Questionnaire - Help

The questionnaire consists of several pages of multiple-choice questions and a final page that allows you to enter all the details not covered elsewhere.

Answering the multiple-choice questions

Each question has a default answer pre-selected and this will often be the correct answer for you.  You can skip a question if:

  • You agree with the default answer
  • You are unable or unwilling to answer the question
  • The question does not apply to you.

Adding further comments

Add a note iconYou can type additional notes, questions or comments for each question by clicking the notepad icon.  Although the input field is small, you can type or paste any amount of text.  These notes help us to provide you with a better report and improve our questionnaire.  If you see a problem with a question, we would like to know about it!

If you don't have time to finish...

You can leave the questionnaire at any time and return later.  This web site will remember your progress, and we will also email instructions on how to continue within several hours.

Continuing on a different computer/mobile device

After leaving our web site you will automatically receive an emailed link for continuing the questionnaire within several hours.  If you would like to receive the link sooner, simply contact us.

My answers have disappeared!

If you return to a page and can not see your previous responses, don't panic!  As a security measure, no personal data at all is stored on our public server:  Each time you save a page, it is stored in our remote database.  You are free to go back and redo page(s), but you will not see your previous responses.  You can request an email copy of your questionnaire responses at any time.

I can't continue to the next page!

Occasionally your browser may not load a page completely, and as a result you will not see a button at the bottom of the current page.  If this or any other page corruption occurs, simply refresh the page by clicking your browser's refresh or reload button, or by hitting the F5 key.  If you continue to have problems, please contact us with the exact details of the problem and we will assist.

Recent lab/diagnostic test results

Lab test results obtained during the past year can be entered towards the end of the questionnaire.  Although they help us confirm or rule out certain conditions, they are not required.

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