Definition of Prostatitis:

Inflammation of the prostate, experienced by half of all men at some time in their life.  Symptoms can include fever, pain (in the lower back, genital region, testicles, penis, perineum), frequent urination, painful urination, painful ejaculation, fever, blood in semen, recurrent UTIs.  Possible causes include bacterial or non-bacterial infection, portal congestion, cancer, increased adipose estradiol release in the middle-aged male, or over-use.

Topics Related to Prostatitis

Erectile Dysfunction (ED, Impotence)

...the condition
“...Physical factors include ... Local disorders – prostate enlargement (BPH), congenital abnormalities and inflammatory diseases of the genitalia, prostatitis; vascular disturbances such as aortic aneurysm and atherosclerosis (for example Leriche's syndrome)...”
...recommendation Pygeum
“An extract of pygeum has shown an ability to improve the capacity to achieve an erection in patients with BPH or prostatitis.”
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More topics Related to Prostatitis

Horsetail Grass a treatment
“...cirrhosis, edema, fracture, hair loss, heart disease, inflammation, intertrigo, kidney ailments, Lyme disease, muscle cramps, nail problems, obesity-diuretic tea, osteoporosis, Paget's disease, prostatitis, rickets, skin-oily, skin-wrinkles, sport injuries, sunburn.”

Hydrangea a treatment
“...Wild hydrangea is very specifically active in reducing unpleasant sensations issuing from the urinary tract, whether due to a stone or prostatitis.  Dr. Ellingwood wrote in 1905, "Frequent urination with heat, burning, accompanied with quick, sharp, acute pains in the urethra, partial suppression of urine with general irritation and...”

Increased Urinary Frequency

...the condition
“...Common causes of frequent urination include ... Prostatitis (infected or inflamed prostate gland)...”

Kelp a treatment
“...Prostatitis: Kelp (5 to 6 tablets daily) supplies necessary minerals for improved prostate function...”

Low Back Pain

...the condition
“...Some causes of chronic low back pain include: prostatitis, hidden food allergies, hypothyroidism, autointoxication or intestinal toxemia (self-poisoning by harmful gut bacteria), mercury toxicity (if stored in the sensory ganglia near the low...”

Low Sex Drive

...recommendation Tribulus
“...For 36 patients with chronic prostatitis and reduced libido, 75% reported favorable effects at the end of the treatment cycle.”
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More topics Related to Prostatitis

Lymphatic Congestion

...the condition
“...Despite this, the following conditions are examples that are reported to improve through improved lymphatic drainage: Allergies, prostatitis, chronic sinusitis, heart disease, eczema and other skin conditions, fibrocystic disease, chronic fatigue, repetitive parasitic infections, MS, edema, lupus erythematosis, inflammation...”

Prostate Cancer

...the condition
“...However, a high PSA score does not always indicate cancer and can be caused by other prostate diseases such as benign prostatic hypertrophy or prostatitis (inflamed prostate)...”


...the condition
Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate...”
...recommendation Hydrangea
“Wild hydrangea is very specifically active in reducing unpleasant sensations issuing from the urinary tract, whether due to a stone or prostatitis.  Like most diuretic herbs, hydrangea is an excellent choice for treating inflamed or enlarged prostate glands...”

Urinary Retention

...the condition
“...for example scarring of the bladder from removing catheters; Psychogenic causes such as fear associated with urination, or being unable to urinate around strangers (Paruresis); (In men) ... Prostatitis (the most common cause in young males, usually acquired from sexual intercourse)...”

Yeast / Candida Infection

...the condition
“...Genitourinary ... Prostatitis...”
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