Definition of Angina:

Angina Pectoris: Severe, restricting chest pain with sensations of suffocation caused by temporary reduction of oxygen to the heart muscle through narrowed diseased coronary arteries.  Often triggered by exertion.  Angina Vasomotoria: Like the previous, but less dangerous and more frequently caused by purely neurologic stimulus.  The pain is more spasmodic and there is usually little actual blood vessel blockage.

Topics Related to Angina

(Prescription) Drug Side-Effects

...our question about Feeling cold for no reason
“Certain medications – such as those prescribed for hypertension, angina, or migraine – can cause feelings of being cold because beta blockers may reduce the circulation in the extremities while increasing blood circulation to the heart.”

Acetyl-L-Carnitine a treatment
“...L-carnitine, aside from being an incredible anti-aging nutrient, also has shown benefit for multiple medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease such as angina and congestive heart failure, liver and kidney disease, obstructive lung disease, hypoglycemia, and many others...”
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More topics Related to Angina

Alcohol Consumption a treatment
“...kidney stones, digestive ailments, stress and depression, poor cognition and memory, Parkinson's disease, hepatitis A, pancreatic cancer, macular degeneration (a major cause of blindness), angina pectoris, duodenal ulcer, erectile dysfunction, hearing loss, gallstones, liver disease and poor physical condition in elderly...”


...the condition
Angina (angina pectoris) refers to a temporary chest pain that is caused by a lack of blood getting to the heart...”
...our question about Pain between the shoulder blades
“The constriction caused by Angina Pectoris induces pain between the shoulder blades.”
...relationship to Mercury Toxicity (Amalgam Illness)
“Mercury poisoning may be causing chest pain or angina, especially in anyone under age 45.”
...relationship to Dehydration
“Dr. Bantmanghelidj, MD in his book Your Body's Many Cries for Water reports many cases of angina attacks being reduced by drinking adequate water.”
...relationship to Coronary Disease / Heart Attack
“An episode of angina is not a heart attack...”
...recommendation Acetyl-L-Carnitine
“Several clinical trials have demonstrated that carnitine supplementation improves angina and heart disease...”
...recommendation Aerobic Exercise
“...Since angina is known to be exacerbated by physical exertion following a meal, give your body at least one and a half hours after a meal before exercising.”
...recommendation L-Arginine
“Oral administration of L-arginine (700mg qid during continuous transdermal nitroglycerin therapy) increased treadmill walking time until the onset of moderate angina in a small well-controlled trial...”
...recommendation Bromelain
“Research has indicated that bromelain prevents or minimizes the severity of angina pectoris.  A reduction in the incidence of heart attacks after administration of potassium and magnesium orotate along with 120-400mg of bromelain per day has been reported also...”
...recommendation CoQ10 (Ubiquinone)
“...In one study, patients with stable angina pectoris were treated with CoQ10 at 150 mg per day for four weeks...”
...recommendation Magnesium
“Magnesium insufficiency-induced coronary artery spasm, more common in men than women, is now recognized as an important cause of myocardial infarction and may be of significance in angina pectoris.”
...recommendation Pantethine
“...Demonstrated effects in animals indicate that it would be beneficial to individuals with angina.  The typical dose is 900mg per day.”
...recommendation against Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)
“High doses of B6 are not recommended for patients with angina...”

Arjun a treatment
“...Although it has many uses, it is mainly used to treat cardiovascular diseases including angina pectoris, cardiomyopathy, and congestive heart failure...”


...the condition
“...The final outcome varies, but atherosclerosis is usually progressive and frequently leads to complications that include ... Deficiency of blood supply due to obstruction (ischemia/angina)...”
...recommendation Hawthorn Berry Extract
“...Proanthocyanadins stabilize collagen to prevent cholesterol deposits on arterial walls, prevent free radical damage, reduce peripheral vascular resistance, angina, cholesterol, and increase coronary and myocardial perfusion; hawthorn has a historic use in congestive heart failure; dosage 3 to 5gm as either dried herb, solid extract, or liquid extract...”

Canker Sores (Aphthous Ulcers)

...the condition
“...Occasionally, mouth ulcers are caused by a reaction to certain medications such as NSAIDs, Nicorandil (for treating angina) or beta-blockers...”

Cardiac Ischemia

...the condition
“...The most common symptom is chest pain (angina pectoris)...”


...the condition
“...Dan Shen (Salvia miltiorrhiza), a Chinese herb, has been traditionally used to treat angina and coronary artery disease...”
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More topics Related to Angina


...related topic
“...Carnitine has been used therapeutically in treating angina and certain deficiency diseases.”

Chinese Thoroughwax a treatment
“...It is used for a variety of conditions, including inflammatory conditions, angina, nausea, vomiting, and fever...”

Cigarette Smoke Damage

...relationship to Angina
“Smokers have on average 33% more angina attacks than do non-smokers.”

Colloidal Silver a treatment
“...shingles*, sinusitis*, skin cancer, sore throat, staph infections*, strep infections*, syphilis, tonsillitis*, tooth decay delay, toxemia, trench foot, tuberculosis, typhoid, ulcers*, Vincent's angina*, warts*, whooping cough*, yeast infections*...”

CoQ10 (Ubiquinone) a treatment
“...Testing has shown that CoQ10 reduces angina and improves cardiac function...”

Coronary Disease / Heart Attack

...the condition
“...It is not improved by rest or taking one's usual angina medication...”


...the condition
“ a warning of localized thirst; that is, the pain signal may be a warning of dehydration in that specific area (a regional thirst), for example low back pain, migraine headache, joint pain, and angina.  Chronic dehydration may contribute to a reduction in lymph flow, which in turn may contribute to or cause varied problems...”

Germanium a treatment
“...It relieves angina when consumed in therapeutic doses...”

Hawthorn Berry Extract a treatment
“...blood pressure and prevent palpitations and arrhythmias; it has also been used for support of cardiac failure, hypertension (high blood pressure), arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), angina pectoris (heart/vascular pain), and tachycardia (rapid heart beat)...”

Intermittent Claudication

...the condition
“...Triggered by activity, just like angina, such pain is the warning cry of oxygen-starved muscles during exertion...”
...relationship to Peripheral Vascular Disease
“...This "angina of the legs" is called intermittent claudication...”

L-Arginine a treatment
“...Arginine may prevent angina (chest pain due to coronary vasoconstriction) or a heart attack...”

Magnesium a treatment
“...Magnesium supplements have been found useful for: Angina, Asthma, Gall Stones, Menstrual cramps, High blood pressure, Hyperactivity, Glucose intolerance – diabetes and hypoglycemia, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Prevention of hearing loss, Kidney stones...”

Meyer's Cocktail a treatment
“...The "cocktail" is indicated for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, muscle spasm, asthma, hives, allergic rhinitis, congestive heart failure, angina, ischemic vascular disease, acute infections, and senile dementia...”

Pantethine a treatment
“...Pantethine, the concentration of which is reduced during decreased oxygen supply to the heart, may also be indicated for angina.  Pantethine is listed as an antihyperlipoproteinemic in the Merck index.”

Poor Circulation

...the condition
“...If an artery that supplies the heart muscle becomes partially blocked, it can cause angina (chest pain) when exercise puts extra demands on the heart...”

Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction

...the condition
“...Other conditions with similar symptoms – such as pancreatic cancer, bile duct cancer, peptic ulcers, bile duct stones, angina or ischemia – are generally ruled out first...”
...relationship to Angina
“Heart conditions such as angina or ischemia can cause pain that appears to come from the abdomen.”


...related topic
Angina pectoris.”

TMG (Trimethylglycine) a treatment
“...Cardiovascular: Reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels, helps eliminate hypoxia, improves coronary circulation, decreases angina pain.  Athletic performance: Enhances endurance, improves oxygen utilization, reduces lactic acid buildup, improves muscle recovery...”


...the condition
“...If it occurs, it can cause a feeling of heaviness in the chest during exertion ("angina"), which is relieved by rest...”
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