Caprylic acid

Caprylic acid: Overview

Alternative names: Octanoic Acid.

Caprylic Acid (often used in its stable form sodium caprylate) is an 8-carbon fatty acid.  It is readily soluble along the gut wall and is best known for its use as an anti-fungal agent.

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Caprylic acid acts to penetrate and destabilize the yeast cell walls.


No adverse side-effects are associated with this ingredient, but it is usually associated with symptoms of yeast die-off.  These symptoms, which can be very uncomfortable, make caprylic acid best formulated with ingredients that diminish these symptoms.

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Caprylic Acid:

Caprylic acid can help with the following:


Yeast / Candida Infection

Caprylic acid has been shown to be very effective against Candidiasis.  Medical literature lists many examples of caprylic acid, and its stabilized salt forms, being used in the successful treatment of Candida infections.

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