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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between August and September, 2018

1701 Peter Benson, Clunes, Victoria, AustraliaAugust, 2018

Very smart site - will be of great benefit in diagnosing illnesses both existing and indicated for the future.

I would like to discuss the possibility of promoting your service in Australia as I believe it is a service that will assist the medical profession - if you would like to discuss the possibility please contact me to arrange a discussion.

I commend your concept and appreciate the work you have undertaken to create this process.


1702 Victoria Peterson, Kyle, TX, United StatesAugust, 2018

I appreciate all you are doing on this platform :)

1703 Joseph Burns, Los Angeles, CA, United StatesAugust, 2018

Nice thorough questions

1704 Dianne Canning, Brampton, Ontario, CanadaAugust, 2018

I realize that you sent me this report an entire year ago, but I would really, please, like to have it reinstated as it is very helpful. I have found that some aspects of my health are a bit overwhelming, so tend to read sections of the report and try to come to terms with the possibilities before going on.
Please let me know if there is anything I need to do in order to reinstate my file.
Thank you very much
All the best

1705 Peter Hirsch, Havant, Hampshire, England, UKSeptember, 2018

Very impressed at the thoroughness of your questionnaire. You ask the most pertinent questions. I am very impressed by the level of service. Thank you for replying so comprehensively.

I note this email is headed "Support Request". It is, rather, an offer to support you!

I came to this site and completed your questionnaire because the medical practice I use is overloaded. I do not have a doctor! I might see any of several. I almost never see the same doctor twice - partly because I seldom need to see a doctor anyway. The doctor I do see has just 10 short minutes for me. The consultation is rushed - it has to be, for there are so many patients for her/him and their colleagues to see. The attention is therefore impersonal and the consultation feels inadequate and unsatisfactory. But they do their best - all of them - and work long hours to serve their patients as best they can. If I could help them, I would.

And having completed your questionnaire, perhaps I can. The problems afflicting the National Health Service practice I use are replicated in most if not all the National Health Service (NHS) practices in the United Kingdom. If it is possible for your expert system to be used by the practice that serves me, it could be used by all the others.

Your expert system could improve diagnostics, provide best-practice recommendations, optimise record keeping to an international standard, improve the odds of treatment being optimal, reduce the stress on and reduce the vulnerability of medical practitioners to error and patients to their mistakes.

I am long retired - but I used to be a consulting engineer and business and IT consultant. I am familiar with the problem and discipline of devising expert systems. From what I have seen of the input side of yours, am impressed. The medical practice I use is trying hard to introduce computer aided care. It should be possible to offer your Analyst system as a front-end to making an appointment, with the doctor being furnished with the analysis before he sees his patient. Perhaps then the ten minutes of the appointment would yield more relevant and effective results.

Yours truly,

Peter Hirsch

--and later--

I write to acknowledge and thank you for Dr Fisel's report. I have read it and am impressed both with the report itself and the presentation of the supplementary material. To receive so much relevant information so quickly is praiseworthy! Please pass my thanks to Dr Fisel and tell him the diet starts today!

Yours sincerely,

Peter Hirsch

1706 Kimberly Cinnella, Atlanta, Georgia, USASeptember, 2018

Excellent questionnaire; obviously very thorough.

1707 Mike Cotton, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United KingdomSeptember, 2018

I have recieved my report back and it is quite eye opening to see me at 34 years of age withall these issues and potential issues and what they can lead to in the future.

Anyway thanks Dr Matthew Frisel for the very comprehensive report and I am going to get this HANDLED to ensure I am able to enjoy life because without health we have nothing.

Mike Cotton

1708 Felix Kimutai, Nakuru, Nakuru, KenyaSeptember, 2018

I liked the questions, they cover almost everything that I wanted to ask the doctor, I can say this website is perfect.

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