Definition of Hemorrhage:

Profuse blood flow; massive bleeding.

Also: Hemorrhaging

Topics Related to Hemorrhage

A Potentially Urgent Medical Need

...our question about Severity of current neck pain
“Severe neck pain can indicate a potentially life-threatening condition, such as meningitis, encephalitis or a subarachnoid hemorrhage.”

Addison's Disease

...the condition
“...There are also several less common causes of Addison's disease ... Rarely, hemorrhage into the adrenals during shock...”
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More topics Related to Hemorrhage

Alzheimer's Disease

...the condition
“...Aside from ruling out problems such as stroke, tumor, hemorrhage or hydrocephalus, they also show any signs of brain shrinkage typical of Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia...”

Aneurysm / Rupture

...relationship to Potassium Need
“...It is possible that this association may also extend to aneurysms and subarachnoid hemorrhage in addition to stroke...”


...the condition
“...Sometimes a hemorrhage, probably produced by migrating worms, is present and of diagnostic value...”

Bariatric Surgery Complications

...the condition
“...Laparoscopic gastric bypass patients have increased risk of bowel obstruction, gastrointestinal tract hemorrhage, and stomal stenosis...”


...the condition
“...patients have skin-related symptoms such as nodules, abscesses, eruptions, scaly skin patches, lesions that resemble impetigo, psoriasis or eczema, rashes, red or purple patches caused by capillary hemorrhage, and eye involvement including cataracts...”

Cigarette Smoke Damage

...relationship to Aneurysm / Rupture
“278 consecutive patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage were compared with 314 hospitalized control patients...”

Cold Applications (Cryotherapy)

...as a treatment
“...This constriction decreases blood flow and cell metabolism, which can limit hemorrhage and cell death in an acute traumatic injury...”

Colon Cancer

...the condition
“...Complications can include intestinal hemorrhage, peritonitis due to perforation, obstruction of the colon.”

Compartment Syndrome

...the condition
“...Complications due to surgery have been reported in 11-13% of cases and include hemorrhage, wound breakdown, complications from anesthesia, and postoperative infection...”

Diverticular Disease

...the condition
“...Possible complications include Intestinal hemorrhage; Peritonitis due to perforation; Obstruction of colon; Pyelonephritis or cystitis due to inflammation from adherent diverticulitis.”


...the condition
“...to compensate for quickly assuming an upright position; Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), which causes decreased blood supply to the brain, heart and other organs; Internal bleeding or hemorrhage, which may go unnoticed; Prolonged bed rest, causing weakness, loss of ability to compensate for assuming an upright position; Endocrine diseases – Hormone-producing organs such as the...”

Dyspepsia / Poor Digestion

...the condition
“...Generally caused by repeated vomiting or retching (repetitive contractions of the abdominal muscles), it can cause profuse hemorrhaging.  Esophageal Stricture: Narrowing of the esophagus due to scar tissue, resulting in difficulty swallowing...”

Ectopic Pregnancy

...the condition
“...If left untreated, an ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening: tubal or uterine rupture can lead to massive hemorrhage, shock, disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (DIC), and possible death...”


...the condition
“...In severe cases, however, the infection can have devastating effects, including the following ... Bleeding within the brain (intercerebral hemorrhage)...”

Folic Acid Deficiency

...the condition
“...Toxemia of pregnancy, premature birth, and hemorrhage are all possible in addition to the anemia of the mother...”

Gastric/Peptic/Duodenal Ulcers

...the condition
“...Hemorrhage – acute, normocytic anemia, chronic, microcytic hypochromic anemia; occult blood in stool...”

Hookworm Infection

...the condition
“...This causes local hemorrhaging at the site...”
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More topics Related to Hemorrhage

Hyperbaric Oxygen

...as a treatment
“...by HBO treatment, with symptoms, include ... Middle ear – Eustachian tube occluded, failure to equalize pressure within middle ear space (Edema, rupture, or retraction of tympanic membrane, hemorrhage)...”

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

...the condition
“...An untreated or poorly-treated hypertensive patient is at great risk of disabling or fatal left-sided heart failure, heart attack, stroke (cerebral hemorrhage or infarction), severe circulatory problems, or kidney failure at an early age...”


...as a treatment
“...An infusion or decoction of the root has been used as a diuretic in the treatment of kidney complaints and also to treat internal hemorrhaging, and diarrhea...”

Macular Degeneration

...recommendation Bilberry
“...It also strengthens capillaries in the retina and reduces hemorrhaging.  An oral dose is in the range of 40 to 80mg (24% anthocyanosides) per day.”

Menorrhagia (Heavy Periods)

...recommendation Shepherd's Purse
“Shepherd's purse has a long history of oral use in the management of obstetric and gynecologic hemorrhage.  Uncontrolled studies have found intravenous and intramuscular injections to be effective in cases of menorrhagia that are due to functional abnormalities and fibroids...”

Myelodysplastic Syndrome

...the condition
“...Symptoms of MDS are nonspecific but include ... Thrombocytopenia (low platelet count): increased susceptibility to bleeding, bruising, and subcutaneous hemorrhaging leading to purpura or petechia...”


...the condition
“...The causes of nerve pathology include ... Vascular (blockage of a vessel or hemorrhage into nerve tissue)...”

Oregon Grape Root

...as a treatment
“...The root soaked in warm beer was said be helpful for cases of hemorrhaging and jaundice...”


...related topic
“A peptide hormone from the pituitary that stimulates lactation; used to induce labor, manage postpartum hemorrhage, and reduce painful breast engorgement.”

Pituitary Tumor

...the condition
“...For example, a pituitary tumor can present like a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is a kind of stroke...”

Poor Cerebral Circulation

...the condition
“...Disruptions to the brain's blood circulation include cerebral hemorrhage, thrombosis, embolism, or subarachnoid hemorrhage...”


...the condition
“...This can lead to bleeding (hemorrhage) and fluids, cells, and proteins leaking into the area (exudates)...”

Shepherd's Purse

...as a treatment
“...Shepherd's purse is used to stop heavy bleeding and hemorrhaging, particularly from the uterus...”

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

...the condition
“A subarachnoid hemorrhage occurs when bleeding from a damaged blood vessel causes an accumulation of blood at the surface of the brain...”

Subphrenic Abscess

...the condition
“...Risk factors for secondary subphrenic abscess include ... trauma resulting in perforation of any abdominal organ, or hemorrhage, for example due to a motor vehicle accident...”


...as a treatment
“...Patients contemplating surgery should be advised of the possibility of experiencing complications, such as the following ... Hemorrhage (bleeding) during surgery (intraoperative) or after surgery (postoperative)...”

Vascular Dementia

...the condition
“...Other causes of vascular dementia include ... lesions caused by a brain hemorrhage...”

Whooping Cough (Pertussis)

...the condition
“...Other possible complications resulting from whooping cough include pneumonia, permanent seizure disorder, ear infections, brain damage due to lack of oxygen, cerebral hemorrhage, or mental retardation...”
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