Muscular Dystrophy

Definition of Muscular Dystrophy:

A hereditary disease characterized by gradual wasting of the muscles with replacement by scar tissue and fat, sometimes also affecting the heart.

Topics Related to Muscular Dystrophy

Acetyl-L-Carnitine a treatment
“...Deficiency symptoms include anorexia, cardiogenic shock, congestive heart failure, chronic fatigue, damaged heart tissue, heart attack, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), muscle disorders, muscular dystrophy, muscle weakness, myoglobinuria (high breakdown of muscle cells), obesity, poor circulation, high cholesterol (LDL), high triglycerides, low cholesterol (HDL)...”


...the condition
“...This can be due to a variety of causes including ... muscular dystrophy / chest muscle weakness...”
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More topics Related to Muscular Dystrophy

Glutamic Acid a treatment
“...Another "brain food" amino acid that helps in the treatment of epilepsy, mental retardation, muscular dystrophy, ulcers, hypoglycemia, diabetes and personality disorders.”

Muscular Dystrophy

...the condition
Muscular dystrophy is one of a number of muscular diseases (myopathies) characterized by progressive muscle weakness and loss of muscle tissue...”
...our question about Difficulty when swallowing
“Hereditary conditions such as muscular dystrophy can lead to swallowing difficulty (dysphagia) due to a lack of muscle control necessary for normal swallowing.”
...relationship to Osteoporosis - Osteopenia
“People with muscular dystrophy can develop osteoporosis due to lack of mobility and steroid treatments.”
...recommendation Vitamin E
“Severe deficiency results in muscular dystrophy-like symptoms...”
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