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This section is about the use of natural progesterone.


How much progesterone cream are you using per day? You may need to look on the jar to figure out how many milligrams you are using.
  • None / don't know
  • Don't know - using standard dose of OTC product
  • 5-30mg per day
  • 31-100mg per day or more than directions call for
  • Over 100mg per day


How much micronized progesterone are you taking orally per day? Prometrium is a micronized product.
  • None / don't know
  • Less than 150mg
  • 150-250mg
  • 250-399mg
  • 400mg or more


How much sublingual progesterone are you taking per day?
  • None / don't know
  • Less than 24mg
  • 25 to 49mg
  • 50 to 99mg
  • More than 100mg


What is your pattern of progesterone use? Please note any other usage pattern than those listed.
  • Not applicable / don't know
  • Random use
  • Using from ovulation until period starts
  • Once a month stopping for 3-7 days
  • Continuously, taking no breaks