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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between January and February, 2010

921 Krissy M., Arizona, USAJanuary, 2010

I am delighted that someone has given me some possibilities to pursue. I am following your recommendations for follow ups/[list of specialists] treatments. Thank you.

Again, many thanks to your holistic approach as western medicine has not helped me. The typical prescribe me something for my symptoms rather than getting to the root of the problem has cost me far too much time, money, and reduction in my quality of life. I feel this is a significant turning point in my life!

--and 6 months later--

(To her reviewing doctor:) I had an analysis done from you almost a half a year ago; reference #1166930.  I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your expert analysis. It was critical in providing me with the direction I needed to go with obtaining alternative healthcare as well as a conventional aproach.

First and foremost, your idea to see a kinesiologist has been priceless. Dr. Mark Force here in Scottsdale AZ has balanced me with acupuncture, built me back up with natural supplements and celtic salt, and has adjusted and strengthened my back for me. He has taught me the importance of self care and has been a life changing catalyst for me.

Although I did not have a haietal hernia, my primary issue was as you suspected, food allergies. Oddly, my pain in the right side is my body's way of telling me I am allergic. My food allergies were literally crippling me. Because of you I was able to explore this with my allergist, he put me on rice and chicken only for a week; introducing one food at a time, every four days. This worked perfectly to pinpoint my allergic foods as my food diary was unable to provide the source since there were several. It certainly was not easy to do but was priceless. One of the things you had suggested was eliminating night shades for the stiffness, swelling, etc. It turns out they are not only the culprit of those symptoms, but also allergies in general! I also discovered allergies to eggs and honey. Certain fruit juices have ill effects upon me as well. I not only avoid those foods, but I do not eat any processed foods. I buy organic food, cook from scratch, and I juice, as well. I am giving my body the nourishment it needs and deserves.

My thyroid levels are terrific now that I am on synthroid. My energy, my metabolism, and my body and brain feel like me again. It's great to have myself back. My massage therapist also suffers from food allergies. It was amazing to land a kindred spirit who could assist in my healing with the appropriate technique to ease my suffering.

You have made more of a difference in my life than you could possibly know. Thank you for steering me in the right direction down the road to recovery. I feel fantastic and have my life back now thanks to you.

922 Yvette Farinha, South AfricaJanuary, 2010

Thank you so much
This has proved very helpful - this is a most excellent thing you have here
and I appreciate your help.  I have made myself a doctor's appointment for
Monday and am taking this along with me.
Thank you again ever so much
Best regards

923 Robert Ray, Santa Barbara, CA, USAJanuary, 2010

Far superior to the 11 minutes my Dr. spends with me.
This is the wave of the future!!!

924 Declan Pritchard, Oslo, NorwayJanuary, 2010

What a terrific service. You have opened my eyes to the way to improve my health and life.

Thanks, I'll be back.

925 Michael Rose, St. Paul, MN, USAJanuary, 2010

Hi-I read your report and found it very informative-thank you!

926 Athelia Woolley, New York, NY, USAJanuary, 2010

You have great customer service!

927 Cindi Bolling, NC, USAJanuary, 2010

I am glad your site is available it actually helped me to point my doctor in the right direction , then he ran test and confirmed one of the possibilities you had sent. I hope we are as lucky with this one. Thank You!

928 Mandy Glen, Middlesbrough, England, UKJanuary, 2010

thanku for your report it was very helpful for me thankyou for your time

929 Sandra Vandegrift, Washington, USAJanuary, 2010

After receiving this reply from you, I read the diagnoses  and discovered that your test has giving me a clue to a problem that I have had for years.  The only thing any doctor  said was causing all these seemly unrelated symptoms was "depression" or "panic attacks".  Nobody ever put all of my symptons together.  Since 1992 I have been on [drug] and have never seen any relief for my [symptoms].  I knew they were real and my family just thought me lazy when I was so tired and weak I couldn't do anything.  The red flag on the possibility that it might be my thyroid has given me new hope.  I am going to explore this with a doctor and have hope that I don't just have to live with all these symptoms and that they are related. I had years ago resigned myself to being thought by both doctor and family as a hypochondriac. So, the report you sent me was extremely helpful.  Thank you

930 Sally Forth, MD, USAJanuary, 2010

Your extra consideration is much appreciated, and I look forward to that extra bit of news.
Once I am able to get some tests done, I will want a followup. I'm not sure how long this will take, or who I will see. Are there any time constraints? [Answer: No] Not that I'm planning to wait a long time, but it might take a little while before I'm ready.
BTW (by the way), I'm very pleased with my report.

Sally Forth

931 Ted Geleit, Moorabbin, Victoria, AustraliaJanuary, 2010

This was so thorough. I'm glad I found you

932 Virginia Douglas, Tempe, AZ, USAJanuary, 2010

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thankyou for your very extensive diagnose.  I had the results of my [procedure] and the [specialist] diagnosed my problem as [condition] and he has put me on [drug] for three months. I have been on that medication for a week now and I see an improvement and I don't feel so fatigued anymore.

933 Patricia Baldwin, Allentown, PA, USAJanuary, 2010

I was impressed by the detail you offered in the health evaluation.

934 Jenny Ross, Sale, Victoria, AustraliaFebruary, 2010

Thanks for your wonderful helpful report.

935 Joan Marie Patsky, CA, USAFebruary, 2010

Excellent information for preventive medicine.  It may be very valuable for you to network with physicians.  Kind regards.

936 Brian Brazil, UKFebruary, 2010

Thankyou for your preliminary analysis.  I am very impressed with what I see, well done.  You have given me with your colour charts a lot to consider.  Thankyou for your proffessionalism in this matter.    Brazil

937 Nancy Meyers, CanadaFebruary, 2010

I was thrilled to receive my report and of course wanted a hard copy. Thanks so much for this information. The report was so detailed and something I really wanted to keep a copy of. The report gave me such great information that I feel better about the choices that I need to make for health in my life and is so detailed I really need to keep a copy for reference. I feel blessed to be able to spend the money to get this great analysis. So thanks for providing such a wonderful service.  This is so great, thanks again. Hope you have a great day!

--and later--

Your assistance and detailed explanations to my questions made accessing my reports and printing them so easy. This entire process has been so wonderful and straight forward, even though I was a bit "alarmed" intiially about the amount of information that I received; I soon realized that this is just a step on the ladder of understanding my entire health picture. I have recommended this sight to a number of friends with the promise that your questions are answered in a consise and polite manner, in terms that are useful and easy to understand.

I am so greatfull to have access to this wonderful site and will most certainly use it again, and make the most use of the detailed information that I have received for long lasting health. My correspondent was so quick to respond to my 'techy' questions regarding printing processes from html format and pdf format, I feel so supported.
Thanks for providing such a great service. I would welcome anyone to contact me if they have any hesitations.

Yours in health, with best regards,

938 Arthur Holden, London, UKFebruary, 2010

At a glance through i'm impressed and you have confirmed some of my suspisions that i'm having dificulty trying to convince my GP . i'll take a proper look through and then confront my GP . His opinion is that He's the doctor and i'm the patient and its difficult to confront him unless i know what i'm talking about .

Thanks for your information i'm sure it'll help .

Yours sincerely ,

Arthur Holden

939 Mr. H.Y., BarbadosFebruary, 2010

I have read this extensive report and find it quite accurate.
The report is very well received and I wish to express thanks to the Doctor.

940 Esther Horvath, Umina Beach, NSW, AustraliaFebruary, 2010

Yes, the report arrived and, my goodness, is it ever thorough!! Thank you for this opportunity to start to get a handle on my health - and at such an affordable price! What a fantastic service!
Esther Horvath

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