Homeopathic Growth Hormones

Homeopathic Growth Hormones: Overview

The majority of natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) products are referred to as "HGH releasers", "HGH Precursors" and "HGH Secretagogues".  The overwhelming majority of these products are amino acid supplements that have been around forever.  Many of these products have simply been re-marketed to capitalize on the popularity of HGH and are selling for much more than they did in the past.

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Not only do they normally CONTAIN NO HGH AT ALL, but according to a very informative book by Dr. H.A. Davis, called "Feeling Younger with Homeopathic HGH": "30% of patients tested DO NOT respond these GH 'enhancers', 'releasers' or 'secretagogues'.  GH enhancers have been around a long time and, in many cases, have never yielded the same quality and consistent results as actual HGH."

Dr. Davis concludes: "In our view, homeopathy takes HGH to the safest, most sophisticated level ever seen.  Homeopathic HGH combines years of scientific research with the benefits of safety and effectiveness."

Two types of Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone products are Homeopathic HGH without liver extract, and Homeopathic HGH combined with liver extract.

The first type, namely Homeopathic HGH without an ingredient to address healthy liver function, poses safety concerns to some doctors because there could be a health risk involved if a product elevates HGH levels but does not address the issue of maintaining healthy liver function.  When you raise HGH there is a corresponding elevation of blood glucose levels that could potentially create health problems.

The second type, namely Homeopathic HGH combined with an ingredient to address healthy liver function, is believed to be preferable.  The liver extract stabilizes and normalizes any raised blood glucose levels, making the mixture safe for long-term use.  Additionally, certain types of liver extract can also regenerate liver tissue, which tends to regress as we age.  And, of course, a healthier, detoxified and better functioning liver has numerous other benefits for long-term health and prevention.

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Homeopathic Growth Hormones:

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Low HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

One placebo-controlled and blinded study found that two homeopathic products (the only ones tested) demonstrated a clear improvement in symptoms and increased IGF-1 levels.  Since some people respond to one product but not another, it is worth trying one for a month to see if any improvements result.  If not, switch products until finding one that works for you.

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