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This section deals with tobacco use.


How much have you smoked in the past 8 years? Multiply the number of years you smoked by the average number of packs smoked per day. For example, 4 years x half a pack daily = roughly 2 pack-years. (1 pack of cigarettes equals 5 cigars or 8 pipes.)
  • I have not smoked during the past 8 years
  • Under 1 pack-year
  • 1-5 pack-years
  • 5-15 pack-years
  • Over 15 pack-years


Smoking tobacco. What is your current status?
  • I have never smoked / don't know
  • I stopped over 8 years ago
  • I stopped 4-8 years ago
  • I stopped less than 4 years ago
  • I am still a smoker


How much tobacco are you currently smoking per day, on average? (Assume that an average cigar equals 4 cigarettes and a pipe equals 2.5 cigarettes.)
  • Not applicable / don't know
  • Under 2 cigarettes
  • 2-5 cigarettes
  • 6-20 cigarettes
  • More than 20 cigarettes


Do you use chewing tobacco?
  • No / don't know
  • Light use in the past only
  • Heavy use in the past only
  • Light current use
  • Heavy current use