use in Parkinson's disease...”

Non-Aerobic Exercise / Weight Training a treatment
“...The cardiovascular and respiratory systems feed our working muscles with oxygen-filled blood that is eventually fueled by body fat...”

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

...the condition
“...Patients suffer from both sleep fragmentation (frequent arousal) and the recurrent lack of oxygen with possible cardiovascular complications...”

Ochronosis / Alkaptonuria

...the condition
“...The outward signs are the ocular (eye) and the skin pigmentations, the genitourinary calculi (stones) and cardiovascular ochronosis (especially the aortic valve)...”

Osteoporosis - Osteopenia

...the condition
“...Dr Sanjeev Patel, Department of Rheumatology, St George's Hospital, London, says that long-term estrogens are still the mainstay of treatment but the risks of breast cancer versus the cardiovascular and skeletal benefits have to be assessed in each individual...”


...the condition
“...Roughly 4% (1-in-25) of older adults are potentially at risk of major drug-drug interactions, with cardiovascular medications posing the bulk of the risk, new data show...”

Parsley a treatment
“ used by women who are pregnant (because of its potential uterotonic effects), breastfeeding or expecting to become pregnant, by those who have other health problems such as high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, or by individuals with liver or kidney problems...”

Platelet Aggregation (Clotting)

...the condition
“...Platelet aggregation can contribute to cardiovascular disease which is the number one cause of death in the western world...”
...relationship to Atherosclerosis
“Excessive platelet aggregation has been linked with the development of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular conditions.”

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

...relationship to Coronary Disease / Heart Attack
“...Surprisingly, the increased risk was found to be independent of obesity, supporting the argument that insulin resistance alone is important in determining cardiovascular risk...”

Postmenopausal Issues

...the condition
“...After age 50, nearly half of all deaths in women are caused by some form of cardiovascular disease.  Nearly twice as many women die from heart disease as die from breast cancer; it is speculated that estrogen protects women from heart disease...”
...relationship to Coronary Disease / Heart Attack
“Certain risks to cardiovascular health begin around the time of menopause, and rapidly increase after menopause...”

Problems Associated With A Sedentary Lifestyle

...the condition
“...up and walking for as little as a minute – reduced biomarkers such as large waist circumference, elevated triglyceride levels and increased insulin resistance, which are linked to heightened cardiovascular disease and may also boost risk of various cancers...”
...relationship to Coronary Disease / Heart Attack
“...It found a 48% increased risk of all-cause mortality and an approximately 125% increase in risk of cardiovascular events among those spending more than four hours a day in front of a screen, and also suggests that even two hours of screen time each day may place someone at greater risk for a...”

Problems Caused By Being Overweight

...relationship to Coronary Disease / Heart Attack
“Even if you never become diabetic, high levels of insulin contribute to cardiovascular risk by increasing the process of atherosclerosis...”
...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“...J Human Nutr 1981;35: pp.437-41; Rouse IL, Armstrong BK, Beilin LJ, Vandongen R. Vegetarian diet, blood pressure and cardiovascular risk.  Aust NZ J Med 1984;14: pp.439-43”
...recommendation DHEA
“...At the same time, their LDL levels fell by 7.5% to confer protection against cardiovascular disease.  7-Keto DHEA does not become converted to sex hormones as DHEA does...”


...the condition
“...These drugs are used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease because of their ability to dilate the blood vessels...”

Salt Sensitivity

...the condition
“...About 21% died of cardiovascular or other causes during the 25-year study...”
...relationship to Coronary Disease / Heart Attack
“...Hypertension and salt sensitivity are independent risk factors for cardiovascular disease.”

Selenium Requirement

...the condition
“...] Other research has found effects of correcting selenium deficiency on mental status, tiredness, and mood – and possibly on cardiovascular disease, although findings here have been mixed, perhaps because some of the trials included very few people with selenium deficiency...”

Soy Isoflavones a treatment
“...Soy isoflavones have antioxidant properties which protect the cardiovascular system from oxidation of LDL (the bad) cholesterol...”

Spicy Foods Avoidance a treatment
“...Those suffering from the following medical conditions should avoid spicy foods: Hypertension and cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease...”


...the condition
“...Selye identified 'diseases of adaptation' which include, amongst others, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, peptic ulcer, hyperthyroidism and asthma...”
...relationship to Atherosclerosis
“...Although researchers are careful not to say that stress causes atherosclerosis, the evidence clearly points to cardiovascular reactivity to stress as an atherosclerotic risk factor of the same magnitude as smoking, hypertension, insulin resistance, and elevated cholesterol levels...”


...our question about your height (male)
“...However, numerous studies suggest that factors determinant of adult height – such as fetal nutrition, illness or socioeconomic background – also play a role in cardiovascular health and therefore risk of stroke...”

Test for Cardiac Risk Factors a treatment
“If you are at increased or uncertain cardiovascular risk, there are many additional tests beyond the basic cholesterol levels and stress EKGs that can predict the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke...”

Test Melatonin Levels a treatment
“...Melatonin has a pivotal role in regulating body temperature, the sleep-wake cycle, female reproductive hormones, and cardiovascular function.  It can also serve as a chronobiological indicator of the aging process because of its important antioxidant contributions...”

Test Serum Uric Acid Levels a treatment
“...Cardiovascular Disease Although uric acid can act as an antioxidant, excess serum accumulation is often associated with cardiovascular disease...”

The Effects Of Overtraining

...our question about Your HDL cholesterol level
“...It is unlikely that there are any negative effects from this elevation, only cardiovascular benefits.”

Therapeutic Fasting a treatment
“...Conditions responding to fasting include: Headaches, hypoglycemia, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, acne and eczema, tinnitus, vertigo, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, cervical dysplasia, chronic neck and back pain, polymyalgia rheumatica, and many others...”

TMG (Trimethylglycine) a treatment
“...Cardiovascular: Reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels, helps eliminate hypoxia, improves coronary circulation, decreases angina pain...”

Tryptophan / 5HTP a treatment
“...Serotonin has many profoundly important functions, including a role in sleep, appetite, memory, learning, temperature regulation, mood, sexual behavior, cardiovascular function, muscle contraction, and endocrine regulation...”

Urinary Retention

...the condition
“...Diabetes Mellitus, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Pernicious Anemia, Poliomyelitis, Spinal cord injury, Syphilitic infection of the spinal cord; Conditions affecting the brain, including Cardiovascular Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Tumor, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, Parkinson's Disease; Conditions affecting the spinal cord, including Intervertebral Disc Disease, Spina Bifida...”

Vascular Dementia

...the condition
“...Because the cardiovascular system is responsible for delivering blood to the brain, many of the risk factors that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease also increase the risk of vascular dementia – for...”

Vitamin B1 Requirement

...the condition
“...Beriberi can affect the cardiovascular system (wet beriberi) and the nervous system (dry beriberi)...”

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) a treatment
“...Nicotinic acid works rapidly, particularly in its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.  It stimulates circulation and for this reason may be helpful in treating leg cramps caused by circulatory deficiency; headaches, especially the migraine type; and Meniere's...”

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) a treatment
“...A deficiency in pantothenic acid affects the adrenal gland, the immune system, the cardiovascular system as well as the overall metabolism of lipids...”

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) a treatment
“...The recent understanding of the use of B6 (as well as folic acid) in the reduction of high homocysteine levels (an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease) can also be added to the benefits of P5P...”

Vitamin E a treatment
“...It is the king of cardiovascular nutrients...”

Weight Loss a treatment
“...Aerobics not only help to reduce body fat but also improve cardiovascular conditioning...”

Zinc Requirement

...the condition
“...PGs are vital to numerous body functions including, for example: the function of the immune system; the expression and control of inflammation; skin and wound healing; function of the heart and cardiovascular system; absorption of various minerals; body temperature control and the important functions of fertility, conception, and delivery of the infant...”
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