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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between June and August, 2018

1681 Laura Cady, Berea, Ohio, United StatesJune, 2018

Thank you for the ease of this site. It is a nice alternative to usual doctor visits.

1682 George Swinford, Savannah, Georgia, USAJune, 2018

I have to say, your site is very easy to use.  Others are not.

1683 Laryssa McCardy, Ontario, CanadaJune, 2018

Thank you very much for the prompt response and service, I really appreciate it. This analysis is quite invaluable.

1684 Mariya Harizanova, Sofia, BulgariaJune, 2018

I am amazed and grateful I can receive medical help in such way.

1685 Alain Jousset, High Level, Alberta, CanadaJune, 2018

I like the detail and the feature of adding notes to questions to fill in gaps the questions don't give you

1686 Martin Greenidge, Westmoreland, BarbadosJune, 2018

Thank you, a very detailed questionnaire.

1687 Donald Merker, Mazatlan, MexicoJune, 2018

I am impressed.  Very good follow-up.

1688 James Haney, Canton, Georgia, USAJune, 2018

Very thorough and excellent questions.  Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

1689 Sue Cristoforo, Pembroke Pines, FL, USAJune, 2018

This was a very comprehensive survey!  Really appreciated it.

1690 Freddy William, TX, United StatesJuly, 2018

Excellent questionaries to gather data!

1691 Mike Woods, Loveland, Colorado, USAJuly, 2018

Questionnaire works well. I welcomed questions that would not come from mainstream medicine.

1692 Tom Taormina, Reno, NV, United StatesJuly, 2018

The report is overwhelming. It will take some time to evaluate.

Thank you.

1693 Carol Wowchuck, Flemington, NJ, USAJuly, 2018

I was amazed and pleased to see how thorough this was!

1694 Anita Harrison, Albuquerque, NM, USAJuly, 2018

I like how in depth this questionnaire is.

1695 Heather Shepherd, Carlisle, United KingdomJuly, 2018

I appreciate the service you provide, since British doctors tend to treat symptoms not causes.

1696 Joseph Marrone, Sebastopol, CA, United StatesAugust, 2018


1697 Donna Charman, Bristol, United KingdomAugust, 2018

This indeed is a comprehensive report

1698 Sierra Imhoff, Mentor On The Lake, Ohio, United StatesAugust, 2018

I really liked the in-depthness of the diagnostic test

1699 Mike Bloom, CA, USAAugust, 2018

I'm positively surprised by how advanced the questionnaire really is.

1700 Janice Sonjara, Sarasota, Florida, USAAugust, 2018

Great to have a source to evaluate health outside of doctor office with no time to look at whole body picture. More interested in correction root cause than addressing symptoms.

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