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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between July and September, 2017

1601 Michael Bubenyak, San Francisco, California, USAJuly, 2017

Very impressive intake questionnaire and the questions are so comprehensive I feel I am in a much better situation to speak with a medical provider about my health, both overall and the specifics.  And I have a much greater understanding of what is right and wrong with me and a sense of were I need to improve and/or look into further with professional help and guidance.

1602 Peter Kanyuk, New City, New York, United StatesJuly, 2017

Thank You Dr. Fisel!

      After presenting my doctor your information, he did a thyroid test and it was way off. 16 weeks on levathyroid and seeing my old self again.

          Bless You!

                   Peter Kanyuk

1603 Dana Warren, Aiken, SC, USAJuly, 2017

Impressed with extensive questionnaire. I feel I have given you information I have failed to provide to other doctors because they never asked.

1604 Antonette Valiukas, Sedona, Arizona, USAJuly, 2017

(Returning after more than 11 years...)

Thank you for being there.  I used your program several years ago.  I was glad to see you are still here.

1605 Ivan Kurtz, Penney Farms, Florida, USAJuly, 2017

Very impressed with your service.

--and later--

I really appreciate your service, learned a lot. I intend to utilize more of your services.

--and later--

(To his reviewing doctor:) I want to thank you for your summary report of my survey and the Analyst analysis on the state of my health. I have made an appointment with my physician ... [redacted]

Again, thanks so much for your thoughtful guidance. I will report to you in approximately 2 or 3 months to let you know how I am doing and what I've changed per your recommendations.

Sincerely, Ivan Kurtz

1606 Susan Vazzano, Crystal Lake, Illinois, United StatesJuly, 2017

Thank you for your thoughtful questionnaire.

1607 Amy Jones, NC, USAJuly, 2017

Very thorough, well organized. :-)

1608 Mary Darroch, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, United KingdomJuly, 2017

(She previously received reports from us in 2005 and 2012:) You diagnosed breast cancer several years ago and it gave me the confidence to pursue the hospital for a correct diagnosis so you have already probably saved my life!

1609 Randall Krug, Champaign, Illinois, USAJuly, 2017

I just completed this questionnaire and believe it to be comprehensive, confidential and meaningful.  With the continual improvements in technology, I can visualize your questionnaire becoming a cornerstone of healthcare.  Very well done! I've sent it to my friends and colleagues.  Is there anything I can do to support or help your initiatives?  Thanks for a valuable resource.

1610 Ronnie Hydrick, Newberry, South Carolina, USAJuly, 2017

i appreciate the report.i'm surprised i would be the type guy that would send the 77.00 for an opinion.

thanks for your comments doctor.
  ronnie hydrick

1611 Vinayak Joshi, New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaJuly, 2017

I chanced upon your website. I think it is brilliant.

1612 Charlotte Moore, Desert Hot Springs, CA, USAAugust, 2017

Thank you for this service.

1613 Dianne Canning, Brampton, Ontario, CanadaAugust, 2017

You seem very thorough :-)

1614 Denise Knox, Clarks Green, Pennsylvania, United StatesAugust, 2017

Hello Dr. Johnson,
Thank you very much for your thorough review.  I have read the entire report and will be taking your suggestions very seriously.
[...Questions redacted...]
Thanks again for your excellent report.
Denise Knox

1615 Gilbert Jorgensen, Sandy, Utah, USAAugust, 2017

Very impressed with the nutrition-related questions!

1616 Cathy Visoskis, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USAAugust, 2017

you are very thorough

1617 Corinne Sikora, Alberta, CanadaAugust, 2017

I really appreciate the in depth report that [the reviewing doctor] wrote and appreciate her time and thoroughness of her recommendations.

Thank you,


--and later--

Dear Dr. Gozum:

Thank you for the very detailed review of my health questionnaire.  I really appreciate you taking the time to address in detail my medical issues and giving me your suggestions for a healthier lifestyle.  I will take you suggestions seriously.

Corinne Sikora

1618 Sharon Adams, Kingshill, St. Croix, USVI, Virgin Islands (US)August, 2017

Thanks for the report. Keep up the good works and thanks again.

1619 Shlomi Nahari, Jerusalem, IsraelSeptember, 2017

Thank you for this service!

1620 Laraine Murphy-Erickson, Jonestown, TX, United StatesSeptember, 2017

Dr. K. Gozum, MD,

Thank you so very much for your thorough and well rounded interpretation of my lengthy and detailed report. I'm very grateful to have found this website.

Thank you for your time and assessment, it will be invaluable as I seek quality care from a DO as opposed to returning to the underperforming allopathic doctors that allowed my illnesses to thrive rather than admit limitations. I have a great respect for internationally trained physicians like you who are not denied adequate education regarding emerging and infectious illness.
Again, I truly thank you.

Sincerely, Laraine

--and later--

Thank you again for all your help using your wonderful site. I have already referred your site to friends and family, they noticed an optimism I haven't presented in a very long time. That alone is priceless.

Thanks for being patient, a characteristic that I find lacking in the medical community as of late.

Wishing you continued success!

Sincerely grateful,

--and later--

Thank you for your understanding!!!!
Interacting with you has actually helped me alot, particularly your incredible customer care & support!
Too many of your clients feel like they've been neglected by the time they find your service. You single-handedly make a terrifying ordeal a pleasant one.

--and later--

This is one of the most practical tools I have ever had in dealing with the medical community at Large. Having an undiagnosed illness for the better of 5 months with all the documentation available, had anybody bothered to look, diagnose me gave me a user-friendly and practical overview of my multiple symptoms and their possible connections with varying illnesses in order of most immediate issues to be addressed including all the possible illnesses you should have tested for elimination.

Outstanding customer service and care. They appear to have unlimited patience and I have already referred them to many who can use their services intelligently and responsibly. If you are one of the people like myself who feel they have fallen through the cracks within their own providers system, so if you feel as though your needs are not being addressed or met, do yourself the enormous favor of allowing the analyst to do the job it would take your regular MD at least a month to do.

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