Definition of Rhinitis:

Inflammation of the sinus membranes and nasal mucous membrane, sometimes extending to the eyes and ears.  It may be caused by a head cold, hay fever, or a chemical irritant.

Topics Related to Rhinitis

Allergic Conjunctivitis

...the condition
“...If allergic conjunctivitis is combined with rhinitis, the condition is termed allergic rhinoconjunctivitis...”

Allergic Rhinitis / Hay Fever

...relationship to Allergy to Foods (Hidden)
“...Congestion or inflammation of the nose (rhinitis) may be due to airborne irritants and allergens, but food allergy may be an undiagnosed cause of this common problem.”
...recommendation Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
“...One trial on over 100 patients with allergic rhinitis given 250mg of pantothenic acid twice daily found that the majority had almost instant relief...”
...recommendation Conventional Drug Use
“...NOTE: Extended use of antihistamines or nasal sprays can make your allergic rhinitis worse.”
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More topics Related to Rhinitis

Allergy to Foods (Hidden)

...our question about Frequency and severity of sore throats
“...Congestion or inflammation of the nose (rhinitis), sinuses (sinusitis), and throat (pharyngitis) may be due to airborne irritants and allergens, but food allergy may be the undiagnosed cause of these common problems.”


...relationship to Allergy to Foods (Hidden)
“...Food challenges triggered respiratory symptoms in 59% (rhinitis, laryngeal edema, wheezing, and dyspnea)...”

Colloidal Silver

...as a treatment
“...malaria, Meniere's disease*, meningitis*, moles, ophthalmology, parvo virus*, pleurisy, pneumonia, prostate enlargement, pruritus – anal and other, psoriasis and skin rashes*, rheumatism, rhinitis*, ringworm*, rosacea, seborrhea, sepsis – infection*, shingles*, sinusitis*, skin cancer, sore throat, staph infections*, strep infections*, syphilis, tonsillitis*, tooth decay delay...”

Gotu Kola

...as a treatment
“...of tonsillectomy cavities; promotes healing after radiotherapy of laryngectomy & pharyngolaryngectomy patients; Tuberculosis; enlarged glands; periodontal conditions; as snuff for ozena (atrophic rhinitis, there is loss & shrinkage of the ciliated mucous membrane & of the turbinate bones)...”
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More topics Related to Rhinitis


...the condition
“...When too many mast cells are present in the body, the chemicals that they release can cause ... Infections (bronchitis, rhinitis, and conjunctivitis)...”

Nasal Polyps

...the condition
“...Polyps are seen with greater frequency in people with asthma, allergic rhinitis (hay fever), vasomotor rhinitis (may be caused by emotional upset or sexual arousal), and certain kinds of drug use, chronic sinus infections, and cystic fibrosis...”

Nonallergic / Vasomotor Rhinitis

...the condition
“...Vasomotor Rhinitis involves chronic sneezing or having a congested, drippy nose with no apparent cause...”
...our question about Being allergic to cigarette smoke
“Given a certain amount of smoke, a person with vasomotor rhinitis will experience significantly more discomfort than someone who does not have it.”

Sulfite Sensitivity

...the condition
“...Asthma, nasal and sinus congestion, rhinitis, postnasal drip, frontal headache and bronchospasm can be triggered by sulfites...”

Ultraviolet Light Therapy

...as a treatment
“...Raynaud's disease; Psoriasis; Inflammatory disease Acne; Allergic gastritis; Arthritis; Autoimmune thyroiditis; Bursitis; Boils; Mastitis; Osteomyelitis; Pancreatitis; Periodontitis; Peritonitis; Rhinitis, sinusitis; Septicemia; Diseases due to inadequate peripheral circulation Varicose ulcers; Diabetic ulcers; Peripheral atherosclerosis; Some types of gangrene; Vascular headache; Adjuvant...”
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