Scar Tissue

Definition of Scar Tissue:

Fibrous tissue replacing normal tissues destroyed by injury or disease.

Topics Related to Scar Tissue


...the condition
“...Large nodules composed of scar tissue, eggs, and larvae cause lower right quadrant pain...”


...the condition
“...Adhesions from postoperative scar tissue may develop and block or obstruct the bowel...”
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More topics Related to Scar Tissue

Cicatricial Keloid

...related topic
“Nodular, firm, movable, nonencapsulated mass of scar tissue, tender and frequently painful.”

Cirrhosis of the Liver

...the condition
“Alternative names: Chronic liver disease, alcoholic liver disease Cirrhosis of the liver is a condition in which scar tissue replaces normal, healthy tissue, blocking the flow of blood through the organ and preventing it from working as it should...”

Comfrey a treatment
“...Comfrey may be used externally to speed wound healing and guard against scar tissue.  Comfrey leaves usually applied externally, while comfrey root decoctions are used internally...”


...related topic
“An abnormal, often permanent shortening, as of muscle or scar tissue, that results in distortion or deformity, especially of a joint of the body.”

Coronary Disease / Heart Attack

...the condition
“...If part of the heart muscle has died, it is replaced by scar tissue over the next few weeks...”

Dyspepsia / Poor Digestion

...the condition
“...Esophageal Stricture: Narrowing of the esophagus due to scar tissue, resulting in difficulty swallowing...”


...the condition
“...The result is internal bleeding, degeneration of blood and tissue shed from the growths, inflammation of the surrounding areas, expression of irritating enzymes and formation of scar tissue.  In addition, depending on the location of the growths, interference with the bowel, bladder, intestines and other areas of the pelvic cavity can occur...”

Female Infertility

...relationship to Endometriosis
“...Scar tissue and adhesions may reduce fertility by either obstructing or distorting the shape of the fallopian tubes, which in turn impedes the passage of sperm to the egg...”

Hot Applications (Thermotherapy) a treatment
“...Clinical applications of therapeutic ultrasound include ... Decreased risk of poor structural formation of collagen (scar tissue)...”


...related topic
“A nodular, firm, movable, nonencapsulated, often linear mass of scar tissue, tender and frequently painful, consisting of wide, irregularly distributed bands of collagen, usually occurring after trauma, surgery, a burn, or severe acne, more common among people of...”

Liver Cancer

...the condition
“...Cirrhosis – A disease that develops when liver cells are damaged and replaced with scar tissue.  Cirrhosis may be caused by alcohol abuse, certain drugs and other chemicals, and certain viruses or parasites...”


...related topic
“...These are hypertrophic or "shotty" nodes, and no more significant than pumped-up muscles or old scar tissue.  Lymphangitis: Inflammation of one or more lymph nodes and/or lymph vessels, usually part of an acute infectious condition.”

Macular Degeneration

...the condition
“...The "wet" form makes up the remaining 30% of cases and can involve bleeding within and beneath the retina, opaque deposits, and eventually scar tissue.  The "wet" form accounts for 90% of all cases of legal blindness amongst macular degeneration patients...”

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) a treatment
“...It has been found to help in dissolving scar tissue, decrease inflammation, and increases elasticity in the body...”

Muscular Dystrophy

...related topic
“A hereditary disease characterized by gradual wasting of the muscles with replacement by scar tissue and fat, sometimes also affecting the heart.”


...the condition
“...Myelofibrosis is a rare disease in which bone marrow is gradually replaced by fibrous scar tissue.  As a result, the marrow is unable to produce sufficient new blood cells, resulting in anemia, bleeding problems, and a higher risk of infection...”
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More topics Related to Scar Tissue


...the condition
“...Complications of spontaneous peritonitis may include abscess development; intestinal obstruction from scar tissue; hepatorenal syndrome; hepatic encephalopathy; massive sepsis (inflammation of peritoneal cavity caused by bacteria can result in infection of the bloodstream – sepsis – and severe illness...”

Peyronie's Disease

...the condition
“...Scar tissue forming in the balloons cannot stretch as much as the balloons do, so the erected penis bends toward the side with a scar...”

Poor/Slow Wound Healing

...the condition
“...When healing is complete, the granulation tissue develops into tough scar tissue.  All wounds heal in three stages...”
...recommendation Gotu Kola
“...A review article of centella noted the most beneficial effects to date involved the stimulation and mutation of scar tissue by production of Type I collagen and an inhibition of the inflammatory reaction...”
...recommendation Bromelain
“...This mechanism of action can be helpful in chronic wounds or wounds having too much scar tissue.  According to the PDR for Nutritional Supplements, bromelain speeds up healing time after surgical procedures, shows positive effects in the treatment of athletic injuries, and in at...”

Problems Associated With Snoring

...recommendation Surgery
“...Palatal stiffening – a minimally-invasive surgical technique where a laser or a cauterizer is used to produce scar tissue in the soft palate in order to stop the vibrations that produce snoring...”

Pulmonary Fibrosis

...the condition
“...If Pulmonary Fibrosis is suspected then various diagnostic tests can be performed ... X-ray or high resolution CT Scan to look for scar tissue and lung damage...”

Rectal Cancer

...the condition
“...Resection can cause anal stenosis (narrowing) of the anal canal and anus due to scar tissue.  Surgery is sometimes required to widen the anus and restore proper function...”


...the condition
“...The proliferative – or severe – forms of retinopathies include the defects identified by newly grown blood vessels, by scar tissue formed within the eye, by closed-off blood vessels that are badly damaged, and by the retina breaking away from its mesh of blood vessels that nourish it (retinal detachment)...”


...the condition
“...The systemic forms of scleroderma cause fibrosis (scar tissue) to be formed in the skin and/or internal organs...”
...related topic
“An autoimmune disease of the connective tissue, characterized by the formation of scar tissue (fibrosis) in the skin and organs of the body...”

Sideroblastic Anemia

...the condition
“...Possible complications of sideroblastic anemia include ... Formation of liver nodules and scar tissue...”


...related topic
“Painful, sporadic and drop-by-drop urination, caused by the presence of kidney stones, chronic inflammation such as interstitial cystitis, or urethral scar tissue.”


...related topic
“An abnormal narrowing or constriction in the diameter of a bodily passage caused by, for example, scar tissue.  Usually refers to the esophageal or gastrointestinal tract.”

Unresolved Chronic Pain

...the condition
“...If muscle tone and/or posture changes, and/or scar tissue forms, the relationship between the musculoskeletal system and TMJ changes automatically, and this can cause various chronic symptoms...”

Vitamin E a treatment
“...However, this oxygen, while life-saving, may lead to serious complications such as blindness, lung engorgement and fibrosis (scar tissue), a serious form of anemia, and heart and liver damage...”
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