Definition of Hallucination:

A false or distorted perception of objects or events, including sensations of sight, sound, taste, smell or touch, typically accompanied by a powerful belief in their reality.

Also: Hallucinations

Topics Related to Hallucination

Acute, Intermittent Porphyria

...the condition
“...Mental and neurological symptoms include irritability, confusion, delirium, psychosis, depression, hallucinations, seizures, altered consciousness, mood swings, and paralysis...”


...as a treatment
“...BRAIN/NERVOUS SYSTEM: Cognitive skills impairment, Confusion, Depression, Hallucinations.  CIRCULATORY SYSTEM/BLOOD: Anemia, High cholesterol (LDL), Irregular heart beat...”
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More topics Related to Hallucination

Biotin Requirement

...the condition
“...include anemia, chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, impairment of fat metabolism, irregular heartbeat, impaired cognitive skills, anorexia, baldness, alopecia, insomnia, depression, drowsiness, hallucinations, muscle pain, pallor, dandruff, dermatitis, psoriasis, seborrhea, eczema...”


...as a treatment
“...Chaparral tea was also used for purported effects of removing lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) residue and thereby preventing recurrent hallucinations.  Chaparral leaves have also been used externally for bruises, scratches, wounds, and hair growth.”


...as a treatment
“...Anyone who is taking corticosteroids and has any of the symptoms listed below should check with the physician who prescribed the medicine as soon as possible ... Hallucinations...”


...our question about Hallucinations
“Dehydration can reduce blood flow and therefore oxygen supply to the brain, which can cause hallucinations.”

Erectile Dysfunction (ED, Impotence)

...recommendation Yohimbe
“...With the possibility of serious side-effects such as anxiety, panic attacks, hallucinations, elevated blood pressure and heart rate and dizziness, yohimbe bark has been classified by the FDA as an unsafe herb...”


...as a treatment
“...The oil may induce hallucinations, seizures, etc...”

Histapenia (Histamine Low)

...the condition
“...Behavioral symptoms in high-copper histapenia include paranoia and hallucinations in younger patients, but depression may predominate in older patients...”

Hyperbaric Oxygen

...as a treatment
“...substernal chest pain, sweating, bronchitis, pallor, shortness of breath, muscle twitching, pulmonary edema, anxiety and/or respiratory changes, pulmonary fibrosis, visual changes, tinnitus, hallucinations, vertigo, hiccups and decreased level of consciousness...”


...the condition
“...Symptoms typically appear quickly and include clumsiness, confusion, difficulty speaking, weakness, shakiness, excess hunger, anxiety, outbursts, faintness, headaches, passing out, delirium, coma, hallucinations, excess sweating, the appearance of intoxication, seizures, marked personality changes, irritability, negativism, mood swings, depression, crying spells, and various similar mental...”

Lack of Sleep

...the condition
“...In extreme stages bizarre behavior and hallucinations can occur...”

Liver Abscess

...the condition
“...More serious symptoms, which may indicate a life-threatening condition, include: Mental changes such as confusion, delirium, hallucinations, delusions; High fever (over 101°F); Jerky movements; Rapid heart rate; Breathing problems (shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, wheezing, or choking); Severe abdominal pain...”

Magnesium Requirement

...our question about Hallucinations
“Extreme deficiency may produce hallucinations or delirium.”


...the condition
“...Common symptoms include ... Hypnotic-like hallucinations...”


...the condition
“...One drug used to combat Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), for example, may cause dizziness, nausea, the risk of falling asleep while performing acts such as driving, hallucinations, and compulsive gambling, eating, and sexual desire...”

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

...the condition
“...The person may have intrusive pictures in his/her head about the trauma, have recurrent nightmares or may even experience hallucinations about the trauma...”
...our question about Frequency of nightmares
“...Those with PTSD may have intrusive mental images or hallucinations about a trauma, or recurrent nightmares, much more than the average person.”
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More topics Related to Hallucination

Postpartum Depression

...related topic
“...At the extreme, postpartum depression may lead to dangerous delusions (for example, thinking the baby is in some way deformed or cursed) or hallucinations (that may command violent acts)...”

Pregnancy-Related Issues

...recommendation Folic Acid
“...Case Report: After giving birth, a woman developed severe depression, confusion, disorientation and hallucinations.  Over the next 19 months, trials with numerous medications and electroshock therapy were unsuccessful...”


...the condition
“...Psychosis can take many forms, such as ... Sensing things that aren't really there (hallucinations)...”


...the condition
“...Mental phenomena include delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, occasional loss of contact with reality, amnesia spells, and low stress tolerance...”


...the condition
“...The human or animal has no fear and suffers from hallucinations.  The larynx is paralyzed resulting in an inability to swallow thus drooling and "foaming at the mouth" result...”


...the condition
“...Dopamine appears to be a factor in producing hallucinations, voices and other symptoms associated with "schizophrenia...”
...related topic
“Any of a group of psychotic disorders usually characterized by withdrawal from reality, illogical patterns of thinking, delusions, and hallucinations, and accompanied in varying degrees by other emotional, behavioral, or intellectual disturbances...”
...relationship to Allergy to Foods (Hidden)
“...by Dr. William Philpott showed allergic responses as follows: Wheat (64%), mature corn (51%), pasteurized whole cow's milk (50%), tobacco (75% with 10% becoming grossly psychotic with delusions, hallucinations and particularly paranoia), and hydrocarbons (30% with weakness being common and some participants reacting with delusions or suicidal inclinations)...”
...relationship to Wilson's Disease
“...Appetite loss and weight loss can appear along with hallucinations and delusions...”
...relationship to Lack of Sleep
“In extreme stages bizarre behavior and hallucinations can arise from lack of sleep.”
...relationship to Megaloblastic Anemia / Pernicious Anemia
“...Deficiency may also induce auditory hallucinations, psychosis, and paranoia...”

Seizure Disorder

...the condition
“...The seizure stage of 60 to 90 seconds can include misperceptions of the environment, hallucinations, and bizarre sensations...”

Sleep Paralysis

...related topic
“...Hallucinations may occur, such as a 'presence' in the room or a sense of impending death and suffocation...”

Vitamin B3 Requirement

...the condition
“...sense of taste, hyperacute sense of smell, fatigue, nervousness, emotional instability, depression, alternating depression and emotional agitation, irritability, apathy, confusion, nervousness, hallucinations, headaches, memory loss, insomnia, muscle weakness, deterioration of amino acid utilization, acne, increased serum cholesterol...”
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