Definition of Bronchitis:

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes, frequently accompanied by cough, overproduction of mucus, and coughing up of sputum.  Acute bronchitis is usually caused by an infectious agent and goes away after a few days or weeks, although the cough can last longer.  Chronic bronchitis, generally the result of smoking, may also be known as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or Emphysema.

Also: Chronic Bronchitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, COPD, Emphysema

Topics Related to Bronchitis


...the condition
“...This can be due to a variety of causes including ... (late stage) emphysema...”

Acute Bronchitis

...the condition
“Acute bronchitis is an infection of the bronchial tree, which is a network made up of the tubes that carry air to and from the lungs...”
...our question about Breathing difficulty caused by cold weather
“Cold, damp weather can aggravate bronchitis.”
...recommendation Licorice Root
“Licorice root, among other herbs, is a commonly-used expectorant to ease mucus removal in bronchitis.”
...recommendation Sugar Avoidance / Reduction
“Due to its inhibition of the immune system, sugar consumption should be stopped until all bronchitis symptoms have ceased.”
...recommendation Increased Water Consumption
“Ensuring plenty of fluids prevents the mucus thickening associated with dehydration and eases mucus removal in patients with bronchitis.”
...recommendation Tobacco Avoidance
“If you smoke, the best defense against acute bronchitis is to quit...”
...recommendation Personal Hygiene Changes
“One good way to avoid getting acute bronchitis is to wash your hands often to get rid of any viruses.”
...recommendation Digestive Enzymes
“Digestive pancreatic enzymes have been used to hasten the recovery process in both acute and chronic bronchitis...”
...recommendation Comfrey
“Comfrey has been used with benefit in cases of bronchitis and irritable cough, where it will soothe the irritation and promote expectoration.”
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More topics Related to Bronchitis

American Skullcap a treatment
“ combination with other cold, bitter herbs such as huang lian or goldenseal to purge heat from the system in gastric, chest, and urinary infections, including diarrhea, jaundice, gastroenteritis, bronchitis, and cystitis...”

Antibiotics a treatment
“...Combining bromelain and antibiotic therapy has been shown to be more effective than antibiotics alone in treating a variety of conditions including pneumonia, bronchitis, staph skin infections, thrombophlebitis, cellulitis, pyelonephritis, perirectal and rectal abscesses, and sinusitis...”


...our question about Your muscle/body fat composition
“Slender, older women are more susceptible to various chronic lung problems such as bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma.”
...relationship to Allergy to Foods (Hidden)
“...This inflammatory, obstructive phase is the most important mechanism of chronic asthmatic bronchitis.”

Chanca Piedra (Break-Stone) a treatment
“...asthma, fever, tumors, bladder infections, as a diuretic, for painful joints, jaundice, indigestion, vaginitis, viruses of the reproductive tract, proctitis, poor circulation, excessive phlegm, bronchitis, and coughs...”

Cigarette Smoke Damage

...relationship to COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
“Smoking is the single most important risk factor in the development of COPD, contributing to 81.5% of all COPD deaths...”
...relationship to Acute Bronchitis
“If you smoke or are around damaging fumes (such as those in certain kinds of factories), you are more likely to get acute bronchitis and to have it longer because your bronchial tree is already damaged.”

Collapsed Lung

...relationship to COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
COPD increases the risk of a collapsed lung.”

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

...the condition
“...Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) refers to a group of conditions that cause shortness of breath and are associated with obstruction of air flow within the lung...”
...our question about Your muscle/body fat composition
“Slender, older women are more susceptible to various chronic lung problems such as bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma, according to a long series of studies.”
...relationship to Consequences of Poor Diet
“Out of 50 consecutive COPD patients presented with acute respiratory failure upon admittance to a hospital, malnutrition was observed in 60% of all patients but only 39% of those whose body weight was equal to or above 90%...”
...relationship to Pneumonia
“Lung diseases – such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema – are risk factors for the development of pneumonia.”
...recommendation Essential Fatty Acids
“A high intake of omega-3 fatty acids may protect cigarette smokers against chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  Supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids may interfere with the inflammatory mediators triggered by cigarette smoking...”
...recommendation Tobacco Avoidance
“Smoking is the primary cause of COPD.”
...recommendation Red Clover
“Red Clover tincture has long been a treatment for whooping cough and bronchitis.”
...recommendation Particulate Matter Avoidance
“Long-term effects of particulate air pollution on the incidence of bronchitis, emphysema and asthma have been documented...”
...recommendation High/Increased Protein Diet
“Researchers from England state that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may only worsen by eating a diet that contains an overabundance of high-carbohydrate foods...”
...recommendation Calming / Stretching Exercises
“...Several studies have confirmed the benefits of yoga for COPD patients.  Lung function, inflammation, quality of life, and breathing all showed significant improvement...”
...recommendation Cysteine / N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)
“...Double-blind research has found that NAC supplements improved symptoms and prevented recurrences in people with chronic bronchitis.  NAC may also protect lung tissue through its antioxidant activity.”
...recommendation Bromelain
“Bromelain has been shown to reduce cough and thin mucus secretions for easier removal in chronic bronchitis, but probably not in acute bronchitis.”
...recommendation Test Antioxidant Status
“...Deficiencies of glutathione and vitamins E and C were found in patients with COPD.  Increased lipid peroxidation is also a concern...”
...recommendation Increased Fruit/Vegetable Consumption
“...Studies comparing different populations have shown that increasing fruit consumption appears to reduce the risk of developing chronic bronchitis.”

Cysteine / N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) a treatment
“...This is especially important during asthma, bronchitis, and bouts of hay fever...”

Edema (Water Retention)

...the condition
“...Severe chronic lung disease such as emphysema or chronic bronchitis increase the pressure in the blood vessels to the lungs...”
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More topics Related to Bronchitis


...the condition
Emphysema is a chronic pulmonary condition with loss of elasticity in the alveoli and the interalveolar septa – the "meat-foam" and their interleaving sheaths that fill up when we breathe...”
...our question about Breathing difficulty caused by cold weather
“Cold, dry air can cause narrowing of the airways in some people with chronic bronchitis or emphysema, which makes breathing more difficult.”

Eucalyptus Blue Gum a treatment
“...action; Earache: Inhaled eucalyptus fumes open the Eustachian tubes, draining fluids and relieving pressure; Difficulty breathing: Eucalyptus enhances breathing, making it useful for asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, whooping cough, and colds; Pain relief: It is a good remedy for pain caused by muscle tension, especially headache-related; Fever: A cold compress with eucalyptus oil has a...”

Excess Sugar Consumption

...the condition
“...Skin itch; Bladder/bowel dysfunction; Diarrhea; Hypothyroidism; Sleepiness; Bloating; Dizziness; Immune system dysfunction; Tension; Blurred vision; Earaches; Indigestion; Visual impairment; Bronchitis; Eczema; Joint/muscle pains; Watery eyes; Candida; Fainting; Lacking mind control; Weight retention; Cold intolerance; Forgetfulness; Loss of short term memory; Yeast infections...”

Frankincense a treatment
“...It is especially useful to the respiratory system during seasonal changes and aids in coughs, excess mucous, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, colds and flu...”

Gotu Kola a treatment
“...Ear-nose-throat / Respiratory: Asthma; bronchitis; clears upper respiratory tract during infection & chest tightness; whooping cough; tonsillitis; rapid healing of tonsillectomy cavities; promotes healing after radiotherapy of laryngectomy...”

Green Tea a treatment
“...Green Tea can strengthen a weak immune system against common illnesses such as the flu, bronchitis or infections that take a long time to heal or return quickly...”

Guaifenesin a treatment
“...It relieves the coughs of colds, bronchitis, and other lung infections...”

Gulf War Illness

...the condition
“...characterized by disabling fatigue, intermittent fevers, night sweats, arthralgia, myalgia, impairments in short-term memory, headaches, skin rashes, intermittent diarrhea, abdominal bloating, chronic bronchitis, photophobia, confusion, transient visual scotomata, irritability and depression and other signs and symptoms that until recently have defied appropriate diagnoses...”


...the condition
“...In addition, long-term smokers who have emphysema are more likely to acquire histoplasmosis than others, and often develop a chronic lung complication if infected...”

Horsetail Grass a treatment
“...Other uses: aging, arthritis, asthma, backaches, breasts, milk secretion, bronchitis, bruises, burns, bursitis, cancer-skin, circulatory problems, cirrhosis, edema, fracture, hair loss, heart disease, inflammation, intertrigo, kidney ailments, Lyme disease, muscle cramps...”

Hydrotherapy a treatment
“...Constitutional Hydrotherapy is recommended for ... Bronchitis...”

Hyperbaric Oxygen a treatment
“...Signs and symptoms of oxygen toxicity include: Nausea and vomiting, dry cough, seizures, substernal chest pain, sweating, bronchitis, pallor, shortness of breath, muscle twitching, pulmonary edema, anxiety and/or respiratory changes, pulmonary fibrosis, visual changes, tinnitus, hallucinations, vertigo, hiccups and...”

Indian Long Pepper a treatment
“...Unconfirmed uses include: headache; migraine; toothache; indigestion; stomach ache; diarrhea; bronchitis; cough; asthma: prevention recurrent attacks of bronchial asthma; cholera; bacterial infections; coma; epilepsy; fever; stroke; liver toxicity; jaundice; promoting weight loss; reducing...”

Ivy Leaf a treatment
“...One double-blind human trial found ivy leaf to be as effective as the drug ambroxol for treating the symptoms of chronic bronchitis.  In addition to the use of ivy to treat asthma, clinical reports from Europe suggest that topical cream preparations containing ivy, horsetail, and lady's mantle are beneficial...”

Kelp a treatment
“...Emphysema: 5 tablets daily helps in removing stale air trapped in the lungs...”


...the condition
“...When too many mast cells are present in the body, the chemicals that they release can cause ... Infections (bronchitis, rhinitis, and conjunctivitis)...”

Monolaurin a treatment
“...In studies performed at the Respiratory Virology Branch, Centers for Disease Control, Monolaurin was shown to remove all measurable infectivity against the following RNA and DNA viruses ... Bronchitis...”

Mullein a treatment
“...Mullein seems to be particularly helpful – and has a history of use – for respiratory conditions including coughs, colds, emphysema, bronchitis, and asthma...”


...the condition
“...For example, conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), with its well-known capacity to disrupt sleep, can produce sleep deprivation and exacerbate the symptoms of narcolepsy...”


...the condition
“...Viral infections that can cause pericarditis include common cold or flu viruses, meningitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, glandular fever, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex, hepatitis C, and HIV/AIDS...”


...related topic
“...Most pleurisy (and usually the milder form) follows or accompanies bronchitis or late winter chest colds...”


...our question about Your muscle/body fat composition
“Slender, older women are more susceptible to various chronic lung problems such as bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma...”
...recommendation Bromelain
“In a clinical study of 124 patients hospitalized with chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, bronchiectasis, or pulmonary abscess, those receiving bromelain orally showed a decrease in the volume and pus-like quality of the sputum...”

Protein Deficiency

...the condition
“...Protein Deficiency can also be a consequence of Cachexia, or Wasting Syndrome, which often occurs in cancer patients or those with certain diseases such as AIDS, kidney failure, or COPD.  The main risk factors for Protein Deficiency are poor diet, not eating enough, and pregnancy...”

Risk Of Premature Death

...the condition
“...A variety of respiratory diseases from asthma to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are leading causes of death...”

Sjogren's Syndrome

...the condition
“...Other symptoms Other symptoms of extraglandular involvement include ... Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (in about 2-in-5 cases)...”

Thuja a treatment
“...Herbalists prescribe thuja for the following ... As an antitussive – to reduce coughing e.g. bronchitis...”

Tylophora a treatment
“Tylophora has been used traditionally as a folk remedy in certain regions of India for the treatment of bronchial asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, and dermatitis...”

Typhoid Fever

...the condition
“...Many patients also have bronchitis, so that in the early stages of typhoid the disease may appear similar to pneumonia...”

Valley Fever (Coccidioidomycosis)

...the condition
“...Persistent pulmonary disease may manifest as persistent bronchitis and pneumonia...”

Yeast / Candida Infection

...the condition
“...Psychological and Allergic ... Bronchitis (recurrent)...”
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