Definition of Analgesic:

Agent which relieves pain without causing loss of consciousness.

Topics Related to Analgesic

Aspirin a treatment
“...It is believed that the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects of aspirin are related to prostaglandin inhibition...”

Cayenne Pepper a treatment
“...It is thought to work by a combination of desensitizing the nerves, mild analgesic effects and anti-inflammatory processes...”
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More topics Related to Analgesic

Chanca Piedra (Break-Stone) a treatment
“...The analgesic activity of Chanca Piedra was demonstrated in 1994 and 1995 by another research group in Brazil...”

Chinese Skullcap a treatment
“...Chinese skullcap is a plant native to China and parts of Russia that is well known for its sedative, antispasmodic, analgesic, and even anti-cancer properties...”

Chronic Renal Insufficiency

...the condition
“...include glomerulonephritis of any type (one of the most common causes), polycystic kidney disease, hypertension, Alport syndrome, reflux nephropathy, obstruction, kidney stones, infection, and analgesic toxicity.  Diabetes mellitus is a major cause of chronic renal failure...”

Coffee a treatment
“...Caffeine is often blended with a traditional analgesic such as aspirin, to prepare non-prescription painkillers or analgesics...”

DMSO Topically a treatment
“...DMSO has been used most widely as a topical analgesic, in a 70% DMSO, 30% water solution...”

Eucalyptus Blue Gum a treatment
“...Anti-inflammatory; Anti-rheumatic A component of many topical arthritis creams and analgesic ointments, eucalyptus stimulates blood flow and warms the area, relieving pain in muscles and joints; Stimulant: Eucalyptol acts to stimulate blood flow; Diuretic; Antispasmodic...”

Germanium a treatment
“...It is a powerful analgesic known to increase the body's endorphin levels...”

Ginger Root a treatment
“...Ginger is also valued for its analgesic action, which may help arthritic conditions...”

Gotu Kola a treatment
“Alternative names: Centella, Indian Pennywort Also known as Gotu kola, centella has antiinflammatory, anticonvulsant, antidepressant and analgesic properties...”
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More topics Related to Analgesic

Guaifenesin a treatment
“...Guaifenesin also has other known neurological effects, including an analgesic effect that is related to its action as a skeletal muscle relaxant, and it may inhibit platelet aggregation...”

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

...recommendation American Skullcap
“American skullcap supports the nerves that regulate the function of the intestinal muscles and is considered to be an analgesic which, when consumed, can provide extensive pain relief to IBS patients.”

Kava a treatment
“...A sedative and analgesic, kava helps induce sleep in low doses but in high doses it may cause stupor...”

Low Back Pain

...recommendation Digestive Enzymes
“...Papain also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.”

Neem a treatment
“...Psoriasis: Neem contains a very powerful analgesic and relief from itching and general soreness is said to be virtually instantaneous...”


...recommendation Hyaluronic Acid
“...are administered as a course of injections into the knee joint and are believed to supplement the viscosity of the joint fluid, thereby lubricating the joint, cushioning the joint, and producing an analgesic effect.  It has also been suggested that hyaluronan has positive biochemical effects on cartilage cells...”

Passion Flower a treatment
“...names: Maypop, Purple Passionflower, True Passionflower, Wild Apricot, Wild Passion Vine The exotic flower of Passiflora incarnata has been used in herbal remedies for many years because of its analgesic and sedative properties...”


...the condition
“...Analgesic drugs to relieve pain or discomfort and, at times, hospitalization may also be required...”

Rheumatoid Arthritis

...recommendation MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)
“...It may be because of its sulfur content, or because of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties...”

Willow Bark a treatment
“The bark of white willow (Salix alba) has been used for thousands of years as an analgesic.  As many people know, willow bark contains salicin, which can be converted either synthetically or by the body to salicylic acid...”
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