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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between December, 2009 and January, 2010

921 Kristine Treat, CT, USADecember, 2009

Thanks for your prompt response and amazingly comprehensive analysis. It is very helpful.
Kris Treat

922 Jean Morrison, Bunbury, WA, AustraliaDecember, 2009

Thank you for my report.  It is totally fascinating.  And here I was thinking I was pretty healthy.  Just as well it is time for New Year's Resolutions to be made.  Your help is much appreciated.  Thank you so much.

923 Nana Anu, MD, USADecember, 2009

I am a retired physician and I think your service is great.  I think you have an awesome product and will volunteer anything I can to support its success.

924 Ms. H. Toline, Manalapan, NJ, USADecember, 2009

This is the best history that has EVER been taken from me!  Thank you!

--and later--

Thank you for the comprehensive report.  My first thought upon reading it was "gosh, can she be my doctor?". I will be following up on your suggestions and exploring those areas you have identified. I am more than astounded, perhaps angry would be a better descriptor, that my [list of specialists] never even came close to exploring, suggesting or performing any of the tests or having me explore some of the life style changes that you offered. And my insurance, fortunate for me, is a pretty decent one. The "piece de resistance" (French not being my strong point!) was the complete lack of attention paid to the discovery of [condition]! My questions and concerns were summarily dismissed... I was treated as a middle aged hysterical somatic hypochondriac wacko!

I am grateful for having found this site and will be sure to pass along the information for others to get on the path. And though I do not know where you practice, most certainly your patients are most fortunate to have a compassionate and thorough medical professional to turn to.

           With gratitude,
           Holli Toline

925 Libba Williams, Alabama, USADecember, 2009

Thank you very much for the prompt service and thorough report. The report has given me some real suggestions to pursue and prove helpful in my quest for better health. Keep up the wonderful work that you do,
Libba Williams

926 Armand Ruhlman, New York City, NY, USADecember, 2009

Thank you for recently sending me an analysis of my questionnaire - it was very informative and thorough.

927 Jose Domingos, UKDecember, 2009

I was sent a preliminary analysis. Being impressed with what I saw, I then decided to pay to receive the full analysis. Thank you for the good service and great website.

928 Michael Rose, St. Paul, MN, USAJanuary, 2010

Hi-I read your report and found it very informative-thank you!

929 Athelia Woolley, New York, NY, USAJanuary, 2010

You have great customer service!

930 Cindi Bolling, NC, USAJanuary, 2010

I am glad your site is available it actually helped me to point my doctor in the right direction , then he ran test and confirmed one of the possibilities you had sent. I hope we are as lucky with this one. Thank You!

931 Krissy Magica, AZ, USAJanuary, 2010

I am delighted that someone has given me some possibilities to pursue. I am following your recommendations for follow ups/[list of specialists] treatments. Thank you.

Again, many thanks to your holistic approach as western medicine has not helped me. The typical prescribe me something for my symptoms rather than getting to the root of the problem has cost me far too much time, money, and reduction in my quality of life. I feel this is a significant turning point in my life!

932 Yvette Farinha, South AfricaJanuary, 2010

Thank you so much
This has proved very helpful - this is a most excellent thing you have here
and I appreciate your help.  I have made myself a doctor's appointment for
Monday and am taking this along with me.
Thank you again ever so much
Best regards

933 Mandy Glen, Middlesbrough, England, UKJanuary, 2010

thanku for your report it was very helpful for me thankyou for your time

934 Sandra Vandegrift, Washington, USAJanuary, 2010

After receiving this reply from you, I read the diagnoses  and discovered that your test has giving me a clue to a problem that I have had for years.  The only thing any doctor  said was causing all these seemly unrelated symptoms was "depression" or "panic attacks".  Nobody ever put all of my symptons together.  Since 1992 I have been on [drug] and have never seen any relief for my [symptoms].  I knew they were real and my family just thought me lazy when I was so tired and weak I couldn't do anything.  The red flag on the possibility that it might be my thyroid has given me new hope.  I am going to explore this with a doctor and have hope that I don't just have to live with all these symptoms and that they are related. I had years ago resigned myself to being thought by both doctor and family as a hypochondriac. So, the report you sent me was extremely helpful.  Thank you

935 Sally Forth, MD, USAJanuary, 2010

Your extra consideration is much appreciated, and I look forward to that extra bit of news.
Once I am able to get some tests done, I will want a followup. I'm not sure how long this will take, or who I will see. Are there any time constraints? [Answer: No] Not that I'm planning to wait a long time, but it might take a little while before I'm ready.
BTW (by the way), I'm very pleased with my report.

Sally Forth

936 Robert Ray, Santa Barbara, CA, USAJanuary, 2010

Far superior to the 11 minutes my Dr. spends with me.
This is the wave of the future!!!

937 Ted Geleit, Moorabbin, Victoria, AustraliaJanuary, 2010

This was so thorough. I'm glad I found you

938 Virginia Douglas, Tempe, AZ, USAJanuary, 2010

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thankyou for your very extensive diagnose.  I had the results of my [procedure] and the [specialist] diagnosed my problem as [condition] and he has put me on [drug] for three months. I have been on that medication for a week now and I see an improvement and I don't feel so fatigued anymore.

939 Patricia Baldwin, Allentown, PA, USAJanuary, 2010

I was impressed by the detail you offered in the health evaluation.

940 Declan Pritchard, Oslo, NorwayJanuary, 2010

What a terrific service. You have opened my eyes to the way to improve my health and life.

Thanks, I'll be back.

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