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Ayurvedic physicians and the Rishis have documented colostrum's physical and spiritual benefits.  They make a candy by dropping the colostrum in boiling water and then coating it with sugar.  People in Scandinavia and northern European countries are very familiar with the healing benefits of colostrum.  They make a delicious pudding dessert, topped with honey, to celebrate the birth of a calf and its good health.

History; Source

Historically, bovine colostrum has played a significant role in natural healing.  Bovine colostrum has been used in India for thousands of years.  In the United States and throughout the world, bovine colostrum was, due to its content of antibodies, used for immune purposes prior to the introductions of sulfa drugs and antibiotics.

In the early 1950s, Dr. Albert Sabin became aware of the possibilities of colostrum.  He found these antibodies, grew them in a cultured media and produced the first antiviral vaccine.  Hundreds of years of human use, thousands of scientific studies and human clinical trials world-wide have shown bovine colostrum to be safe and effective.

Colostrum is available without a prescription in health food stores.

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Colostrum / Transfer Factor:

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Immune System Imbalance (TH2 Dominance)

Transfer factor may help to rebalance a TH2 dominant Immune system.

Organ Health


Hepatitis Specific Transfer Factors from colostrum were used in 260 cases and a 100% clinical recovery was reported with no side-effects.  Immunological profiles were normalized in approximately half of the individuals at the end of the observation period.

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