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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between January, 2020 and April, 2021

1741 Robert Stephens, Melbourne, FL, USJanuary, 2020

My doctor was amazed about your service and the ANALYST DIANOSIS PROGRAM.  So if you will please send to me your contact number.  He would like to talk to you.

1742 Jane Kavanagh, Montreal, CanadaJanuary, 2020

I absolutely love this idea. The specialist era has resulted in so many drug complications/injuries. Drs who specialize dont have the time to see the 'whole' patient. I am very interested to see my report.

1743 Lisa Hilbish, Lexington, South Carolina, United StatesJanuary, 2020

Would like to let you know how very much impressed I am with your service. Not only the excellent customer service but the price and comprehensive knowledge of ones health.

1744 Ed Maguire, Norman, OK, USAJanuary, 2020

This is really amazing. I tried to hide or low ball thjngs and it is pretty clear. Thank you.

1745 Jim Oliver, Pacifica, CA, United StatesJanuary, 2020

I'm very impressed with the whole process

1746 Elaine F Speid, Bronx, New York, USAApril, 2020

Overall very detailed and comprehensive.

1747 Ms. Kerry Jolene Sarah, South AfricaApril, 2020

thank you so much
this has been very helpful and informative

1748 Kathryn Omond, Picton, New ZealandJuly, 2020

Very comprehensive survey.

1749 Maya Green, Fairbanks, AK, USAAugust, 2020

Thank you, even just the questions were useful for doing a sort of mental catalogue.

1750 Andrew Black, Kallangur, Queensland, AustraliaOctober, 2020

Great idea. Getting a diagnosis for anything in Australia is impossible. Most doctors apathetic. We need sites like this.

1751 Jennifer Wells, Las Vegas, NV, USAOctober, 2020


1752 Lea Minshull, London, UKNovember, 2020

Thanks for this amazing site

1753 Pauline Sweeting, USAJanuary, 2021

You're report was very helpful

1754 Christopher S Leonard, Miami/Dade County, Florida, United StatesFebruary, 2021

This report has been way more helpful compared to my last visit with a specialist that cost me $800 just for initial visit and offered only pharma pain killers and injections as only solution which as this report gives alternative natural options.  Thank you for your precious time out of your busy schedule, has been a great help to me!

Christopher S Leonard

1755 Leonora Kus, Istanbul, TurkeyMarch, 2021

I love your website. After I recover from this situation, I want to translate your website to Turkish and make an AI integrated app with it if it is possible/you allow me. I appreciate this tool and I want to help other people by shortening the diagnosis time or eliminating human error as much as possible. Thank you.

1756 Albert Polak, Katowice, PolandMarch, 2021

Good morning,

I am sincerely thankful for your services and the answers I have gotten from Dr Matthew Fisel!

Thank you, Doctor, for all your help!

Have a very blessed Easter!

Sincerely yours,
Albert Polak

1757 Ms. Gini Boucher, MA, USAApril, 2021

Easy to Use, looking forward to report.

1758 Yvonne Wright, Kent, United KingdomApril, 2021

Thank you so so much

1759 Erika Schollum, Hastings, Hawke's Bay, New ZealandApril, 2021

Hi thanks for all that. Lots of things I needed to hear, some need a bit of direction.

1760 Amelia Hoogkamer, Santa Ovaia, Coimbra, PortugalApril, 2021

I am ordering another report because I have received (above exceptional) reports from you twice going back years.

I am grateful you are still around. What a fantastic service. If only doctors would ask all these questions, we might all be able to become healthier. But, .... less profit..... Thank you so much!!!!!! 💕💕

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