Definition of Cystitis:

Inflammation of the urinary bladder.

Topics Related to Cystitis

Acute Bronchitis

...relationship to Vitamin A Requirement
“See the link between Cystitis and Vitamin A Deficiency.”

American Skullcap a treatment
“...with other cold, bitter herbs such as huang lian or goldenseal to purge heat from the system in gastric, chest, and urinary infections, including diarrhea, jaundice, gastroenteritis, bronchitis, and cystitis.  Combine with herbs such as ju hua to reduce high blood pressure...”
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More topics Related to Cystitis


...relationship to Vitamin A Requirement
“See the link between Cystitis and Vitamin A Deficiency.”

Cleavers a treatment
“...An infusion of the herb has shown of benefit in the treatment of glandular fever, tonsillitis, hepatitis and cystitis.  Cleavers stimulates liver function and improves digestion and absorption...”

Colloidal Silver a treatment
“...Claims are made for benefits in the following conditions: Acne*, allergies, arthritis – some types*, athletes foot*, bad breath, bladder infections, cystitis*, bleeding gums, boils*, burns*, candida*, canker sores, chronic fatigue, colds, colitis*, conjunctivitis*, cornea injury*, cystitis, dandruff, dermatitis, diabetes*, diarrhea*, digestive...”

Diverticular Disease

...the condition
“...Possible complications include Intestinal hemorrhage; Peritonitis due to perforation; Obstruction of colon; Pyelonephritis or cystitis due to inflammation from adherent diverticulitis.”

Fennel a treatment
“...When combined with such urinary antiseptics as uva ursi, it makes an effective treatment for cystitis.  In Chinese medicine, the seeds (hui xiang) are thought to be a toner for the spleen and kidneys, and are also used in urinary and reproductive disharmonies...”

Gravel Root a treatment
“...In urinary infections, such as cystitis and urethritis, Gravel Root is said to be quite beneficial...”

Heparin a treatment
“...Some conditions that appear to be sensitive to heparin include ... Interstitial cystitis (Effective in a human experimental model of interstitial cystitis)...”

Interstitial Cystitis

...the condition
“...The interstitial cystitis patient has a small capacity, irritated bladder...”
...relationship to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
“...In fact, several studies suggest that interstitial cystitis patients are 100 times more likely to have irritable bowel syndrome than those without.”
...recommendation Alkalizing Agents/Diet
“A book written by a urologist, Larrian Guillespie, MD called You Don't Have to Live With Cystitis (1985) details a fundamentally dietary approach to interstitial cystitis...”
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More topics Related to Cystitis

Olive Leaf Extract a treatment
“...The drinking of olive leaf tea has been a way for many centuries by Middle Eastern cultures to treat disorders such as coughs, sore throat, cystitis, fever and gout...”


...the condition
“...Unlike an acute prostate infection, the only symptoms of chronic infectious prostatitis may be recurring infectious cystitis (bladder infection)...”

Urinary Retention

...the condition
“...Tumor (very rare); Foreign body in the urethra; Urethral stones (stones that have become stuck after leaving the bladder); Schistosomiasis (parasitic worm infection) of the urinary tract; Cystitis (bladder inflammation); Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) or Varicella-Zoster Virus (VZV) infection; Periurethral Abscess; Side-effects of antipsychotics, antidepressants, anticholinergics...”

Urinary Tract Infection

...related topic
“...In the lower urinary tract it is known as a bladder infection (cystitis), and in the upper urinary tract it is known as a kidney infection (pyelonephritis)...”

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

...the condition
“...Acute bacterial cystitis affects 8-10 million Americans each year...”
...our question about Strong-smelling urine
“Cloudy, bloody or strong-smelling urine are symptoms of bacterial cystitis.”
...relationship to Interstitial Cystitis
“Interstitial cystitis and urinary tract infections have similar symptoms, but interstitial cystitis tests negative for bacteria.”
...recommendation against Hydrotherapy
“Sitz baths may be used for chronic cystitis, but should not be used in acute cases.”
...recommendation Cranberry Juice
“...Since the mannose content in cranberries is relatively low, many natural doctors now use supplemental D-mannose to deal with the most common form of cystitis, an E. coli infection...”
...recommendation Antibiotics
“While natural means may prevent as well as treat cystitis, there are times when the judicious use of antibiotics is the best treatment choice...”

Yeast / Candida Infection

...the condition
“...Genitourinary ... Cystitis (inflammation of the bladder)...”
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