Vasopressin: Overview

Vasopressin is a hormone secreted by the posterior portion of the pituitary gland.

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Vasopressin is available in 5ml or 12ml nasal sprays under the trade names Diapid, Lypressin Injection BP 1993, Lypressin Nasal Solution USP 23, Neo-Lidocaton™, Postacton, Postacton™, Syntopressin, Vasopresina, Vasopressin, Vasopressin™, Vasopressine, and Vasopressine™.

Why it is Recommended

Vasopressin is used to treat memory deficits due to old age (senile dementia), drug toxicity and amnesia.  Whenever a memory is deposited in the brain, vasopressin regulates the process.  Vasopressin benefits one by enhanced clarity, increased attention to detail, and improved short and long term memory.  It has been shown to actually raise the IQ.

Vasopressin is legitimately used to prevent frequent urination in bed-wetting patterns.

Side-Effects; Counter-Indicators and Warnings

Side-effects are minimal.  There is occasional nasal itchiness, headaches, conjunctivitis, sore throat, nausea, abdominal pain and the urgent need to defecate as a result of increased bowel stimulation does rarely occur.

It should be administered with caution in cases of hypertension, epilepsy, and arteriosclerosis.

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