Definition of Colostrum:

The first (immunologically rich) milk produced by lactating mothers after giving birth.  Usually collected within 24 or 36 hours.  Usual sources are cows.

Topics Related to Colostrum

Colostrum / Transfer Factor a treatment
“...They make a candy by dropping the colostrum in boiling water and then coating it with sugar...”

Glycolic Acid a treatment
“...It has been reported that in combination with MSM, colostrum and vitamins (especially vitamin C), the positive effects can be enhanced...”
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More topics Related to Colostrum


...the condition
“...Hepatitis Specific Transfer Factors from colostrum were used in 260 cases and a 100% clinical recovery was reported with no side-effects...”
...recommendation Colostrum / Transfer Factor
“Hepatitis Specific Transfer Factors from colostrum were used in 260 cases and a 100% clinical recovery was reported with no side-effects...”

Immune System Imbalance (TH2 Dominance)

...the condition
“...(raw or aged extract), l-Glutathione (or products that raise levels), DHEA or AED (androstendiol), UV-A light, vitamin E, transfer factor (antigen specific) – protein immunomodulators extracted from colostrum, colostrum, low dose naltrexone, IP6, lentinian and certain other mushrooms, Thymus extracts, licorice root, dong quai, beta 1,3-glucan, noni, neem, gingko biloba, exercise, water (to aid...”
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More topics Related to Colostrum

Lactoferrin a treatment
“...Human colostrum has the highest concentration, followed by human milk, then cows' milk...”

L-Glutathione a treatment
“...Alpha lipoic acid, selenium, vitamin C, TMG, NAC, Milk Thistle (silymarin), coffee enemas, cold-processed whey proteins, colostrum, certified raw milk and L-glutamine support increased glutathione levels...”

Ozone / Oxidative Therapy a treatment
“...Mother's milk contains a high amount of H2O2, especially colostrum, the first milk secreted after birth, which activates the newborns immune systems, and key to many other metabolic processes...”

Transfer Factor

...related topic
“Protein immunomodulators extracted from colostrum from immunologically stimulated animals that promotes specific immunity to certain antigens such as viruses.”
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