Definition of Poultice:

Soft mass prepared by moistening botanicals or other absorbent substances with oil or water, usually applied hot to the skin.

Topics Related to Poultice

Boils, Abscesses, Carbuncles

...recommendation Goldenseal
“The application of a paste or poultice containing goldenseal root is sometimes recommended on the grounds that goldenseal helps to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation.”


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More topics Related to Poultice


...as a treatment
“...The fresh plant or juice is used as a medicinal poultice for wounds, ulcers and many other skin problems...”


...as a treatment
“...To use the leaves as a poultice just crush them and apply to the wound...”


...as a treatment
“...Fenugreek seeds are "Approved" by the German Commission E to stimulate appetite, and externally (poultice) for soothing inflammations...”
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More topics Related to Poultice


...as a treatment
“...Poultice The poultice is the external application of herbs to treat wounds, infections and muscular, joint, skin or glandular conditions...”


...as a treatment
“...A poultice of the dried powdered leaves and stems has been used to relieve the pain of rheumatic joints...”


...as a treatment
“...Phyllanthus has a wide number of traditional uses: employing the whole plant for jaundice, gonorrhea, frequent menstruation, and diabetes and using it topically as a poultice for skin ulcers, sores, swelling, and itchiness...”
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