Definition of Incontinence:

The inability to retain urine in the bladder for a reasonable length of time.  It can be caused by urethral irritation, loss of tone to the basement muscle of the bladder (the trigone), scarification or growths on the urethral lining, nerve damage, or emotional stress.

Also: Incontinent

Topics Related to Incontinence

Acute, Intermittent Porphyria

...the condition
“...Urinary retention, incontinence, dysuria, and frequency may be observed...”


...related topic
“In botany, lack of muscle tone of the supportive musculature of the bladder sphincter, resulting in incontinence.”
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More topics Related to Incontinence

Biofeedback a treatment
“...Biofeedback is an effective therapy for many conditions, but it is primarily used to treat high blood pressure, tension headache, migraine headache, chronic pain, and urinary incontinence.  Biofeedback shows considerable promise for the treatment of urinary incontinence, which affects millions of Americans...”


...the condition
“...It should be distinguished from other conditions such as incontinence, which is involuntary defecation...”

Erectile Dysfunction (ED, Impotence)

...the condition
“...ejaculatory problems, reduced fertility and increased urinary frequency especially at night (nocturia), a weak urinary stream, hesitancy during urination, difficulty starting urination and urinary incontinence.  These changes may be due, at least in part, to a gradual failure of the testicular production of testosterone, the male sex hormone...”
...our question about Prostate surgery
“Erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence are the two most frequently encountered consequences of radical prostatectomy...”

Fecal Impaction

...the condition
“...areas or masses in the abdomen; Symptoms of severe fecal impaction include: rapid heart rate; dehydration; rapid breathing; fever; confusion; easily becoming agitated; bladder pressure; urinary incontinence; rectal bleeding; blood in the stool; lower back pain; Diagnosis involves a physical examination and digital rectal exam (DRE) to check for hardened abdominal mass(es) in the abdomen and...”

Gravel Root a treatment
“...A tea made from the roots and leaves has been used to eliminate stones from the urinary tract, to treat urinary incontinence in children, cystitis, urethritis, impotence and other conditions...”

Guillain-Barre Syndrome

...the condition
“...temperature, difficulty breathing, reduced ability to control the function of the stomach, digestive system and bladder, loss of weight, vomiting after meals, reduced function of various glands, incontinence, impotency, etc...”

Herniated Disc In Lower Back

...the condition
“...Seek medical attention immediately if you experience severe symptoms such as loss of bowel or bladder control (incontinence).”

Hormone Imbalance

...the condition
“...Some of the complications of hormonal imbalances include ... Urinary incontinence...”
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More topics Related to Incontinence

Increased Urinary Frequency

...the condition
“...In addition, muscular disability, spinal cord effects on the bladder muscle, tumors, infection, or anatomic damage to the sphincters and/or bladder neck may cause incontinence in advancing age...”

Neck Arthritis

...the condition
“...This may produce symptoms of weakness and spasticity, loss of sensation or of one's sense of position in space, and incontinence.  As strange as it may seem, neck and radiating nerve pain is unusual in these cases...”

Prostate Cancer

...recommendation Surgery
“...Possible side-effects of the procedure include some urinary incontinence, sterility and erectile dysfunction (impotence), although modern surgical techniques can minimize the risks of this to some extent...”

Rectal Cancer

...the condition
“...Radiation causes side-effects including loss of control of the sphincter muscle (incontinence), temporary browning of the skin, and fatigue...”

Senile Dementia

...the condition
“...Symptoms at the later stage include the following ... Incontinence...”

Spinal Stenosis

...the condition
“...and/or weakness in foot/feet or leg(s); pain or cramping in leg(s) when walking or standing for long periods of time; In severe cases of either cervical or lumbar stenosis, urinary and/or fecal incontinence, sexual dysfunction, or paralysis may occur...”

Urinary Retention

...the condition
“...Symptoms of conditions that can cause it, for example fever, weight loss, weakness, loss of sensation, genital infection, long-term constipation, or inflammation; (As the bladder becomes full:) Incontinence, nocturia, frequent need to urinate; In cases of Chronic Urinary Retention there are often no symptoms: the patient may not become aware of it until a secondary condition such as urinary...”

Urinary Stress/Urge Incontinence

...the condition
“Over 13 million American men and women of all ages suffer from incontinence, causing them to leak urine...”
...relationship to Estrogens Low
“The cause of urinary stress incontinence in women is usually pelvic relaxation resulting from childbirth and the aging process...”

Vascular Dementia

...the condition
“...They include ... other problems commonly found in those who have had a stroke, such as depression-like behavior and incontinence...”
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