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This section deals with abdominal problems.


Do you experience a sense of lower abdominal fullness that is NOT caused by food or gas? In other words do you ever "feel full" when you shouldn't?
  • It is caused by gas / don't know
  • No, I do not experience lower abdominal fullness
  • Yes, sometimes a little fullness
  • Yes, often a little / sometimes definite fullness
  • Yes, (almost) always a definite fullness


Do you experience any abdominal swelling / distension that does not appear to be meal-, gas- or weight-related? In other words, is your abdomen larger than it should be?
  • No / probably meal/gas/weight-related / don't know
  • Slight, comes and goes with or without meals
  • Slight, always present with or without meals
  • Significant, comes and goes with or without meals
  • Significant, always present with or without meals


MIDDLE-LEFT abdomen: Do you experience pressure or 'fullness' below your lower left rib which is painless or slightly tender? (Do not answer this question if there is significant pain.)
  • There is significant pain / don't know
  • No
  • Yes, slight pressure with no/slight pain
  • Yes, significant pressure with no/slight pain


If you are experiencing episodes of abdominal pain (or discomfort), does a bowel movement (BM) reduce this pain?
  • I don't have abdominal pain / don't know
  • No, the pain remains the same after a BM
  • No, the pain gets worse after a BM
  • Yes, there is a moderate improvement
  • Yes, big improvement, the pain (almost) disappears


If you are experiencing any type of abdominal discomfort or pain, how does eating a meal usually affect it? Meal-related symptoms usually begin 20 minutes to 3 hours after eating.
  • There is no abdominal discomfort/pain / don't know
  • Discomfort/pain is usually not affected by eating*
  • It is usually reduced by eating*
  • It usually only occurs after eating*
  • It usually becomes worse after eating*
* more questions will be asked later