Tribulus: Overview

Tribulus is used widely in the Ayurvedic system of medicine for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and various urinary disorders.  It is a natural herbal alternative to synthetic anabolic hormones without any known toxic effects.

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The active ingredient in Tribulus is marketed as Tribestan.  Frequent clinical trials and studies have been carried out using this extract.  Tribestan has passed all the drug tests at every competitive level and has been used with significant results by top professional athletes as well as by recreational sport participants with no contraindications, no toxicity and no side-effects.

History; Source

Tribulus is mentioned in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medical texts dating back thousands of years.

Tribulus grows predominantly in India and Africa.  With its good safety profile and its natural herbal origin, Tribestan is sold as a dietary supplement in many countries with little restriction on its use.

Why it is Recommended

Three major medical centers in Bulgaria have conducted clinical studies on Tribestan's effect on reproductive functions.  In 1981, Tribestan was incorporated into mainstream medical treatment in much of Eastern Europe for improvement of libido and erectile function, increasing serum concentration of testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH), and stimulation of spermatogenesis with increased concentration of sperm and an increase in sperm motility and viability.

Tribulus appears to raise natural testosterone production in men via the activation of hormone secretion and estradiol.  Clinical studies in Bulgaria have shown Tribulus to increase the sex hormones LH level by 72% and the body's own free testosterone level by 41% in healthy adult males in only five days.  LH regulates the testosterone production in the testes and high levels of LH coincide with high testosterone levels.

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Tribulus can help with the following:


Low Male Testosterone Level

In patients with below-normal serum testosterone levels, physiological levels were reached after treatment with Tribulus.  Amongst patients with normal initial levels, the testosterone level was not significantly changed after treatment.


Male Infertility (Low Sperm Count)

Tribestan, an extract of tribulus, administered to males with reduced sperm count of unknown cause or with sperm disturbances due to varicocele, has been shown to result in increased concentration of sperm, increased percentage of motile sperm and, in some cases, an increase in the volume of ejaculate by 1-2ml.

Andropause/Male Menopause

Administration of tribestan, an extract of Tribulus, leads to increased muscle mass during exercise by activating an enzyme associated with energy metabolism.  It has also been reported to increase the body's natural testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH) levels.  With the increase of testosterone it has helped to alleviate some symptoms associated with male menopause.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED, Impotence)

In patients with primary and secondary hypogonadism, 78% reported restored and enhanced libido and 22% reported improved erections with the use of Tribulus.


High Body Fat Percentage

With the use of tribulus, the benefits for the person engaged in active training and workout are muscle cell growth and increased body strength as well as faster recuperation and recovery from muscular stress.  For years, tribestan, an extract of tribulus, has been used by athletes of the Soviet bloc.  Tribulus has become increasingly popular with athletes because it reportedly increases strength and stamina.


Low Sex Drive

In clinical studies on 212 patients, 85% of patients with reduced libido demonstrated improvement after 30 days and 94% after 60 days of treatment with tribestan, an extract of Tribulus.  For 36 patients with chronic prostatitis and reduced libido, 75% reported favorable effects at the end of the treatment cycle.

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