Calf Muscles

Definition of Calf Muscles:

The calf muscles consist of a big muscle (the Gastrocnemius) at the back of the lower leg that stretches from the heel to the back of the knee, and a smaller muscle (the Soleus) lower down in the leg.

Also: Calf Muscle, Calves

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“Often Intermittent claudication: Condition caused by interruptions of blood supply to the muscles, characterized by limping and pain chiefly in the calf muscles: symptom characterized by pain during walking.”

Intermittent Claudication

...the condition
“...The location of the pain depends on the location of the clogged or narrowed artery: if the blockage is lower in the legs, pain may affect the calves or feet.  Triggered by activity, just like angina, such pain is the warning cry of oxygen-starved muscles during exertion...”
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More topics Related to Calf Muscles

Leg Cramps At Night

...the condition
“Nocturnal leg cramps are sudden, involuntary contractions of the calf muscles that occur during the night or while at rest...”

Peripheral Vascular Disease

...the condition
“...Symptoms of PVD depend upon the location and extent of the blocked arteries and include ... Painful cramping in the hip, thigh or calf muscles after activity such as walking or climbing stairs (Intermittent claudication)...”
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More topics Related to Calf Muscles

Poor Circulation

...the condition
“...Warning signs of Leg Artery Disease ... Pale, hairless, mottled, scaly, or shiny skin on the calves, ankles, or feet...”

Vitamin B1 Requirement

...the condition
“...Deficiency symptoms include ... weak and painful muscles, especially the legs, starting with numb, burning feet, later affecting calves and thighs, may result in paralysis...”

Vitamin B12 Requirement

...our question about Numb/burning/tingling extremities
“...B12 deficiency becomes pronounced, the nervous system can be affected, causing progressive peripheral neuropathy (tingling of the fingers and toes), muscle weakness, staggering, tenderness in the calves, confusion.”
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