Definition of Aspiration:

Inhalation, or removal of fluids or gases from a cavity using suction.

Topics Related to Aspiration


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“...A fine-needle aspiration biopsy involves inserting a thin needle to remove a small amount of tissue, sometimes using CT or ultrasound to guide the needle...”

Bulimic Tendency

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“...Other causes of a higher mortality rate include the consequences of chronic vomiting: aspiration pneumonia, gastric or esophageal rupture, acute gastric dilation, tooth decay and pancreatitis...”
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More topics Related to Aspiration

Esophageal Stricture (narrowing)

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“...There is also an increased risk (with regurgitation) of having food, fluid, or vomitus enter the lungs and cause aspiration pneumonia...”

Kidney Cancer

...the condition
“...Cystoscopy (to rule out blood in the urine that results from other health problems such as kidney stones or traumatic kidney injury); Fine needle aspiration...”


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“...If leukemia is suspected then the next step is bone marrow aspiration or biopsy...”

Liver Abscess

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“...abdominal pain; Vomiting; Diagnosis and Tests: A diagnostic workup generally includes several of the following: Abdominal ultrasound; Abdominal CT scan or MRI; Complete blood count; Liver abscess aspiration (verifies bacterial infection); Liver scan; Liver function tests; Blood test; Stool test; Treatment and Prevention: When detected in time, a liver abscess is usually treatable...”

Male Breast Cancer

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“...Diagnosis and Tests: Because most cases present with a palpable mass, fine needle aspiration cytology is extremely useful...”

Multiple Myeloma

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“...Bone marrow aspiration or bone marrow biopsy can detect an increase in the number of plasma cells in the bone marrow...”
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More topics Related to Aspiration

Myeloproliferative Neoplasm

...the condition
“...Diagnosis and Tests: Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy with cytogenetic studies are required in most, but not all, patients...”

Parkinson's Disease

...the condition
“...Other possible complications that can increase risk of death include aspiration (breathing in food or foreign objects), deep vein thrombosis, or pulmonary embolism...”


...the condition
“...This is known as aspiration pneumonia...”

Sjogren's Syndrome

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“...For example, aspiration pneumonia can happen when a person breathes in food instead of swallowing it (dry mouth can keep you from swallowing food properly), and the food gets stuck in the lungs...”


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“...duodenal aspiration for Giardia, serum gastrin for Zollinger-Ellison disease, etc...”

Urinalysis a treatment
“...Suprapubic transabdominal needle aspiration of the bladder...”
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