Yohimbe: Overview

The anti-aging benefits of yohimbe (active ingredient: yohimbine) are reported to be the improvement of strength and duration, as well as improved sexual performance.

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Yohimbine is available in 1mg, 2.5mg, 3.75mg, 5mg and l0mg tablets under the trade manes Aphrodyne, Dayto-Himbin, Plain Prowess, Yocon and Yohimex.  Doses of more than 2.5mg require a prescription.


Rarely, yohimbine can lead to over stimulation to the point of nervousness and anxiety.  Other side-effects may include nausea, vomiting, increased blood pressure, tremors, dizziness and headaches.

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Yohimbe can help with the following:


Erectile Dysfunction (ED, Impotence)

Yohimbe dilates blood vessels, making this herb useful for treating ED.  Although yohimbine (the primary active constituent in yohimbe) has been shown in several double-blind studies to help treat men with ED, negative studies have also been reported.  Somewhat surprisingly, in those it helps, yohimbe appears to help regardless of the cause of ED.  A tincture of yohimbe bark is often used in the amount of 5-10 drops tid.  There are also standardized yohimbe products available for the treatment of ED.  A typical daily amount of yohimbine is 15-30mg.

With the possibility of serious side-effects such as anxiety, panic attacks, hallucinations, elevated blood pressure and heart rate and dizziness, yohimbe bark has been classified by the FDA as an unsafe herb.  Due to the lack of effectiveness and the potential negative side-effects of Yohimbine, the FDA no longer recommends this once prescription drug extract to treat impotence.

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