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This section is about fatigue.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Have you ever been diagnosed with this condition?
  • Don't know
  • No
  • Yes, but it has since resolved
  • Yes, it is a current tolerable problem
  • Yes, I can no longer lead a normal life


Are you currently experiencing fatigue or exhaustion that started suddenly less than 3 months ago? Do not include fatigue that is due to an obvious cause, such as pregnancy.
  • Don't know
  • No / not sudden onset / started over 3 months ago
  • Yes, it started about 1-3 months ago
  • Yes, it started about 1-4 weeks ago
  • Yes, it started within the past week


When you are suffering from fatigue, do you feel better after eating?
  • I don't suffer from fatigue / don't know
  • No, eating does not help reduce my fatigue
  • Yes, eating seems to reduce my fatigue a little
  • Yes, eating very definitely reduces my fatigue


Do you have fatigue that is present most of the time, not improved by ordinary sleep? In other words, do you wake up tired or not have the energy to do what you want to, even after a good night of sleep?
  • Don't know
  • No
  • It is a slight problem but I function quite well
  • Moderate problem - I can not function sometimes
  • Major problem - I am unable to perform my duties


Do you regularly become tired in the afternoon or evening and feel like having a nap? Do not answer if the reason is lack of sleep or you work at night.
  • I don't sleep enough / I work nights / don't know
  • No / my energy level is generally fine
  • I feel like napping several times a month
  • I need a nap most days / fall asleep occasionally
  • I regularly fall asleep involuntarily


Do you get tired easily, even with slight physical exertion?
  • Don't know
  • No
  • Occasionally / moderately
  • Severely - almost any kind of activity tires me


Do you experience fatigue after taking a shower?
  • Don't know
  • No / very rarely
  • Occasionally
  • Frequently


Have you experienced an episode of fatigue that lasted 3 months or longer?
  • No / don't know
  • In the past only, now resolved
  • Yes, I have had minor fatigue for 3+ months now
  • Yes, I have had major fatigue for 3-12 months now
  • Yes, I have had major fatigue for over a year now