Definition of Bruxism:

Prolonged, unintentional grinding and clenching of the teeth, usually occurring during sleep.  'Bruxers' are often unaware that they have developed this habit.  Symptoms include abraded/chipped teeth (in extreme cases, waking up with tooth chips in the mouth); facial pain; oversensitive teeth; tense facial and jaw muscles; headaches; dislocation of the jaw; damage to the tooth enamel, exposing the inside of the tooth; a popping or clicking in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ); tongue indentations; damage to the inside of the cheek.

Topics Related to Bruxism


...relationship to Bruxism (Clenching/Grinding Teeth)
“Allergy may play a role in bruxism.  It is noticed that bruxism is more frequent in those experiencing periods of allergic rhinitis or asthma.”

Biofeedback a treatment
“...Biofeedback may also be useful for the following health problems ... bruxism (clenching / grinding teeth)...”
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More topics Related to Bruxism

Bruxism (Clenching/Grinding Teeth)

...the condition
“Alternative names: Teeth grinding Bruxism is characterized by grinding of the teeth and is typically accompanied by clenching of the jaw...”
...relationship to Magnesium Requirement
“According to Ploceniak, prolonged magnesium administration nearly always provides a cure for bruxism.  This confirms an earlier report which claimed remarkable reductions and sometimes disappearance in the frequency and duration of grinding episodes in six patients who took assorted vitamins...”
...relationship to Calcium Requirement
“...When surveyed a year later, they reported that bruxism vanished.  In contrast, the 15 bruxers who only took vitamins A, C, E and iodine showed no improvement...”
...relationship to Allergic Rhinitis / Hay Fever
“Allergy may play a role in bruxism.  It is reported that bruxism is more frequent in those experiencing periods of allergic rhinitis or asthma.”
...recommendation Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
“See the link between Bruxism and Magnesium.”
...recommendation Magnesium
“...If bruxism subsides, it is advisable to continue taking these supplements, but perhaps at a lower dosage...”
...recommendation Dental Appliance
“A plastic mouth guard can protect the teeth from harm in cases of bruxism at night.  A bite plate is a removable plastic device which prevents teeth from coming together...”
...recommendation Counseling
Bruxism is sometimes due to strong emotions such as resentment, frustration, anger, grief, or fear, and can result from a dysfunctional family situation.”
...recommendation Calcium
“See the link between Bruxism and Magnesium.”
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More topics Related to Bruxism

Chinese Skullcap a treatment
“...Due to its sedative and relaxing effects, a dose of Chinese skullcap before sleep can help with insomnia, restless sleep, tense muscles, and bruxism.  It may also help with anxiety, epilepsy, and muscle spasms in general; it is known to reduce heart disease risk, and bring down fevers caused by flu...”

Muscle Cramps / Twitching

...recommendation Conventional Drug Use
“...It is useful in dealing with muscle twitching, restless leg syndrome, and night-time grinding of the teeth (bruxism).”

Sensitive Teeth

...the condition
“...Dentin can be exposed by ... Clenching or grinding your teeth (Bruxism)...”

TMJ Problems

...relationship to Bruxism (Clenching/Grinding Teeth)
“Although the link is not clear, stresses on the jaw caused by bruxism can lead to TMJ dysfunction...”
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