Wild Yam

Wild Yam: Overview

Wild yam is hormone balancing and an antidepressant.

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Wild Yam:

Wild Yam can help with the following:


Anorexia / Starvation Tendency

Wild yam is hormone balancing and an antidepressant.

Tumors, Benign

Ovarian Cysts

Wild Yam root (Dioscorea villosa) promotes a healthy menstrual cycle, hormonal balance and can help reduce ovarian pain.  Wild Yam contains 'saponin aglycone diosin' which can be converted to diosgenin in the body.  Once released, diosgenin is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the intestines into the bloodstream.  This allows diosgenin to act on estrogen receptor sites in the hypothalamus, which in turn can help regulate production of estrogen and promote estrogen balance.  This support allows for better function of the uterus while working to prevent uterine cramping or spasms.  This has a positive effect on the ovaries, toning them and relieving ovarian cyst pain.

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