Definition of Spasm:

Involuntary contraction of one or more muscle groups.

Also: Spasms

Topics Related to Spasm

Addison's Disease

...the condition
“...The muscles are weak and often go into spasm.  There are often emotional changes, particularly moodiness, irritability and depression...”

Alcohol Consumption a treatment
“...What would explain the apparent benefits of alcohol consumption?  ... Alcohol reduces coronary artery spasm in response to stress...”
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More topics Related to Spasm

American Skullcap a treatment
“...Tests of skullcap extract did not reveal that it stops muscle spasms or that it slows down animals or makes them sleep...”


...the condition
“...The primary cause is atherosclerosis, although platelet aggregation, coronary artery spasm, myocardial ischemia, non-vascular mechanisms such as hypoglycemia, and increased metabolic need (as in hyperthyroidism) can also be important considerations...”
...recommendation Magnesium
“Magnesium insufficiency-induced coronary artery spasm, more common in men than women, is now recognized as an important cause of myocardial infarction and may be of significance in angina pectoris.”

Antidepressants a treatment
“...Other withdrawal symptoms include ... Tremor, muscle spasms...”


...related topic
“Preventing spasms.”


...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“Supplementation with 1gm of vitamin C per day reduces the tendency of the bronchial passages to go into spasm, an action that has been confirmed in double-blind research...”
...recommendation Coleus
“A small double-blind trial found that inhaled forskolin could decrease lung spasms in asthmatics...”

Bell's Palsy

...the condition
“...A tumor should be suspected when there is (1) associated tics or spasms, (2) slow onset of paralysis, and (3) paralysis of isolated branches of the facial nerve...”

Biofeedback a treatment
“...Biofeedback may also be useful for the following health problems ... muscle spasms...”

Black Cohosh a treatment
“...Black Cohosh has been used for a range of female conditions such as premenstrual discomfort, dysmenorrhea and uterine spasms.  It is perhaps best known and used for symptoms associated with menopause...”


...related topic
“Reducing spasms of the bronchial tubes.”

Bruxism (Clenching/Grinding Teeth)

...the condition
“...In some cases the body's survival mechanism attempts to keep obstructed airways open through bruxism because bruxism causes a muscle in the back of the throat to spasm and thus keep the airway open...”

Calcium Requirement

...the condition
“...In severe cases muscle spasms may occur, called tetany...”

Cardiac Ischemia

...the condition
“...Blood clot; Coronary artery spasm: An uncommon cause, in which a temporary tightening of the muscles in an artery wall can briefly decrease or halt blood flow to part of the heart muscle...”

Chamomile a treatment
“...The German chamomile flower is "Approved" by the German Commission E for internal use of gastrointestinal spasms and inflammations...”

Chinese Skullcap a treatment
“...Chinese skullcap has long been a part of traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment for allergies, infection, spasms, inflammation, gout, hepatitis, fever, and headaches...”

Chinese Thoroughwax a treatment
“...It can be used to relieve spasms, muscle tension, lumps, bleeding due to heat and menstrual irregularity...”

Cocaine Addiction

...our question about Severity of chest pain
“...Sometimes the arteries feeding the heart go into spasm, causing the severe chest pains that make users go to hospital...”

Coffee a treatment
“...memory; Long-term cognitive decline; Stroke; Prostate cancer; Depression; Asthma: Caffeine is a chemical cousin to the asthma drug theophylline, and can help calm an asthma attack and stop coughing spasms.  It can be used instead of asthma medication, in cases where none is available...”

Cold Applications (Cryotherapy) a treatment
“...It increases the pain threshold, decreases the inflammatory reaction and spasm.  Cold is commonly used in the treatment of acute soft tissue injuries and has been shown to reduce pain effectively in the post-operative period after orthopedic surgery procedures...”

Cold Hands and Feet

...the condition
“...Stress; Some people's blood vessels are hypersensitive to cold and tend to go into spasm, a condition known as Raynaud's Syndrome...”

Coleus a treatment
“...As recorded in ancient Sanskrit texts, coleus was used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat heart and lung diseases, intestinal spasms, insomnia and convulsions...”


...related topic
“Cramping or spasms of a smooth muscle tube, such as the uterus (menstrual cramps) the ureters (passing kidney stones) or the stomach (stomach ache).”

Coronary Disease / Heart Attack

...the condition
“...Rarely, a heart attack can be triggered by a coronary artery spasm, in which an artery in the heart is temporarily constricted...”


...the condition
“...Spasms occur in the throat, causing profuse salivation...”

Fennel a treatment
“...Fennel seed extracts have proven to calm muscle spasms by reducing smooth muscle contractions...”

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) a treatment
“...This activity has made GABA supplements one of the more useful substances for nerve-induced muscle spasms, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, trigger point pain, fibromyalgia, and some menstrual cramping...”

Ginkgo Biloba a treatment
“...Ginkgo extracts are used for almost any type of vascular disorder associated with spasms, hypoxia and free radical damage...”

Gluten Sensitivity / Celiac Disease

...the condition
“...Muscle, Bone and Joint Symptoms Frequent joint pains (with or without activity); Chronic myalgia (muscle aches); Migrating joint pain (without injury); Frequent muscle spasms (especially in the legs); A Fibromyalgia diagnosis; An autoimmune arthritis diagnosis (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriatic arthritis, reactive arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Sjogren's)...”

Herniated Disc In Lower Back

...the condition
“...When this occurs in the lower back, the resulting symptoms can include ... Cramping or muscle spasms in the back and/or leg...”

Herniated Disc In Neck

...the condition
“...Muscle spasms (muscles tightening uncontrollably) are possible, as is numbness and tingling in the arm...”

Hiatal Hernia

...the condition
“...Chest pain from hiatal hernia and/or esophageal spasms may be extremely difficult to distinguish from chest pain of cardiac origin...”

Hot Applications (Thermotherapy) a treatment
“...Thermotherapy is the use of heat to treat symptoms of acute or chronic pain, especially those related to muscle tension or spasm.  It is also a common treatment for arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, back pain, shoulder pain and other kinds of joint pain...”

Hyponatremia (Low Blood Sodium Level)

...the condition
“...Symptoms of moderate hyponatremia include ... Muscle cramps/spasms/twitches...”

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

...the condition
“...Ordinary events such as eating and distention from gas or other material in the colon can cause the colon to overreact in a person with IBS, or certain medicines and foods may trigger spasms.  Sometimes the spasm delays the passage of stool, leading to constipation...”
...recommendation Stress Management
“Stress stimulates colonic spasm in people with IBS...”
...recommendation Valerian Root
“...It is effective against muscle spasms and cramps, including those in the digestive tract that are caused by IBS.”

Ivy Leaf a treatment
“...Animal studies have shown the saponins found in ivy extract prevent the spasm of muscles in the bronchial area...”

Kava a treatment
“...It improves low mood, muscle spasms or tightness and anxiety...”

Lipase a treatment
“...Muscle spasms and a spastic colon is also reported as being a symptom of lipase deficiency...”
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More topics Related to Spasm

Low Back Pain

...recommendation Magnesium
“Some doctors consider the use of magnesium to be beneficial for reducing muscle spasm.”
...recommendation MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)
“Many have reported that the use of MSM has relieved chronic lower back pain and spasms/cramps.”

Magnesium a treatment
“...Capable of preventing arrhythmias (heart beat irregularity), magnesium has been shown to cut platelet aggregation (blood stickiness) and avert spasm of the coronary arteries...”

Magnesium Requirement

...the condition
“...Signs of magnesium deficiency include confusion, disorientation, loss of appetite, depression, muscle contractions and cramps, tingling, numbness, abnormal heart rhythms, coronary spasm, and seizures...”

Meniere's Disease

...the condition
“...Theories include food allergies and spasms of the blood vessels, and problems with the immune system...”

Mesenteric Ischemia

...the condition
“...a moving blood clot becoming lodged in an artery; a new blood clot forming in an artery; a blood clot forming in the mesenteric vein; and insufficient blood flow due to low blood pressure or artery spasms.  Risk factors include atrial fibrillation, heart failure, chronic renal failure, being prone to forming blood clots, and previous myocardial infarction...”

Meyer's Cocktail a treatment
“...The "cocktail" is indicated for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, muscle spasm, asthma, hives, allergic rhinitis, congestive heart failure, angina, ischemic vascular disease, acute infections, and senile dementia...”

Muscle Cramps / Twitching

...relationship to Guillain-Barre Syndrome
“...Weakness caused by GBS may be accompanied by pain and muscle spasms.”
...recommendation Marijuana
“Some people claim that cannabis is effective for relieving muscle spasms in general, not just those that result from multiple sclerosis or paralysis...”

Muscular Dystrophy

...the condition
“...Its name underscores an unusual symptom found only in this form of dystrophy – myotonia – which is similar to a spasm or stiffening of muscles after use...”

Neck Pain

...the condition
“...Pain is also generated when muscles go into spasm.  While such a spasm may occur as a protective reflex, it intensifies discomfort by reducing circulation and setting up an inflammatory response...”

Olive Leaf Extract a treatment
“...Other European researchers validated that claim and also found it to increase blood flow in the coronary arteries, relieve arrhythmias and prevent intestinal muscle spasms.  The search began for the chemical agent within oleuropein that would be the most important medically...”


...the condition
“...Other symptoms include muscle spasms, joint stiffness and limitation of motion...”

Ovarian Cancer

...our question about False urges to urinate
“Urinary urgency, burning or spasms are possible early warning signs.”

Ovarian Cysts

...recommendation Wild Yam
“...This support allows for better function of the uterus while working to prevent uterine cramping or spasms.  This has a positive effect on the ovaries, toning them and relieving ovarian cyst pain.”

Peppermint Oil a treatment
“...Peppermint oil has been shown to inhibit intestinal spasm and relieve gas...”

Poor/Slow Wound Healing

...the condition
“...Symptoms of tetanus include irritability, headache, fever, and painful muscle spasms resulting in a condition called lockjaw.”

Prolotherapy a treatment
“...Stability is increased as pain and muscle spasm decrease.  The newly formed tissue continues to mature for one and one-half years.”

Propolis a treatment
“...Other properties of propolis include acting as a local anesthetic, reducing spasms, healing gastric ulcers, and strengthening capillaries...”


...the condition
“...This problem is not well understood, but may be related to a voiding dysfunction involving the spasm of muscles involved with the voiding process...”


...the condition
“...The larynx begins to spasm and a voice change may be noted...”

Raynaud's Phenomenon

...the condition
“...Raynaud's is caused by tiny arteries that go into spasm, clamping down on the blood supply to the fingertips (and, less often, the toes)...”
...recommendation Inositol Hexaniacinate
“...30 people in one study with Raynaud's disease took 4gm of inositol hexaniacinate each day for 3 months and showed less arterial spasm...”


...the condition
“...Trauma or overuse can cause it to shorten or spasm, compressing the sciatic nerve...”

Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction

...the condition
“...The cause of Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction is generally scarring or spasms.  It may arise from scarring due to gallbladder surgery...”

Squawvine a treatment
“...Squawvine is still used in folk medicine to treat conditions including anxiety, hemorrhoids, insomnia, muscle spasms, edema, and inflammation...”

Stiff Man Syndrome

...the condition
“...Stiff Man Syndrome is a neuromuscular condition in which a hyperactive startle reflex results in the contraction of the muscles, thus causing violent spasms.  These spasms are capable of slamming the victim into walls and furniture...”

Stiff Person Syndrome

...related topic
“Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) is a rare, progressive neuromuscular condition in which a hyperactive startle reflex results in constant painful contraction of the muscles, thus causing violent spasms of the voluntary muscles, particularly the muscles of the back and upper legs...”


...our question about Eyelid twitching
“These twitches are a spasm of the motor nerves that control the eyelids...”
...relationship to Coronary Disease / Heart Attack
“Stress may increase magnesium excretion and the resulting temporary magnesium depletion may make the heart more sensitive to electrical abnormalities and vascular spasm that could lead to cardiac ischemia.”

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

...the condition
“...Subarachnoid hemorrhages commonly cause arteries nearest to the site of bleeding to spasm and become narrower, so medicines may be used to prevent this reaction...”

T4 Syndrome

...the condition
“...They include ... muscle spasms, stiffness and restricted spinal movement around the T4 joint...”


...the condition
“...Muscle spasms and stiffness occur due to interference by tetanospasmin with the signals between the brain and the nerves in the spinal cord...”


...related topic
“A condition of physiologic calcium imbalance marked by tonic spasm of muscles and often associated with deficient parathyroid secretion.”


...related topic
“A muscle spasm which is both tonic, occurring over an extended period of time, and clonic, marked by contractions and relaxations of the muscle occurring in rapid succession.”

Torn, weak, or Stretched Ligaments or Tendons

...the condition
“...We then feel the muscle spasms which are related to the ligamentous laxity...”

Torticollis (Loxia, "Wryneck")

...the condition
“...Pain and spasm may be temporarily lessened with application of heat or ice...”

Tryptophan Need

...the condition
“...Combined with a shortage of magnesium, this deficiency may be a contributing factor to heart artery spasms.  Deficiency of tryptophan in the diet enhances the progress of the vitamin-deficiency disease pellagra, which is treated by restoring nicotinic acid to the diet, usually supplemented with...”

Ultraviolet Light Therapy a treatment
“...Adjuvant tumor therapy; General exhaustion; Anorexia; Immunostimulation; Fungal infections; Slow- or Non-healing wounds; Delayed repair of bone fractures; Acute thrombophlebitis; Vascular spasms; Improvement in condition of cancer patients”

White Peony Root a treatment
“...Pain in the hypochondrium, stomach and abdomen due to disorder of the liver-qi or spasm and pain in the extremities...”
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